The Latest Update on Tata Steel Masters: Carlsen Takes the Lead with Giri in Hot Pursuit

Magnus Carlsen Leads Heading into Final Rounds of Tata Steel Chess Tournament

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is reaching its climactic stage, with Magnus Carlsen currently holding the solo lead. However, three players are still within striking distance, hoping to catch the World Champion in Wijk aan Zee.

Magnus Carlsen vs. Sergei Karjakin

In the most recent round, Carlsen faced off against Sergei Karjakin and the game ended in a relatively quick draw. Both players seemed content with the result, as neither made aggressive moves to seek a victory. Ultimately, they agreed to a draw after only 16 moves.

Carlsen reflected on the match afterwards, considering the tournament standings and predicting Karjakin’s approach. He mentioned that he expected Karjakin to try to at least make some effort, as a win would have brought him closer to the tournament lead. However, the draw means Carlsen maintains his position at the top of the leaderboard.

Current Standings

After 10 rounds, Carlsen sits at the summit with seven points. He holds a half-point lead over Anish Giri, who also achieved a draw in his match against Jan-Krzysztof Duda. This draw halted Giri’s impressive four-game winning streak as he tries to recover from his second-round loss to Carlsen.

Giri, playing with the white pieces, couldn’t find a way to press for an advantage against Duda. The game ended in a draw after 38 moves, leaving Giri within striking distance of Carlsen.

Exciting Victories in Round 10

While the high-profile matches didn’t produce much excitement, Round 10 showcased four decisive games in the Tata Steel Masters. Notably, three of those wins came with Black, with Nils Grandelius and Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa securing much-needed victories at the lower end of the table.

In a spectacular fashion, Richard Rapport defeated Fabiano Caruana. Rapport described his victory as intriguing due to the unusual position on the board. He acknowledged that his opponent allowed his pawns to advance, which provided him with an opportunity for counterplay that Caruana ultimately overlooked.

Andrey Esipenko also achieved a win with the white pieces against Jorden van Foreest, the winner of last year’s tournament.

Remaining Chances for Victory

Despite Carlsen’s strong performance, the tournament is far from decided. Unibet currently lists Carlsen as a considerable -5000 favorite to win the Tata Steel Masters. However, Giri still has realistic chances of overtaking the World Champion.

Giri’s upcoming matches against van Foreest, Grandelius, and Rapport will determine whether he can pose a serious threat to Carlsen. On the other hand, Carlsen faces tough competition in his remaining games against Santosh Gujrathi Vidit, Caruana, and Daniil Dubov.

Beyond the top two contenders, Richard Rapport and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov have outside shots at victory. Both players are currently one point behind Carlsen and have three games left to play. Unibet offers Mamedyarov odds of +1400 to win the tournament, while Rapport’s odds stand at +2200.


As the Tata Steel Chess Tournament approaches its conclusion, Magnus Carlsen maintains his lead, but the competition remains fierce. With Giri, Rapport, and Mamedyarov still in contention, the final rounds promise excitement and intense battles on the chessboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Magnus Carlsen secure the victory at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament?

While Carlsen is currently in the lead and is considered the favorite, the tournament is not yet decided. The remaining games will determine whether he can secure the victory or if another player can overcome his lead.

2. Who are the main challengers to Magnus Carlsen?

Anish Giri, Richard Rapport, and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov are the main challengers to Carlsen’s lead in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. All three players are within striking distance and have shown strong performances in the competition.

3. How is the tournament shaping up for Anish Giri?

Anish Giri has been performing well in the tournament, with a remarkable four-game winning streak. Although he faced a draw in the recent round, he is still in contention for the title and will have crucial matches that can potentially propel him to victory.

4. Who are the notable players who achieved victories in Round 10?

In Round 10, Nils Grandelius, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, Richard Rapport, and Andrey Esipenko secured victories. Their wins added intrigue and excitement to the tournament, especially considering they achieved these victories playing with the black or white pieces.

5. What are the remaining matches to look forward to in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament?

With the tournament nearing its conclusion, the upcoming matches have significant implications. The clashes between Magnus Carlsen and Santosh Gujrathi Vidit, as well as between Anish Giri and Jorden van Foreest, are especially intriguing. Each move in these matches will impact the final standings and determine the ultimate victor.

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