Tatis Injury Recovery Updates: deGrom and Scherzer Comebacks

The New York Mets’ Rotation Update

The New York Mets are eagerly anticipating the return of their star pitchers, Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer, who are recovering from injuries. Despite their absence, the Mets have managed to maintain their position as favorites to win the NL East, although the Atlanta Braves are closing the gap with an impressive winning streak. Let’s take a closer look at the ongoing recovery process for these aces and the impact it may have on the Mets’ performance.

Jacob deGrom’s Road to Recovery

Jacob deGrom, widely regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball, has been sidelined due to injury this season. However, there is good news for Mets fans as deGrom has been making significant progress in his rehabilitation. He has already completed four bullpen sessions and is scheduled to have an “up-and-down” session, simulating game-like innings with breaks in between. If all goes well, deGrom is expected to move on to live batting practice and eventually embark on a minor league rehab assignment.

DeGrom’s return to the majors is anticipated to take place around mid-July, bringing relief to the team and sparking excitement among fans. In his own words, deGrom expressed optimism about his recovery progress, stating, “Everything feels good. Hopefully, not too much longer.”

Max Scherzer’s Rehabilitation

Max Scherzer, another talented pitcher acquired by the Mets, has been recovering from a left oblique muscle strain. Apart from an unfortunate dog bite incident on his pitching hand, Scherzer’s rehabilitation has been relatively smooth. According to reports, he remains on track to complete his six- to eight-week recovery timeframe.

Scherzer is expected to participate in a simulated game in the near future, followed by a minor league rehab start before rejoining the Mets’ rotation. The process of regaining his full strength and reaching a 100% recovery is still ongoing, but Scherzer acknowledges the progress made so far in collaboration with the team’s trainers. As he expressed, “We’ve done good work to get to this point, but I’ve still got a lot in front of me.”

The Status of Fernando Tatis Jr.’s Return

While the focus is often on pitching, the San Diego Padres are eagerly awaiting the return of their star shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. After undergoing surgery on his left wrist during the offseason, Tatis has been making strides in his recovery process. However, there are still some hurdles to overcome before he can return to action.

A Cautious Approach for Tatis Jr.

Although the Padres received positive results from a recent follow-up MRI, they are taking a cautious approach to Tatis’ rehabilitation. While he has shown progress in fielding ground balls and throwing, medical professionals have not yet cleared him to swing a bat, an essential part of his game. Padres’ general manager AJ Preller emphasized the need for caution, stating that the decision to allow Tatis to start swinging would be made on a week-to-week basis.

Despite Tatis’ absence, the Padres have managed to keep pace with their division rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Currently, the two teams are in a virtual tie for first place in the NL West, with the Dodgers maintaining their status as divisional favorites. However, if Tatis can make a successful return, it could provide a significant boost to the Padres’ lineup and potentially tip the scales in their favor.


The New York Mets and San Diego Padres are eagerly awaiting the returns of their injured stars, Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, and Fernando Tatis Jr. The progress made in their recoveries is promising, offering hope to the teams and their fans. If deGrom and Scherzer can rejoin the Mets’ rotation by mid-July, it will undoubtedly strengthen their chances in the competition, particularly in the NL East. Meanwhile, the Padres must exercise patience as they prioritize Tatis’ long-term health and aim for his return when he is fully ready. His presence could potentially elevate the Padres’ performance and help them challenge the Dodgers for the NL West title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is Jacob deGrom expected to return to the Mets’ rotation?

Jacob deGrom is on track to make his return to the majors by mid-July, following a series of bullpen sessions, live batting practice, and a minor league rehab assignment.

2. How long is Max Scherzer’s estimated recovery timeframe?

Max Scherzer’s recovery from a left oblique muscle strain is anticipated to take around six to eight weeks, with upcoming simulated game participation and a minor league rehab start.

3. Why is Fernando Tatis Jr.’s return taking longer?

Fernando Tatis Jr. underwent offseason surgery on his left wrist, and while he has made progress in other areas of his game, medical professionals have yet to clear him to swing a bat, leading to a more cautious approach to his recovery.

4. How have the Mets and Padres performed in their injured players’ absence?

Despite the absence of deGrom and Scherzer, the Mets have maintained their position as favorites in the NL East. Similarly, the Padres have kept pace with the Dodgers, even without Fernando Tatis Jr. in the lineup.

5. Can Fernando Tatis Jr.’s return impact the NL West divisional race?

If Fernando Tatis Jr. successfully returns to the Padres’ lineup, it has the potential to significantly impact the NL West race, potentially allowing the Padres to challenge the favored Los Angeles Dodgers for the divisional title.

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