The Hype Surrounding Mac Jones’ Rookie Card: A Look into its Unprecedented Demand and PSA Grading

The Rise of Mac Jones in the Card Collecting Market

In the recent wild-card round of the NFL playoffs, the Buffalo Bills dominated the New England Patriots. While the game was a disappointing one for the Patriots, their rookie quarterback, Mac Jones, managed to capture the attention of card collectors around the world. In fact, Mac Jones has become the most sought-after player among card collectors this NFL season.

PSA, the leading company in card grading, recently released a compelling graphic that showcased the top-10 most submitted cards for the month of December. Interestingly, Mac Jones appeared on this list three times, specifically for his 2021 Donruss Rated Rookie card and two parallels of that card.

The Popularity of Mac Jones Cards

Despite facing ups and downs throughout the season, Mac Jones has undeniably emerged as the most collectible rookie from the 2021 NFL class. While Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase is likely to win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, it is the quarterbacks like Mac Jones who truly captivate the attention of collectors and investors. Quarterback cards have always held a special place in the hearts of card enthusiasts, and Mac Jones is no exception.

In the fall, the popularity of Mac Jones’ cards skyrocketed when the earliest versions of his Rated Rookie card received a perfect Gem Mint 10 grading from PSA. These highly graded cards were fetching prices upwards of $4,000, despite originally being sold for less than $100 when ungraded. This sudden surge in sales prompted many collectors and investors to send their Mac Jones cards for grading by PSA, flooding the market and resulting in a decrease in their value. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find a PSA 10 graded Mac Jones Rated Rookie card for less than $500.

Among the other notable entries on PSA’s list are the iconic 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan card and the 2000 Bowman rookie card of the legendary Tom Brady.

PSA’s Grading Services

In the early part of 2021, PSA had to put a hold on most card submissions in order to tackle the overwhelming number of cards in their backlog. This decision was made to streamline their operations and reduce the waiting time for collectors. However, as the backlog situation improved, PSA gradually reintroduced their services, including more economical options.

As of now, it still costs a minimum of $100 to get a card graded by PSA. This pricing structure means that investors who currently own Mac Jones PSA 9 Rated Rookie cards might find it difficult to generate a significant return on their investment. Nevertheless, as the popularity of Mac Jones continues to soar, it is possible that his cards will command higher prices in the future.


It is clear that Mac Jones has established himself as a prominent figure in the card collecting market. Despite his performance on the field being inconsistent at times, his cards have become highly sought-after among collectors and investors. The initial surge in value for his Rated Rookie card, coupled with the enthusiasm surrounding quarterbacks in the card collecting community, has made Mac Jones a hot commodity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Mac Jones cards a good investment?

While Mac Jones cards have experienced a surge in popularity and have the potential to increase in value, it’s important to note that investing in cards can be unpredictable. Market trends and player performance can greatly impact the value of cards. It is recommended to do thorough research and consult with experts before making any investment decisions.

2. What is the significance of graded cards?

Graded cards, such as those handled by PSA, are highly valued in the card collecting community. Grading companies assess the condition and authenticity of the cards, providing them with a professional grade that reflects their quality. Graded cards offer collectors assurance and peace of mind, as well as increased value compared to ungraded cards.

3. What other factors can impact the value of cards?

Aside from player performance and popularity, other factors that can influence card values include rarity, condition, historical significance, and overall demand from collectors. Limited edition cards, cards with unique features, and those associated with significant events or milestones tend to hold greater value.

4. How can I protect my card collection?

To ensure the longevity and preservation of your card collection, it is recommended to store them in protective sleeves or holders. These prevent damage from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. Additionally, storing cards in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, can further safeguard them.

5. Can I sell my cards directly to collectors?

Yes, there are various platforms where collectors and sellers can connect directly for buying and selling cards. Online marketplaces, card collector forums, and auction websites are common avenues for selling cards. It is important to research the market value of your cards and understand the selling process to ensure a fair transaction.

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