The Hunt for the Perfect Leader: Evaluating Pederson, O’Brien, Caldwell, and Leftwich for Jaguars Head Coach Role

The Hunt for a New Head Coach: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars, currently holding a 2-14 record, are on the lookout for a new head coach. To fill this crucial role, they are considering interviewing a diverse range of candidates, including Doug Pederson, Jim Caldwell, Kellen Moore, Bill O’Brien, and potentially Byron Leftwich.

Doug Pederson: A Super Bowl-Winning Coach

One prominent candidate on the Jaguars’ radar is Doug Pederson, who achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Super Bowl as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017. Unfortunately, Pederson was fired in 2020, but his past success has piqued the interest of the Jaguars’ management. With a career record of 42-37-1, Pederson stands as a strong contender for the head coaching position.

Urban Meyer’s Troubled Tenure

Urban Meyer’s tenure as the Jaguars’ head coach came to an end after just 13 games and a disappointing 2-11 start to the season. It was clear from early on that Meyer lacked the necessary skills and adaptability to coach in the NFL. Not only did his tactical decisions falter, but his tyrannical leadership style also failed to resonate with the players. The Jaguars’ abysmal performance has solidified their position as the worst team in the league, setting them up to claim the coveted #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Potential Contenders for the Head Coaching Role

Doug Pederson: Seeking Redemption

While Doug Pederson’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles ended on a sour note, his past success cannot be overlooked. The Jaguars view Pederson as one of the top prospects among currently unemployed head coaches. Despite the disappointment of last season’s 4-11-1 record, Pederson’s Super Bowl victory and overall record of 42-37-1 make him a strong candidate for the Jaguars’ coaching position.

Jim Caldwell: A Proven Track Record

Jim Caldwell last held a head coaching position with the Detroit Lions in 2017, but his coaching journey extends beyond that. He led the Indianapolis Colts for three seasons, even guiding them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2009. Caldwell boasts a career record of 62-50, showcasing his ability to steer teams in the right direction.

Assistant Coaches on the Radar

The Jaguars are also considering two assistant coaches from the Dallas Cowboys as potential head coaching candidates. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore have caught the attention of the Jaguars’ management. While Quinn was fired from the Atlanta Falcons during the 2020 season, he brings a 44-42 career record and previous Super Bowl experience. Moore, on the other hand, has showcased his offensive prowess with the Cowboys and is highly regarded in coaching circles.

Jason Garrett, the former head coach of the Cowboys, is also being mentioned as a possible candidate. Although he faced a recent setback as the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, Garrett’s decade-long tenure with the Cowboys, which resulted in an 85-67 record, demonstrates his potential as a head coach.

Bill O’Brien: Controversial yet In-demand

Despite an unceremonious exit from the Houston Texans in 2020, Bill O’Brien remains a sought-after candidate. He served as both the head coach and general manager for the Texans before being let go after just four games into the season. O’Brien’s record with the Texans stands at 52-48, and his potential hiring is supported by the Jaguars’ general manager Trent Baalke.

Byron Leftwich: A Hometown Hero

Byron Leftwich, currently the offensive coordinator for the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is another potential candidate for head coach. Leftwich, a former NFL quarterback, has Super Bowl experience, having won the championship as a backup QB with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43. Additionally, Leftwich’s history with the Jaguars hits close to home, as he was drafted by the team in the 2003 NFL Draft and spent four seasons as their quarterback.

Although the Jaguars expressed interest in interviewing Leftwich during Christmas week, he declined the request, emphasizing his focus on the present and his commitment to the Buccaneers. Should the Jaguars have the opportunity to discuss the head coaching position with Leftwich at a later stage, it would mark a significant homecoming for the former Jaguar.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are leaving no stone unturned as they search for a new head coach. With a roster that is in dire need of guidance and a fresh start, the Jaguars hope to find a seasoned leader who can navigate the challenges of the NFL. Whether it’s Doug Pederson, Jim Caldwell, Kellen Moore, Bill O’Brien, or even Byron Leftwich, the franchise aims to make a strategic hire that will propel them out of the depths of the league.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What led to Urban Meyer’s early departure from the Jaguars?

The decision to part ways with Urban Meyer was made after just 13 games into the season and a dismal 2-11 start. Meyer’s leadership style and inability to adapt to the demands of the NFL alienated the players and showcased his lack of suitability for the head coaching role.

2. How do the Jaguars plan to address their dismal performance and secure a brighter future?

The Jaguars aim to find a new head coach who can bring much-needed stability and expertise to the team. Additionally, with the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, they have the opportunity to select a highly talented player who can make an immediate impact and contribute to the team’s turnaround.

3. What attributes are the Jaguars seeking in their next head coach?

The Jaguars are looking for a leader who can inspire and motivate the team while demonstrating a deep understanding of the game. They value adaptability, effective communication, strong strategic planning, and a track record of success in coaching.

4. Which candidate among the potential head coaches would bring the most NFL experience?

Jim Caldwell stands out among the candidates for his extensive experience as a head coach. With previous tenures with the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions, including a Super Bowl appearance, Caldwell brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the league.

5. Are there any other factors the Jaguars are considering when selecting their new head coach?

While the primary focus is on finding a head coach with strong leadership and coaching abilities, the Jaguars are also considering the compatibility of the new coach with the team’s roster and culture. Building a cohesive and positive environment is essential for long-term success.

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