Sorare Teams Up with MLB for NFT-Powered Fantasy Game

Sorare’s Expansion into Major League Baseball NFTs

Sorare, the pioneering company in sports NFTs, made a significant impact with its fantasy soccer game in 2019. Now, they are set to broaden their reach and venture into the world of Major League Baseball (MLB) through a new partnership.

Sorare’s MLB Partnership and the Launch of NFT-Based Fantasy Game

In an exciting announcement, Sorare revealed its collaboration with MLB to introduce an NFT-based fantasy game during the upcoming summer season. Although specific details about the game are currently scarce, the prospect of this unique fusion between NFTs and fantasy sports has stirred a sense of anticipation within the sports community.

Sorare’s Evolution: Expanding Beyond Soccer

While Sorare has already formed partnerships with 247 soccer clubs to facilitate the trading of NFTs, they have taken a step further by incorporating these digital assets into fantasy sports games. Unlike other sports NFT marketplaces, Sorare offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, and hold images of players in various rarities. What sets Sorare apart is that players can utilize their NFT collections in fantasy sports, competing for cash prizes and other rewards by forming winning lineups.

Starting with free, common NFTs at the beginning of their journey, users can gradually enhance their collection by either winning more NFTs or purchasing them from the integrated marketplace.

A New MLB Fantasy Game with Unique Features

While it’s been reported that the Sorare MLB game won’t include cash prizes, The Athletic has highlighted the critical role of the secondary marketplace within the product. Both the league and the MLB Players’ Association are expected to receive a portion of the sales generated from this marketplace.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred expressed the significance of building connections with fans and acknowledged Sorare’s ability to create that bond through their innovative combination of sports, technology, and gaming. He emphasized how Sorare’s approach transcends boundaries, allowing fans across the globe to truly own a piece of the game they love.

Distinguishing Sorare’s MLB NFTs from Others in the Market

Although MLB has seen the emergence of NFTs through licensed projects like Topps and Candy, Sorare’s incorporation of a fantasy element sets its offering apart. Unlike other prominent North American sports NFTs, such as Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike, which lack a gamification component, Sorare’s MLB NFTs have inherent gaming utility.

It is precisely this aspect that may explain Sorare’s remarkable success amid a challenging year for other NFT projects. With a substantial increase of 32 percent in month-over-month user growth, Sorare garnered over $325 million in sales in 2021, a figure projected to double in 2022.

The Excitement and Potential of Sorare’s MLB Product

As the Sorare MLB product prepares for its upcoming launch, the MLB Players’ Association (MLBPA) has expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities it presents. MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark highlighted Sorare’s creation of a new and captivating baseball gaming experience that will engage fans on a whole new level. This partnership between Sorare and MLB marks the company’s first venture into North American sports and holds tremendous potential for the global growth of the game.


1. How does Sorare’s fantasy game differ from other MLB NFT projects?

Sorare’s fantasy game introduces a unique gamification element to MLB NFTs. While other projects focus solely on collecting and trading digital assets, Sorare allows users to utilize their NFT collection in fantasy sports, competing for rewards and forming winning lineups based on the players they own.

2. Will the Sorare MLB game offer cash prizes?

No, it has been confirmed that the Sorare MLB game will not feature cash prizes. However, the game will incorporate a secondary marketplace where users can engage in buying, selling, and trading MLB NFTs.

3. How successful has Sorare been in the sports NFT market?

Sorare has experienced significant success in the sports NFT market. With a month-over-month user growth rate of 32 percent, the company generated over $325 million in sales in 2021. It expects to double that figure in 2022, reflecting the strong demand and engagement of users.

4. Will MLB and MLBPA receive a share of sales from Sorare’s secondary marketplace?

Yes, both MLB and the MLBPA will benefit from a share of the sales generated on Sorare’s secondary marketplace. This collaboration ensures that the league and players’ association are involved in the ongoing success of the platform.

5. How does Sorare’s MLB venture contribute to the global growth of baseball?

By combining sports, technology, and gaming, Sorare’s partnership with MLB enables fans worldwide to be part of the game they love. This innovative approach transcends borders and offers a unique opportunity for baseball to continue expanding its global reach and fanbase.


Sorare’s expansion into the world of Major League Baseball marks a significant development in the sports NFT landscape. Through their NFT-based fantasy game, Sorare introduces a novel approach that combines the thrill of collecting and trading NFTs with the excitement of fantasy sports. With the MLB partnership and the support of both the league and the MLB Players’ Association, Sorare’s MLB product holds great promise for engaging fans on a global scale. As the launch approaches, the anticipation continues to build, and the impact of Sorare’s unique gaming experience on the growth of baseball remains to be seen.

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