SuperBook Brand Expands Nationwide with Westgate and Paragon

The SuperBook Brand: Expanding Nationwide

In the realm of American sports betting, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has reigned supreme for three decades. Its name has become synonymous with quoting lines on major sporting events, earning a reputation as a trusted and influential source. Now, Westgate Resorts and Paragon Gaming, the sportsbook operator, have unveiled their plans to bring the SuperBook brand to gamblers across the United States, capitalizing on the expanding landscape of legalized sports betting.

Gamblers watching NCAA basketball
Gamblers watch NCAA basketball and other sporting events at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

Delivering a Unique Betting Experience

The objective is clear: to provide regulated and reliable sports betting services in states where sports wagering has been legalized. This entails offering both in-person and mobile wagering options and granting access to special promotions, including the renowned NFL SuperContest. Moreover, efforts will be made to recreate the immersive and expansive experience that has made the SuperBook brand a household name, featuring the signature 360-degree format.

“This is the natural next step in the evolution of our industry,” affirms Jay Kornegay, SuperBook’s Executive Vice President of Race & Sports Book Operations. “We have maintained the highest levels of technology and service in a highly regulated industry. We have written the playbook, and now we will put it in action across the national field.”

Further details regarding partners and forthcoming SuperBook locations are anticipated to be revealed in due course.

Competition Intensifies in the US Sports Betting Market

The decision to expand the SuperBook brand nationwide likely stems from the increasingly competitive landscape of the American sports betting market. As more states are on track to legalize sports wagering, major international bookmakers have seized the opportunity to bolster their presence in the United States and establish a strong market share.

One such operator that has aggressively pursued this strategy is William Hill. Already a dominant force in Nevada’s sports betting scene, the company has successfully secured deals with casinos and racetracks in states like New Jersey and Mississippi to operate sportsbooks. Just this week, William Hill made history by becoming the first sports betting firm to form a partnership with an NHL franchise, signing a multi-year agreement with the Vegas Golden Knights.

Therefore, if the SuperBook brand intends to make its mark on a national scale, it will need to navigate the competitive waters. Leaning on its long-standing track record of success, the SuperBook team aims to position itself as an ideal partner for gaming firms. “The SuperBook brand has been the leader of the sportsbook industry for more than 30 years,” states Diana Bennett, CEO of Paragon Gaming. “Gaming regulators across the country will now have a trusted partner as they move forward, and casino operators will be able to draw on the experience and expertise that has made SuperBook the benchmark for sports betting.”

A Legacy of Excellence: Westgate SuperBook

The Westgate SuperBook made its debut in 1986 after an investment of $17 million. Since then, it has undergone numerous transformations, including a takeover of operations by Paragon Gaming in 2015. The venue has been extensively renovated to enhance the overall experience, boasting the world’s largest indoor television, an impressive 220 feet in length.


With Westgate Resorts and Paragon Gaming joining forces to expand the iconic SuperBook brand nationwide, the landscape of American sports betting is set to undergo a transformative shift. By leveraging their collective expertise and reputation, they aim to provide regulated and trusted sports betting services to casinos nationwide, complete with immersive experiences and highly sought-after promotions. While competition is fierce, the SuperBook brand’s track record of excellence positions it as a formidable player in this evolving market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long has the SuperBook brand been a leader in the sportsbook industry?

The SuperBook brand has held its position as a leader in the sportsbook industry for over three decades.

2. Can mobile wagering be accessed through the SuperBook brand?

Absolutely! The SuperBook brand aims to offer both in-person and mobile wagering options to cater to the preferences of all sports betting enthusiasts.

3. What is the NFL SuperContest, and will it be available through SuperBook?

The NFL SuperContest is a famous promotion offered by SuperBook, allowing participants to compete for substantial prizes by predicting the outcomes of NFL games. As SuperBook expands nationwide, the SuperContest is expected to be available in select locations.

4. How does the SuperBook brand plan to recreate its immersive 360-degree experience on a national scale?

The SuperBook team is committed to bringing the signature 360-degree experience to its partner casinos through innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring an immersive and captivating betting environment for sports enthusiasts.

5. Are there plans for additional SuperBook locations in the future?

While specific details regarding future SuperBook sites have not yet been announced, both Westgate Resorts and Paragon Gaming are committed to expanding the brand nationwide, producing additional locations to cater to the growing demand for regulated sports betting services.

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