Shocking Departure: Quin Snyder Steps Down, Utah Jazz’s New Era

Quin Snyder Steps Down as Head Coach of the Utah Jazz

After eight seasons leading the Utah Jazz, head coach Quin Snyder has decided to step down, causing disappointment among the franchise and CEO Danny Ainge. Despite his achievements, which include six consecutive playoff berths, Snyder never managed to advance the team to the Western Conference finals.

A Successful Journey with the Utah Jazz

The Jazz hired Snyder in the 2014-15 season, marking his first NBA head coaching job. Over the course of eight years, Snyder accumulated an impressive 372–264 record as head coach. Prior to his time with the Jazz, Snyder had a successful basketball career as a player and coach.

A Basketball Journey from Washington to Duke

Growing up on Mercer Island, Washington, Snyder showcased his talent in basketball early on by leading his high school team to a state championship in 1986. Following high school, he played as the point guard for the Duke Blue Devils for four seasons, achieving three Final Four appearances.

Transitioning to Coaching and Success at Missouri

After his playing career, Snyder pursued a law degree at Duke while simultaneously working as an assistant under the guidance of Coach K. In 1995, he embarked on his first head coaching role at the University of Missouri. During his six-plus seasons at Missouri, Snyder secured a commendable 126-91 record, including four trips to March Madness and an Elite Eight appearance in 2002.

NBA Coaching Stints and the Utah Jazz

Following his tenure at Missouri, Snyder ventured into the NBA as an assistant coach for several teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, LA Lakers, and Atlanta Hawks. In 2014, the Utah Jazz selected Snyder as the replacement for Ty Corbin. His arrival brought about significant changes for the Jazz, but their odds to win the 2023 NBA Championship have remained steady at +4000 since the coaching shift.

Quin Snyder’s Resignation and the Need for Change

Speculation about Snyder’s departure had been circulating throughout the latter part of the NBA season, with rumors suggesting he might take on coaching roles with the Lakers or San Antonio Spurs. However, Snyder withdrew from contention for the Lakers’ job when Frank Vogel was relieved of his coaching duties. Although it appeared Snyder would continue leading the Jazz, he surprised fans and the organization by announcing his resignation.

Snyder conveyed the need for change, emphasizing his desire to take the Jazz and his own career to the next level. Despite their consistent playoff appearances over the past six seasons, the Jazz had been unable to break through to the conference finals. Snyder believes that a fresh perspective and new leadership can propel the team forward.

Searching for a New Head Coach

With Snyder’s departure, the Utah Jazz are now in the market for a new head coach. While the Charlotte Hornets have narrowed down their head coaching search to Mike D’Antoni or Kenny Atkinson, the runner-up between the two may emerge as a leading candidate for the Jazz job. Terry Stotts, the former head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers, is also under consideration due to his experience coaching in the Western Conference.

Although there is no sense of urgency in finding a new head coach, as the NBA Draft looms, the Jazz’s owner, Ryan Smith, emphasized the importance of ensuring the right fit for the role. Other potential contenders include Alex Jensen, the top assistant under Snyder, and Johnnie Bryant, another former assistant under Snyder who currently serves as an assistant under Tom Thibodeau with the New York Knicks. Additionally, a number of former head coaches, such as David Fizdale, Mark Jackson, and Luke Walton, could also be considered for the vacancy.

The Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert Dilemma

The next head coach of the Utah Jazz will face the challenge of repairing the strained relationship between Donovan “Spida” Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Rumors have circulated that Mitchell is not keen on continuing to play alongside Gobert, potentially forcing the organization to make a difficult decision between the two players. There is even speculation that the Jazz may opt to rebuild the team entirely by trading both Gobert and Mitchell.

It is worth noting that Snyder was particularly close to Mitchell, and his departure has left the All-Star feeling unsettled and uncertain about the team’s direction. Mitchell has hinted at an interest in playing for the New York Knicks, given his connections to New York through his father’s professional baseball career and his upbringing in the nearby area. Nonetheless, Mitchell is under contract with the Jazz for four more seasons, creating potential obstacles for any trade discussions.

While the Jazz have expressed their intention to retain Mitchell, the Knicks possess attractive assets, including young players and a high draft pick in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft, that could shift the dynamics of a potential trade conversation. As the situation unfolds, the new head coach will play a crucial role in managing and resolving the tensions between Mitchell and Gobert.


Quin Snyder’s decision to step down as head coach of the Utah Jazz has left the franchise facing a significant transition. Despite his successful tenure, Snyder expressed the need for change, hoping to elevate the team to new heights. Now, the Jazz are in the process of finding a suitable replacement to fill the coaching void left by Snyder. The incoming head coach will also be tasked with repairing the fractured relationship between Mitchell and Gobert. As the Jazz embark on this new chapter, it remains to be seen how they will navigate the challenges and rebuild for a promising future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Quin Snyder’s successor as head coach of the Utah Jazz?

As of now, the Utah Jazz have not officially announced who will succeed Quin Snyder as their head coach. However, several candidates, including Mike D’Antoni, Kenny Atkinson, Terry Stotts, Alex Jensen, and Johnnie Bryant, are being considered for the role.

2. How many playoff appearances did Quin Snyder lead the Jazz to during his tenure?

Quin Snyder guided the Utah Jazz to six consecutive playoff berths during his eight-year tenure as head coach. However, despite their consistent playoff appearances, the team never managed to advance to the Western Conference finals.

3. Are the Jazz planning to trade Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert?

While rumors suggest the possibility of a trade involving either Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert, the Utah Jazz have indicated their intention to retain Mitchell. However, given the strained relationship between Mitchell and Gobert, the team may need to address the issue and find a way to reconcile their two star players.

4. What qualities is the Jazz organization looking for in their next head coach?

The Utah Jazz are taking a deliberate and thorough approach in their search for a new head coach. They are looking for a candidate who can provide a fresh perspective, lead the team to new heights, and effectively manage the relationship between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. The organization aims to make a well-informed decision to ensure the long-term success of the franchise.

5. How has Quin Snyder’s resignation impacted the Utah Jazz’s chances in the upcoming NBA season?

Quin Snyder’s resignation has undoubtedly brought about a period of transition and uncertainty for the Utah Jazz. The selection of a new head coach will play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s future and determining their competitiveness in the upcoming NBA season. Additionally, resolving the underlying tensions between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert will be a critical factor in determining the team’s success moving forward.

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