Sluggish Streak Continues: NY Knicks’ Dismal 3-13 Record in Recent Stretch Sheds Light on Team’s Struggles

Are the New York Knicks Doomed with Coach Thibodeau?

In the NBA, teams can experience both highs and lows, and the New York Knicks are no exception. Last season, they surprised everyone with their performance, led by their star player Julius Randle who had an MVP-like year. But this season, the Knicks seem to be returning to their old ways, especially after a series of losses, including an unfortunate blown 28-point lead against the short-handed Brooklyn Nets. Now, the question arises: Has head coach Tom Thibodeau lost control of the locker room, and will his days at Madison Square Garden be numbered?

The Knicks’ Struggles and Playoff Hopes

The New York Knicks had a decent start to the season, with a record of 22-21 at one point. However, they have since spiraled out of control, winning only three out of their last sixteen games. Currently, they hold the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference and would not qualify for the play-in tournament if the season were to end today. They are 3.5 games away from the play-in bubble, trailing behind the Charlotte Hornets by four games and the Atlanta Hawks by 3.5 games.

What’s particularly concerning is the Knicks’ recent trend of blowing double-digit leads. In their current three-game losing streak, they squandered leads of 23 points against Portland, 11 points against Oklahoma City, and the aforementioned 28-point lead against Brooklyn.

Taj Gibson, the backup center for the Knicks, expressed the team’s need to improve mentally and learn from their mistakes. He acknowledged that their performance in closing out games has been lacking and emphasized the importance of bouncing back and reevaluating their approach.

Despite their recent struggles, the Knicks still have odds of +2000 to make the playoffs, according to a prop bet by DraftKings. On the flip side, their odds of missing the playoffs are at -10000.

The Thibodeau System and its Challenges

Tom Thibodeau, the head coach of the Knicks, has a unique coaching style that can be a double-edged sword. When his players fully buy into his system, they can thrive. However, once that belief wavers, things can go awry quickly. This pattern has been observed during Thibodeau’s tenures with the Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Thibodeau is known for his defensive-minded approach, which harks back to the playstyle of the 1990s. However, in the modern NBA, teams prioritize pace, shooting layups, and three-pointers. Playing solid defense over an extended period requires considerable stamina and depth on the bench. Unfortunately, Thibodeau’s rotations tend to be short, relying heavily on his starters to log significant minutes. This approach can lead to fatigue and ultimately impact the team’s performance.

Last season, the Knicks overachieved and secured the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. However, their weaknesses were exposed during the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks. After an exhausting season, their defense lagged, and they struggled to find an offensive identity when Julius Randle’s production declined.

Despite the Knicks’ clear need for a capable point guard, their offseason signings of Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker failed to address this issue adequately. Walker, plagued by knee problems, proved to be a defensive liability, while Fournier’s inconsistency hindered the team’s performance, especially during slow starts in the first and third quarters. The second unit, however, displayed a more fluid and fast-paced style of play. The starters, on the other hand, often found it challenging to mesh well with the second unit due to Randle’s tendency to stagnate the offense.

Randle’s Scoring Slump

Julius Randle, once a key contributor to the Knicks’ success, experienced a slump during the playoffs against the Hawks, which persisted until recently. Randle has a penchant for playing isolation basketball, but when it doesn’t work, it hampers the team’s overall offensive flow. His prolonged dribbling often results in other players standing idle, waiting for him to take a shot. Interestingly, when Randle sits on the bench, the second unit showcases a more dynamic and fast-paced style of play. This can be seen in their positive plus-minus statistics compared to the starters.

Unlike last season when Randle excelled and shot an impressive 41.1% from beyond the arc, this season his scoring has dipped to an average of 19.8 points per game, shooting just 42.1% from the field and a disappointing 30.6% from three-point range. These numbers highlight his struggles and the impact it has on the team’s overall performance.

An Uphill Battle: The Knicks’ Challenging Schedule

While the Knicks currently have a break with the All-Star Weekend, their schedule doesn’t provide much respite going forward. They will face daunting matchups against the Miami Heat with Jimmy Butler and the Philadelphia 76ers led by Joel Embiid. These tough games could potentially extend the Knicks’ losing streak, as they are expected to be underdogs in many of their upcoming contests.

Following their break, the Knicks embark on a seven-game road trip, including three games on the West Coast. Considering their recent struggles, they will likely be faced with an uphill battle in each of these matchups. In fact, it won’t be a surprise if they return from the road trip with a record of 25-43, sitting 18 games below .500.

As the season progresses and the Knicks continue their descent, there is speculation that Tom Thibodeau’s position as head coach may be in jeopardy. From being hailed as the 2021 NBA Coach of the Year, he could find himself on shaky ground unless the team can turn their fortunes around.


The New York Knicks’ recent struggles, blown leads, and lackluster performances have put their head coach, Tom Thibodeau, under scrutiny. His defensive-minded system and reliance on starters have been potential factors contributing to the team’s decline. Furthermore, Julius Randle’s scoring slump and the inconsistency of offseason acquisitions have added to their woes. With a challenging schedule ahead, the Knicks face an uphill battle to salvage their season and remain competitive in a tough Eastern Conference. Only time will tell if they can bounce back and prove the doubters wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the New York Knicks still make the playoffs?

A: While the Knicks are currently outside the playoff picture, they still have a chance to make a late-season push. However, their recent performance and challenging schedule make the playoff journey an uphill battle.

Q: What are the main factors contributing to the Knicks’ struggles this season?

A: Several factors have contributed to the Knicks’ struggles, including inconsistent performances from key players, blown leads, offensive stagnation, and defensive lapses. Coaching decisions and the lack of a reliable point guard have also impacted their overall performance.

Q: How has Julius Randle’s slump affected the Knicks?

A: Julius Randle’s scoring slump has had a significant impact on the Knicks’ offensive output. When Randle struggles to find his rhythm, the team’s offense tends to stagnate, leading to inefficient scoring and difficulties in closing out games.

Q: Is Tom Thibodeau’s job in jeopardy?

A: While there is speculation regarding Tom Thibodeau’s future as head coach, his position is not guaranteed. If the Knicks fail to turn their season around and continue their descent, there is a possibility that the organization may consider a coaching change.

Q: What are the Knicks’ prospects for the remainder of the season?

A: With a challenging schedule and a significant deficit to overcome, the Knicks face an uphill battle in their quest for a playoff spot. However, if they can address their weaknesses, regain their early-season form, and find consistency, they may still have a chance to compete for a postseason berth.

Q: What steps can the Knicks take to improve their performance?

A: The Knicks could explore potential roster changes, particularly in addressing the need for a reliable point guard. Additionally, finding ways to maximize the strengths of their second unit and creating a more fluid and dynamic offensive system could help to rejuvenate their season. Moreover, implementing adjustments in coaching strategies, such as managing player minutes more efficiently, may also contribute to improved performance.

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