Simmons/Harden Trade Sparks New Hope: Philadelphia 76ers’ Surging NBA Title Odds for 2022

The Impact of James Harden Trade on 76ers’ NBA Championship Odds

The Philadelphia 76ers made a significant move during the trade deadline by acquiring James Harden from the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Ben Simmons. This trade had a profound impact on the 76ers’ NBA championship odds, which increased to +700. While the Nets remain the favorites at +400, the margin has narrowed, with the Phoenix Suns (+425) and Golden State Warriors (+450) closely behind.

A New Contender Emerges?

The 76ers had been looking to part ways with the disgruntled Ben Simmons, and the addition of James Harden brings a new dynamic to their roster. However, the question remains: can Harden help elevate the 76ers to become legitimate title contenders?

2022 NBA Championship Odds

Team Current Odds Odds on 2/7/22 Odds on 1/1/22
Brooklyn Nets +400 +300 +245
Phoenix Suns +425 +450 +750
Golden State Warriors +450 +450 +550
Milwaukee Bucks +700 +700 +750
Philadelphia 76ers +700 +1400 +2200
Miami Heat +1200 +1300 +1400
Utah Jazz +1600 +1600 +1100
Memphis Grizzlies +2500 +2500 +7000
LA Lakers +3000 +1900 +1200
Chicago Bulls +3000 +2500 +3000
Denver Nuggets +3500 +4000 +3000
Dallas Mavericks +4000 +4000 +4000
Boston Celtics +4000 +6000 +6000
Cleveland Cavs +5500 +5000 +18000
LA Clippers +6000 +6000 +2200
Toronto Raptors +10000 +13000 +20000
Atlanta Hawks +12000 +8000 +5000
Minny Timberwolves +15000 +20000 +20000
Charlotte Hornets +20000 +13000 +18000
New Orleans Pelicans +50000 +100000 +60000

Eastern Conference Playoff Race

The Eastern Conference playoff race is shaping up to be a thrilling seven-horse sprint with approximately 25 games remaining in the regular season. Currently, seven games separate the top seven teams, none of which have reached 40 wins yet. The Miami Heat are currently holding the top spot with a record of 37-20, but five teams are within 2.5 games of the #1 seed.

The competitive nature of the Eastern Conference means that the race for the #1 seed may not be decided until the final weekend of the season. Even the teams fighting for a spot in the play-in tournament are trailing the Heat by a significant margin of 10.5 games, emphasizing the wide-open nature of the conference.

Nets and 76ers’ Changing Odds

The Brooklyn Nets, previously at +300 odds, saw their championship odds slip to +400 after the James Harden/Ben Simmons trade. While this trade between conference rivals is rare, it adds another level of unpredictability to the NBA landscape.

Public perception suggests that the Nets may have become less favorable to win the title with Simmons joining their ranks. On the other hand, the 76ers’ addition of James Harden significantly improved their championship odds from +1400 to +700. With Harden alongside Joel Embiid, the 76ers are hoping to finally secure an NBA championship.

Western Conference Landscape

In the Western Conference, the top three teams have already reached the 40-win mark. However, there is still a seven-game gap between the #1 seed, Phoenix Suns, and the #3 seed, Memphis Grizzlies. The Golden State Warriors and the Grizzlies are in a battle for the #2 seed behind the dominant Suns.

Suns and Warriors Favored

The Phoenix Suns, who lost in the 2021 NBA Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks, have emerged as a strong favorite in the Western Conference with +425 odds to win the championship. The return of Klay Thompson to the Golden State Warriors after a long absence due to injuries has boosted their chances, making them a popular pick at +450 odds.

Despite a back injury to Draymond Green, the Warriors continue to attract bettors due to the anticipation of the reunion of the Splash Brothers, Thompson and Stephen Curry.

Lakers’ Struggles

The Los Angeles Lakers faced significant challenges this season and stood pat at the trade deadline due to limited tradable assets and their inflated contract for Russell Westbrook. Currently sitting at a 26-31 record, the Lakers are five games below .500 and a considerable 20.5 games behind the Suns.

Despite their struggles, bookies received a significant number of bets on the Lakers to win the championship. However, with no substantial moves made, their odds dropped from +1900 to +3000.


The addition of James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers has generated excitement among fans and experts alike. While the Brooklyn Nets remain the betting favorites, the trade has narrowed the odds, with the 76ers now viewed as strong contenders with +700 odds. In the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors are the teams to watch, with the Suns leading the pack and the Warriors benefiting from the return of Klay Thompson. As the NBA season progresses, the playoff races in both conferences promise to be highly competitive, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.


1. How has the James Harden trade affected the 76ers’ chances of winning the NBA championship?

The addition of James Harden to the 76ers has significantly improved their championship odds. Prior to the trade, their odds were +1400, but they have now been reduced to +700. Harden brings a new dynamic to the team and, paired with Joel Embiid, could potentially pave the way for a championship run.

2. Did the Nets’ championship odds change after the trade?

Yes, the Nets’ championship odds saw a slight decrease after the James Harden/Ben Simmons trade. They were previously at +300 odds but have now shifted to +400. The trade has created some uncertainty and raised questions about the team’s overall strength.

3. Which teams are the frontrunners in the Eastern Conference playoff race?

The Eastern Conference playoff race is highly competitive, with several teams vying for the top seed. Currently, the Miami Heat hold the #1 seed with a record of 37-20. However, five other teams are within 2.5 games of the top spot, including the 76ers, Nets, Suns, Warriors, and Bucks.

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