Taylor Serrano’s Unprecedented Odds in Women’s Boxing History

Women’s Boxing Takes Center Stage at Madison Square Garden

Over the past two decades, women’s boxing has seen remarkable growth in both stature and visibility. However, nothing compares to the magnitude of the upcoming lightweight championship bout between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden. This highly anticipated fight has generated immense hype, anticipation, and substantial financial rewards.

A Historic Fight at Madison Square Garden

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will not only headline a boxing card at Madison Square Garden but also become the first female boxers to do so. Making history, they will each earn over $1 million for their roles in the fight, marking a significant milestone for women in the sport. This monumental event represents the culmination of their impressive journeys and a monumental moment for women’s boxing.

“It’s not only the biggest fight in women’s boxing but in the entire sport,” expressed Taylor to The Guardian, emphasizing the magnitude of the event.

The Clash of Two Boxing Titans

Taylor (19-0, 6 KOs) is considered the leading female boxer by ESPN’s women’s pound-for-pound list and tops the lightweight rankings at BoxRec. Holding the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO lightweight titles, she has established herself as one of the best in the field. On the other hand, Serrano (42-1-1, 30 KOs) ranks second on the same lists.

Although Taylor holds an impressive record and numerous accolades, Serrano enters the bout as the slight favorite with a passionate following among fans and fellow boxers. Shakur Stevenson, a prominent boxer himself, praised both fighters and expressed his support for Serrano.

“I’m a big fan of Amanda Serrano. I knew her as a kid when I’d go to Gleason’s Gym [in Brooklyn] to spar. I’m rocking with her to win, but I support them both,” Stevenson conveyed via USA Today. “And I’m happy the world can watch their fight and then come to watch our fight.”

The Powerhouse: Amanda Serrano

While Taylor hails from Ireland and began her boxing career at St. Fergal’s Boxing Club, Serrano possesses an unparalleled knockout power that sets her apart. Although Taylor is older, she has less experience in the ring when compared to Serrano. However, Serrano’s impressive resume showcases victories over seven different weight divisions, proving her dominance. Her lone loss dates back to 2012 against Frida Wallberg, highlighting her consistent success.

Unlike most fighters in women’s boxing who often struggle to secure knockouts due to the two-minute round limit, Serrano defies this trend with her power, precision, and relentless determination. Her presence in this iconic event underscores the growing interest and support for women participating in the sport.

The World Is Watching

The magnitude of the Taylor vs. Serrano fight has garnered widespread attention, with promoters playing a significant role in generating buzz for the event. Jake Paul, representing Amanda Serrano, even made a million-dollar bet with Eddie Hearn, Katie Taylor’s promoter, on the fight’s outcome.

“When Amanda wins, I’m giving your million dollars to her,” declared Paul to Hearn confidently.

Regardless of the fight’s outcome, the clash between Taylor and Serrano possesses the potential to rewrite the history of women’s boxing and propel the sport into the mainstream consciousness like never before. It is an event that will be remembered and discussed for years to come.


The upcoming fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden represents a monumental moment for women’s boxing. Their clash has ignited immense hype, surpassed financial expectations, and showcased the rapidly growing visibility of the sport. As two of the best fighters in women’s boxing, their performance in the ring is not to be missed and has the power to reshape the trajectory of the sport going forward.

FAQs About the Taylor vs. Serrano Fight

1. How did Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano make history in women’s boxing?

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will become the first female boxers to headline a boxing card at Madison Square Garden, marking a significant milestone for women in the sport.

2. What makes Amanda Serrano a formidable opponent for Katie Taylor?

Amanda Serrano’s knockout power, precise technique, and relentless determination set her apart as a formidable opponent for Katie Taylor. With victories across different weight divisions, Serrano possesses an impressive resume.

3. Will the Taylor vs. Serrano fight pave the way for more high-profile women’s boxing matches?

Yes, the Taylor vs. Serrano fight has the potential to elevate the visibility and credibility of women’s boxing, which may lead to more high-profile fights in the future, garnering increased attention and support for the sport.

4. How has the boxing community responded to the Taylor vs. Serrano fight?

The boxing community has shown immense support and excitement for the Taylor vs. Serrano fight. Prominent figures like Shakur Stevenson have praised both fighters and acknowledged the historical significance of the event.

5. What impact can the Taylor vs. Serrano fight have on the future of women’s boxing?

If the Taylor vs. Serrano fight lives up to its expectations and captures widespread attention, it has the potential to reshape the landscape of women’s boxing, attracting more investment, media coverage, and opportunities for female fighters.

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