Shivering Nets: Analyzing Brooklyn’s 6-Game Losing Streak in the Absence of Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets: Struggling to Find Momentum

The Brooklyn Nets, with a record of 29-22, are currently facing a challenging period, having lost their sixth consecutive game in a tough matchup against the Sacramento Kings. The Kings, who were also struggling with a seven-game losing streak themselves, managed to rally back from a 12-point deficit and secure a much-needed victory. This win marks only the third triumph for the Kings in their previous 13 games.

James Harden, a key player for the Brooklyn Nets, played through a nagging hand injury but scored a season-low four points in the game against the Kings. Despite the disappointing outcome, Harden remains optimistic, stating, “There’s no concern. We don’t have our entire team, and this is happening to us. We’re just trying to figure out what works best, what guys fit, what guys don’t. Hopefully, after the break, we can get our whole roster and start making strides in the right direction.”

Nets: 2-7 Since KD’s Injury

Unfortunately, the Nets’ recent losing streak coincides with the absence of Kevin Durant, one of their star players. Durant, who leads the NBA in scoring with an average of 29.3 points per game, suffered a sprained knee, resulting in a significant blow to the team’s performance. Since Durant’s injury, the Nets have struggled, winning only two out of nine games, leaving them with a record of 27-15 and a mere seven games above .500.

The team decided to shut down Durant at least until the All-Star Break, allowing him ample time to heal. Despite being voted the Eastern Conference captain for the All-Star Game, Durant won’t participate, choosing instead to focus on his recovery. The Nets understand the importance of Durant’s presence and the impact it has on their chances of success. With his absence, they’ve lost ground in the NBA Eastern Conference playoff seeding, currently positioned as the sixth seed if the season were to end today.

Despite this recent slump, the Nets remain the favorites to win the 2022 NBA championship, with odds of +270. However, from a betting perspective, they have underperformed, holding the worst record in the NBA against the spread (ATS) at 19-31-1, covering only 38% of their games this season.

Dependence on Irving and Mills

The return of Kyrie Irving, who missed several games due to unvaccinated status preventing him from playing home games at Barclay’s Center in compliance with NYC’s health mandate, has provided a much-needed boost for the Nets. With Durant sidelined, Irving has stepped up as the team’s leading scorer in five out of nine games. While playing on the road, Irving has performed exceptionally well, averaging 23.6 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game in road contests this season.

Irving had a solid month of January, shooting 49.4% from the field, 36.7% from beyond the arc, and an exceptional 96% from the free-throw line. He ended the month on a high note, averaging 30 points or more in three out of four games. Even in a four-point loss against the Golden State Warriors, Irving showcased his scoring prowess with a 32-point performance.

Head coach Steve Nash heavily relies on the experience of his veterans, particularly during Durant’s absence and Irving’s inability to play home games. Patty Mills, an unsung hero for the Nets this season, has played a significant role in filling the void. Mills, averaging 13.8 points per game, has stepped up when Harden was out with a hand injury, consistently logging substantial playing time. Another standout contributor has been backup forward Nic Claxton, who recently delivered an impressive performance with a career-high 23 points and 11 rebounds in a loss against the Kings.

Upcoming Challenges: Jazz, Nuggets, Celtics, Wizards, Heat

The Nets face an arduous five-game road trip against tough Western Conference opponents. They still have two road games remaining, going head-to-head against the Utah Jazz (31-21) on Friday and the Denver Nuggets (28-23) on Sunday before returning to Brooklyn.

Next week, the Nets will play a lone home game against the Boston Celtics (28-25) on Tuesday before hitting the road again for two more away games. In the following weekend, they will host the struggling Washington Wizards (24-27) and the streaky Miami Heat (32-20).

Before the All-Star Break, the Nets are scheduled for three games in New York City, including two home games and a matchup against the disappointing New York Knicks (24-28) at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.


The Brooklyn Nets find themselves in a challenging phase with a six-game losing streak, coinciding with Kevin Durant’s absence due to a knee injury. However, the team remains confident in their abilities and looks forward to regrouping after the All-Star Break when they have their full roster available. Kyrie Irving’s return has provided a much-needed boost, and his performance, along with the contributions from players like Patty Mills and Nic Claxton, will be crucial in guiding the Nets through this trying period.


1. Will Kevin Durant return before the playoffs?

While there is no definitive timeline for Kevin Durant’s return, the Nets are committed to giving him ample time to recover and heal his knee. They intend to have him back in peak condition for the playoffs, even if it means extending his absence beyond the All-Star Break.

2. How do the Nets plan to address their defensive struggles?

The Nets’ defensive struggles have been evident during their recent losing streak. Head coach Steve Nash and the coaching staff are analyzing game footage, identifying areas of weakness, and working with players on defensive schemes and strategies to improve their overall performance on that end of the court.

3. What impact will Kyrie Irving’s limited playing time have on the team’s success?

Although Kyrie Irving is unable to play home games due to vaccination-related restrictions in New York City, his contributions in road games have been crucial for the Nets. Irving’s scoring ability and playmaking skills provide a valuable boost to the team during these challenging times, and they will continue to rely on him heavily as they strive for success.

4. Can the Nets maintain their position as championship favorites despite the recent losing streak?

Despite the current losing streak, the Nets’ status as championship favorites remains largely unchanged. Their odds reflect the confidence in their talented roster and the potential impact of Durant’s return. However, it is essential for the team to regroup, address their recent struggles, and regain their winning momentum as they approach the playoffs.

5. How critical is it for the Nets to secure a higher playoff seed?

Securing a higher playoff seed is crucial for the Nets as it grants them home-court advantage and potentially easier matchups in the early rounds. With the Eastern Conference being highly competitive, earning a top seed would significantly enhance their chances of a successful playoff run.

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