Super Bowl 56 Favorites and Underdogs: Assessing the Cincinnati Bengals’ Rollercoaster Journey and the Steadfast LA Rams

Super Bowl 56: Bengals’ Surprising Rise and Rams’ Pursuit of Victory

A Season of Unexpected Twists

When the NFL season kicked off, few could have predicted the stunning journey that would unfold for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. As the underdogs, the Bengals started with long-shot odds of +10000 to win Super Bowl 56, offering a chance for a hefty $10,000 payout on a $100 wager. Meanwhile, the Rams entered the season as strong contenders with +1200 odds, presenting the potential for a $1,200 reward with the same bet.

The Super Bowl 56 Odds Tracker

To better understand the evolution of these teams’ odds throughout the season, we have compiled a special Super Bowl 56 odds tracker. Let’s take a closer look:


– Super Bowl Odds: -200
– Conference Championship Odds: +750
– Divisional Round Odds: +750
– Wild Card Odds: +750
– Week 18 Odds: +800
– Week 17 Odds: +850
– Week 16 Odds: +850
– Week 15 Odds: +1100
– Week 14 Odds: +1100
– Week 13 Odds: +1200
– Week 12 Odds: +1200
– Week 11 Odds: +900
– Week 10 Odds: +800
– Week 9 Odds: +800
– Week 8 Odds: +650
– Week 7 Odds: +850
– Week 6 Odds: +850
– Week 5 Odds: +800
– Week 4 Odds: +800
– Week 3 Odds: +800
– Week 2 Odds: +1100
– Week 1 Odds: +1200


– Super Bowl Odds: +170
– Conference Championship Odds: +1500
– Divisional Round Odds: +1500
– Wild Card Odds: +1500
– Week 18 Odds: +2000
– Week 17 Odds: +1800
– Week 16 Odds: +2800
– Week 15 Odds: +5000
– Week 14 Odds: +5000
– Week 13 Odds: +3500
– Week 12 Odds: +2800
– Week 11 Odds: +4000
– Week 10 Odds: +5000
– Week 9 Odds: +6500
– Week 8 Odds: +5000
– Week 7 Odds: +5000
– Week 6 Odds: +10000
– Week 5 Odds: +15000
– Week 4 Odds: +15000
– Week 3 Odds: +15000
– Week 2 Odds: +10000
– Week 1 Odds: +10000

Astonishing Bengals: From Long Shots to Legitimate Contenders

At the start of the season, the general consensus did not favor the Cincinnati Bengals as Super Bowl contenders. Quarterback Joe Burrow was recovering from ACL surgery, and rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase’s impact on NFL secondaries remained unknown. The AFC North was predicted to be dominated by the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens, two potent teams in the hard-hitting “smashmouth” division of the NFL.

Given the circumstances, the Bengals carried +10000 odds in the preseason, placing them alongside the Houston Texans and New York Giants. Only three teams had worse Super Bowl odds than the Bengals: the New York Jets (+15000), Detroit Lions (+25000), and Jacksonville Jaguars (+25000). The skepticism surrounding the Bengals made this season’s success all the more magical.

Fans who placed futures bets on the Bengals were considered true die-hard supporters, albeit with minimal risk due to the odds. Anyone who gambled heavily on the Bengals during the preseason would likely be classified as a degenerate gambler, potentially requiring rehabilitation or support from Gamblers Anonymous. The notion of a Super Bowl run by the Bengals seemed preposterous in September. Yet, here we are, five months later, with Burrow and the Bengals pitted against the Rams, just one victory away from potentially claiming Cincinnati’s first Super Bowl title.

Much credit is due to head coach Zac Taylor for orchestrating an incredible turnaround. After finishing the previous season with a 4-11-1 record, Taylor molded the Bengals into a formidable 10-7 squad that triumphed throughout the AFC playoffs, ensuring their spot in the Super Bowl. Notably, the Bengals achieved this feat by winning crucial away games against the AFC’s top two seeds: the #1 Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional Round and the #2 Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

Rams: Overcoming Obstacles along the Way

Entering the season with +1200 odds, the Los Angeles Rams held the second-highest position among NFC teams on the futures board, placing them in fourth overall. Despite their Super Bowl appearance and victory in the previous season, much of the attention was directed toward Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who entered with +550 odds to repeat as champions.

The Rams started the season strong with a 7-1 record, causing their Super Bowl odds to peak at +650 in Week 8. Unfortunately, they faced a setback, losing their next three games and returning to the +1200 odds range—essentially where they had started in the preseason. Among these losses, their defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers in late November had the most significant impact on the futures market, resulting in odds adjustment to +1200.

December brought a shift in the Super Bowl favorite title, with the Packers claiming the position at +400 odds. Meanwhile, the Rams embarked on their own winning streak, bolstered by notable acquisitions such as Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. As a result, their odds improved to +850. With renewed momentum, the Rams secured five consecutive victories, regaining their earlier form.

As the postseason approached, the Rams had +800 odds to win the Super Bowl. Following the wild card round, their odds shifted to +750, a notable improvement that persisted throughout the NFC Championship. After defeating their divisional rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, in the NFC Championship, the Rams emerged as the favorite for Super Bowl 56 with -200 odds.

It is worth highlighting the Rams’ triumph against the #2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Divisional Round, where they successfully thwarted Tom Brady’s comeback attempt—a game that would ultimately mark Brady’s final appearance in the NFL. The victory brought sweet revenge for the Rams, who had previously endured six consecutive losses against their NFC West divisional foes.


As Super Bowl 56 approaches, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams find themselves standing on opposite ends of the odds spectrum. The Bengals’ extraordinary ascent from long-shot underdogs to legitimate contenders showcases the team’s resilience and the impact of key individuals like Joe Burrow and head coach Zac Taylor. On the other side, the Rams overcame hurdles throughout the season, peaking when it mattered most and securing their place as Super Bowl favorites.

This Super Bowl clash promises to be a captivating battle between two teams defying expectations. Whether it’s the Bengals’ remarkable underdog story or the Rams’ quest for triumph after varied highs and lows, football fans are in store for an exciting showdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Super Bowl be played at a neutral location?

Yes, although the Los Angeles Rams will have the advantage of playing on their home turf at SoFi Stadium, the Super Bowl is technically considered a neutral field.

2. Who are the main contenders for Super Bowl 56?

Based on the odds, the Los Angeles Rams are the favorites to win Super Bowl 56, while the Cincinnati Bengals pose a worthy challenge as the underdogs.

3. How did the Bengals manage to reach the Super Bowl despite long-shot odds?

The Bengals’ success can be attributed to their exceptional performances during the AFC playoffs, defeating top-seeded teams like the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs.

4. Which acquisitions helped the Rams regain their momentum during the season?

The Rams’ signing of Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. proved instrumental in bolstering their roster, elevating their chances of reaching Super Bowl 56.

5. Can the Bengals secure their first-ever Super Bowl title in this matchup?

Yes, if the Bengals emerge victorious over the Rams, it will mark Cincinnati’s first-ever Super Bowl championship, a historic moment for the franchise and its fans.

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