The Houston Rockets’ Unfortunate 14-Game Losing Streak Persists: A Troubling Trend

Houston Rockets’ Struggles Continue: A Season of Disappointment

The Houston Rockets, initially hopeful after starting the season with a 1-1 record, have faced a tumultuous journey that has resulted in a disheartening 14-game losing streak. Their recent loss to the New York Knicks, despite holding a fourth-quarter lead, further extended their period of misfortune.

Houston Rockets vs New York Knicks

The Road Woes of the Houston Rockets

The Rockets’ dismal performance extends beyond individual games. Their away record has plummeted to 0-10 this season, and if we look back to last season’s statistics, we find that they have now lost their last 16 consecutive road games. In fact, the Rockets endured a particularly arduous season in 2020-21, ranking as the worst team in the NBA with a meager 17-55 record. A low point was reached when they suffered a 20-game losing streak under the guidance of first-year head coach Stephen Silas.

Offensive Struggles

One of the prominent factors contributing to the Rockets’ disappointing performance is their inability to score effectively. Currently, they hold the undesirable title of the lowest-scoring team in the league, averaging a mere 100.8 points per game. On multiple occasions this season, they have failed to breach the century mark, including three games where they scored less than 90 points. Adding to their woes, their defense ranks as the fourth-worst in the NBA, allowing an average of 111.6 points per game.

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The Rockets appeared to be on the brink of breaking their losing streak during their face-off against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. However, they faltered in the fourth quarter as Alec Burks of the Knicks unleashed a scoring frenzy, contributing 17 crucial points in the final frame to lead his team to victory. Despite their valiant effort, the Rockets were left to reflect upon another missed opportunity.

“I am proud of our guys. We just have to finish. We had some great looks, and they didn’t go down.” – Coach Silas

“As soon as that adversity hit, we wanted to play one-on-one again. We weren’t worried about defense. We were worried about buckets, and it took us out of our game.” – Rookie Jalen Green

Coach Silas expressed pride in the team’s efforts, recognizing their potential to overcome challenges. However, the Rockets’ rookie standout, Jalen Green, acknowledged their struggle to maintain a cohesive defensive strategy and highlighted their emphasis on scoring over defensive play, resulting in a loss of focus in critical moments.

Jalen Green, selected as the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has exhibited significant potential on the offensive end, ranking second in scoring for the Rockets with an average of 14.5 points per game. However, his accuracy from beyond the arc has been an area of concern, as he currently shoots at a mere 28.4% from 3-point range.

Leading the scoring charts for the Rockets is Christian Wood, who averages 16.2 points per game. Wood also contributes significantly on the boards, with an average of 11.2 rebounds per game. The erratic Kevin Porter Jr., on the other hand, struggles to find consistency, averaging just 12.7 points per game.

Eager for a Turnaround: Upcoming Games

As the Rockets battle through their ongoing losing streak, their schedule offers glimmers of hope. They find themselves on the tail end of a four-game road trip, facing the Boston Celtics (9-8) on Monday evening. Following this matchup, the team will enjoy a much-needed respite in their schedule with an opportunity to play seven out of their next eight games at home in Houston. Their only away game during this stretch is a brief visit to Oklahoma City.

The Rockets’ return to their home court commences with games against the Chicago Bulls (12-5) on Wednesday and the Charlotte Hornets (10-8) on Saturday. In the following week, they engage in a home-and-away series against the struggling OKC Thunder (6-10). Subsequently, the Rockets are set to compete against the Orlando Magic (4-13), New Orleans Pelicans (3-15), Brooklyn Nets (12-5), and Milwaukee Bucks (9-8), in four consecutive home games.

While the upcoming schedule includes formidable opponents, there are also opportunities to face three struggling teams on their home court in Houston. These favorable matchups provide the Rockets the chance to finally break their losing streak and trend in a positive direction.

Understanding Betting Odds

For those interested in placing bets, it is worth noting that the Rockets have performed inconsistently against the spread. Currently, they hold a record of 6-9-1, ranking among the five worst teams in the NBA in terms of covering the spread. In their upcoming game against the Boston Celtics, the Rockets enter as +11.5 road underdogs.


The Houston Rockets find themselves mired in a difficult season, marked by a disheartening 14-game losing streak. Despite showcasing promising talents like Jalen Green and Christian Wood, the team struggles to find a winning formula. Low scoring and defensive deficiencies continue to plague them, hindering their ability to secure victories. However, with an upcoming schedule that includes both formidable and struggling opponents and a string of home games, the Rockets have a chance to turn their fortunes around and put an end to their frustrating losing streak.


1. Has the Houston Rockets’ losing streak impacted team morale?

While losing streaks can undoubtedly take a toll on team morale, the Houston Rockets have shown resilience and determination. Coach Stephen Silas has expressed pride in the team’s efforts, emphasizing the need to finish strong and convert scoring opportunities. The Rockets remain focused on regaining their winning form despite the challenges they have faced.

2. How has Jalen Green performed as the Rockets’ rookie standout?

Jalen Green, selected as the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has displayed significant potential on the offensive end. Despite his shooting struggles from beyond the arc, Green has managed to contribute to the Rockets’ scoring efforts, ranking second in team scoring. As a rookie, he continues to adapt to the challenges of the NBA and shows promising signs for the future.

3. Who leads the Houston Rockets in scoring and rebounding?

Christian Wood currently leads the Houston Rockets in scoring, averaging 16.2 points per game. He also makes a significant impact on the boards, averaging 11.2 rebounds per game. Wood’s consistent contributions in these areas make him an integral part of the team’s efforts on both ends of the court.

4. How have the Houston Rockets fared against spread betting?

The Houston Rockets have struggled to consistently cover the spread this season. With a record of 6-9-1 against the spread, they currently rank among the NBA’s five worst teams in terms of spread betting performance. Assessing their betting odds and considering the factors influencing their matchups can provide valuable insight for those interested in placing bets on Rockets games.

5. Are the Houston Rockets confident in ending their losing streak?

Despite the ongoing losing streak, the Houston Rockets remain determined and confident in their ability to turn their fortunes around. The upcoming schedule presents a mix of challenging opponents and opportunities to face struggling teams on their home court. The Rockets view this as a chance to end their losing streak and regain momentum in the season.

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