Shifting Tides in the AFC East: Will Dolphins or Patriots Dethrone the Buffalo Bills Mafia in 2022?

The Battle for AFC East: Can the Buffalo Bills Secure a Third-Straight Division Win?

The Buffalo Bills have emerged as a dominant force in the AFC East, clinching the division title for two consecutive seasons after finally dethroning the long-standing champions, the New England Patriots. As we approach the new season, the Bills are eager to extend their reign and have become the odds favorite with -225 odds to win the AFC East division once again. While the Miami Dolphins and the Patriots pose as their closest competitors, with odds of +450 and +500 respectively, the Bills seem to have the upper hand.

High Hopes for the Bills

With the Bills as the consensus favorites to win Super Bowl 57 at +600 odds, there is an air of anticipation and excitement surrounding the team. Enthusiasm is particularly high among the Bills Mafia, who firmly believe that this could finally be the year when their star quarterback, Josh Allen, leads them back to the Super Bowl and clears away the lingering ghosts from the 1990s.

A Team with Unfinished Business

Despite their stellar regular seasons over the past two years, the Bills fell short in the playoffs, unable to secure a spot in the highly coveted Super Bowl. In the AFC Divisional Round last year, the Bills faced a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in what was hailed as one of the greatest NFL playoff games in recent history. The Bills’ hopes were dashed further as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs sealed the victory, leaving quarterback Josh Allen without an opportunity to counter.

A Challenging Road Ahead

The Bills will begin their season as road warriors, playing four out of their first six games away from home. These matchups include tough tests against the LA Rams, the Miami Dolphins, the Baltimore Ravens, and a highly anticipated revenge game against the Chiefs in Week 6. However, the Bills will have a relatively easier stretch of eight games starting in November, ultimately culminating in a challenging series of road games against the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals, along with a crucial home game against the New England Patriots in Week 18.

The Miami Dolphins: Can Tua Tagovailoa Lead Them to Success?

The Miami Dolphins are another team in the AFC East vying for the top spot. Placed second in the odds at +450, the Dolphins will heavily rely on the performance and health of their talented quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. If Tagovailoa can remain in good physical condition throughout the season, the Dolphins have a chance to secure double-digit wins and potentially clinch an AFC wild-card berth.

Under New Leadership

The Dolphins have brought in new head coach Mike McDaniel, known for his offensive expertise, having worked under the tutelage of Kyle Shanahan. McDaniel’s innovative thinking and ability to push boundaries will be vital in guiding the team to success. As the Dolphins eagerly search for their very own Sean McVay, known for his strategic brilliance, the team hopes that McDaniel can fill that role and elevate the Dolphins to new heights.

A Challenging Path

The Dolphins face a tough start to the season, with potential stumbling blocks in their first four games against the Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. To make matters more challenging, five of their final six games comprise daunting road matchups against the San Francisco 49ers, LA Chargers, Bills, and Patriots. Additionally, they will host the formidable Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day. Given this formidable schedule, the Dolphins may struggle to maintain a winning streak, with a potential 1-5 finish in their last six games.

New England Patriots: Aiming for a Resurgence

Bill Belichick, the mastermind behind the New England Patriots, aims to recapture the AFC East throne after two consecutive years as runners-up. Known for their remarkable consistency, the Patriots have only missed winning the division three times since 2002. Although listed as the third favorite in the division with +500 odds, the Patriots under Belichick’s guidance are always a formidable force to reckon with.

Rookie Quarterback Stepping In

With rookie quarterback Mac Jones at the helm, the Patriots managed a respectable 10-7 record last season. This year, fans have high expectations that Jones will build on his rookie season performance and help the team secure an AFC wild-card berth. Belichick’s renowned coaching prowess and the team’s ability to adapt should not be underestimated, making the Patriots a team capable of surprising their opponents.

Challenging Road Ahead

The Patriots face a demanding start to the season, with three out of their first four games on the road against the Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers. However, the team can find respite midway through the season, as they embark on a seven-game stint against teams that missed the playoffs last year, including two matchups against the Jets. Their final stretch includes challenging home games against the Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Dolphins, as well as tough road battles against the Arizona Cardinals, Las Vegas Raiders, and Bills in Week 18.

New York Jets: An Uphill Battle to Glory

Bringing up the rear as usual, the New York Jets face an uphill battle to claim the AFC East title. With long-shot odds of +2200, the Jets are considered unlikely contenders. However, after an impressive 2022 NFL Draft, the team’s future appears promising.

A Draft Surprise

To the surprise of many, the Jets had a successful draft, selecting promising talents such as cornerback Sauce Gardner, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, and edge rusher Jermaine Johnson. These additions, alongside other valuable picks, have injected optimism into the Jets’ fanbase.

Off-Field Controversy

Unfortunately, the Jets’ off-season was marred by rumors surrounding their quarterback, Zach Wilson. Allegations surfaced, initiated by Wilson’s ex-girlfriend from his time at BYU, suggesting inappropriate relations with his mother’s best friend. Despite Wilson refuting these claims, the social media frenzy surrounding the situation added another chapter to the Jets’ turbulent reputation.

A Challenging Journey

Realistically, the odds of the Jets winning the AFC East are minimal, and their win total for the season stands at a modest 5.5 o/u. With a tough schedule ahead, the Jets have a daunting road to navigate, and hopes for an immediate resurgence should be kept in check.


As the new NFL season approaches, the AFC East division promises exciting matchups among the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and New York Jets. The Bills, eager to extend their reign, are the clear favorites, followed closely by the Dolphins and Patriots. While the Jets face an uphill battle, recent draft successes offer hope for the future. As fans eagerly anticipate the action on the field, only time will tell which team will emerge victorious in the quest for AFC East supremacy.


1. Can the Bills secure their third-straight AFC East division win?

While the Bills are the favorites to win the division, the competition remains fierce. The outcome will largely depend on the team’s performance and how their rivals, particularly the Dolphins and Patriots, fare throughout the season.

2. Is Tua Tagovailoa the key to the Miami Dolphins’ success?

Tagovailoa’s performance and ability to stay healthy will be crucial for the Dolphins. If he can maintain consistent form and avoid injuries, the Dolphins have a chance to secure a successful season and potentially clinch a wild-card spot.

3. Can Bill Belichick lead the New England Patriots back to divisional dominance?

Belichick’s expertise and the Patriots’ storied history make them a constant threat. With rookie quarterback Mac Jones showing promise, the Patriots have a chance to bounce back and contend for the division title once again.

4. Can the New York Jets overcome their underdog status?

While the odds may be against the Jets, recent draft successes have sparked hope within the franchise. However, immediate success should not be expected, and the Jets face a challenging journey to regain relevance in the division.

5. Which team is the front-runner to win the AFC East?

Based on current odds and their recent success, the Buffalo Bills enter the season as the front-runners to secure a third-straight AFC East division win. However, in the NFL, anything can happen, and the Dolphins and Patriots are unlikely to make it an easy journey for the Bills.

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