The Future of the LA Lakers: Assessing Their Chances for the 2023 NBA Playoffs

DraftKings Prop Bet: Will the LA Lakers Make the 2023 Playoffs?

The Los Angeles Lakers, once the dominant force in the NBA, have faced significant challenges in recent seasons. After winning the 2020 NBA championship in the unique setting of the NBA bubble, the Lakers’ fortunes took a downturn. In the 2021 playoffs, they were eliminated in the first round following injuries to key players Anthony Davis and LeBron James. The subsequent season proved even more disappointing, as the Lakers failed to make the playoffs and did not even qualify for the Western Conference Play-In Tournament. Head coach Frank Vogel, who had previously led the team to a title, was let go, allowing the Lakers to embark on a search for a new leader.

The Westbrook Factor

One of the main factors contributing to the Lakers’ struggles and their uncertain prospects for the upcoming season is the presence of Russell Westbrook on the roster. While Westbrook is undoubtedly a talented player, there are concerns about his fit within the Lakers’ system. The team has not been able to effectively leverage his skills, and some view him as a hindrance rather than an asset. As long as Westbrook remains with the Lakers, it is unlikely that they will contend for another championship and there is a real possibility of them missing the playoffs once again.

Lakers’ Betting Odds and Realistic Expectations

Despite their recent struggles, the Lakers still boast a significant fan base and a loyal following. However, it is crucial to approach betting on their success with a sense of realism. Oddsmakers have set the Lakers’ win total at a modest 45.5 games, indicating that they are more likely to be a Play-In Tournament team than a legitimate title contender. In the Pacific Division, the Lakers are ranked fourth out of five teams, with the Phoenix Suns favored to repeat as division champions. The Western Conference also poses formidable competition, and even with potential trades to bolster the roster, the Lakers are likely to be a middle-of-the-pack team at best.

The Lakers’ odds to win the 2023 NBA championship currently stand at +1600, placing them eighth on the NBA futures board at DraftKings. This represents a significant drop from earlier odds, which were influenced by trade rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving. Although the Lakers may initially seem enticing as a betting option, it is important to recognize the uncertainties surrounding their roster and the unlikelihood of winning the championship.

New Leadership and Potential Solutions

In the wake of Frank Vogel’s departure, the Lakers have named Darvin Ham as their new head coach. As a rookie head coach, Ham faces the challenge of revitalizing the team and returning them to their former championship glory. However, there are concerns that he may merely serve as a puppet coach, with LeBron James secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes. The role LeBron has played in influencing Lakers’ decisions has been a subject of speculation for years, suggesting a lack of stability within the organization.

Another issue for the Lakers is the health of their key players. LeBron James, while still an exceptional talent, is advancing in age and has faced injuries that have impacted his availability. Anthony Davis, on the other hand, has struggled with durability, missing a significant portion of games each season. When both players are at full strength, they form a formidable duo, but the lack of depth behind them becomes evident when either is sidelined.

Assessing the Trade Options and Potential Outcomes

Speculation has surrounded the Lakers’ possible acquisition of Kyrie Irving through a trade. However, any deal involving Irving would likely result in the Lakers parting ways with talented players such as Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton-Tucker, as well as valuable draft picks. While such a trade would remove Westbrook from the equation, it would introduce a new set of challenges with Irving’s well-documented off-court issues. With these factors in mind, it may be more prudent for the Lakers to retain Westbrook, hoping that both LeBron and Davis can stay relatively healthy throughout the season.

The Uncertain Road Ahead

As we look ahead to the upcoming season, there are numerous uncertainties surrounding the Lakers’ prospects. It is important to consider these factors when deciding whether to bet on the Lakers making the playoffs. If the Lakers retain Westbrook, it would be wise to bet against their playoff chances. However, if the team decides to part ways with Westbrook, it might be worth considering a bet in favor of their playoff potential.


The Los Angeles Lakers are facing an uphill battle to return to their former glory. With recent disappointments, roster challenges, and uncertainties surrounding coaching and player health, their path to the playoffs is far from guaranteed. While loyal Lakers fans may hope for a turnaround, realistic expectations should temper any overly optimistic betting decisions. Consider the odds and assess the situation objectively before placing your bets on the Lakers’ playoff prospects.


1. Can the Lakers bounce back from their recent struggles?

While it is possible for the Lakers to reverse their fortunes, it will require significant adjustments, improved roster chemistry, and better health. It won’t be an easy task.

2. Should I bet on the Lakers to win the 2023 NBA championship?

Given the uncertainties surrounding their roster and the stiff competition in the NBA, it is advisable to approach such a bet with caution. The odds are not in their favor.

3. Is Russell Westbrook the right fit for the Lakers?

The jury is still out on whether Westbrook can thrive within the Lakers’ system. His presence has posed challenges, and the team may need to explore other options.

4. How important is player health for the Lakers’ success?

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis as key contributors, their health is paramount for the Lakers. Injuries to either player significantly impact the team’s performance.

5. Can the Lakers rely on their new head coach, Darvin Ham?

As a rookie head coach, Darvin Ham faces an uphill battle to gain the respect and control needed to lead the team effectively. His ability to navigate the challenges will play a crucial role in the Lakers’ success.

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