The MLB All-Star Game: Building the Perfect Dream Team

The Ultimate MLB All-Star Team: Celebrating Baseball’s Finest

Since its debut nearly 90 years ago, the MLB All-Star Game has become an iconic summer tradition, providing baseball fans a spectacular display of the game’s greatest players sharing the field for a single night. This annual event showcases the best of the National League and the American League battling it out in a thrilling competition. As the 2022 showpiece draws closer, let’s take a look at our picks for the Ultimate MLB All-Star Team, highlighting players who have made epic contributions to the Midsummer Classic.


Starter: Carl Hubbell – New York Giants

In his nine MLB All-Star Game appearances, Carl Hubbell may not have been the most prolific pitcher, but he stands out for his extraordinary performance as a starter in the 1934 Midsummer Classic. Pitching on home turf at the Polo Grounds, Hubbell achieved the unheard-of feat of striking out five future Hall-of-Famers in a row, including legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons, and Joe Cronin. Hubbell’s dominance and memorable performance make him a deserving member of the Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

Closer: Mariano Rivera – New York Yankees

Mariano Rivera is widely regarded as one of the greatest closers in MLB history, and his contributions to the Midsummer Classic reflect his unrivaled skill. With nine All-Star Game appearances, Rivera consistently delivered on the mound, accumulating five strikeouts, no earned runs, and an impressive four saves. Throughout his two-decade career, Rivera played a pivotal role in defining the closer position and remains the all-time leader in career saves, making him an unquestionable choice for our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.


Catcher: Gary Carter – Montreal Expos/New York Mets

While several catchers have earned more All-Star Game selections, Gary Carter’s ability to seize the moment sets him apart. Throughout his 10 appearances, Carter showcased flawless fielding skills and a consistent presence at the plate. Notably, Carter earned two All-Star Game MVP awards, including a memorable performance in 1981 where he belted two home runs. His overall contributions and impact during the Midsummer Classic solidify his place on our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

First Base: Steve Garvey – Los Angeles Dodgers/San Diego Padres

Steve Garvey’s consistent excellence in the All-Star Game led to his selection to our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team. With 10 appearances and nine starts for the National League, Garvey ranked among the all-time leaders in various ASG categories, including runs scored, total bases, and triples. He also boasts two MVP awards and an outstanding .393 career batting average in All-Star Game action. Garvey’s impressive record at the Midsummer Classic cements his place as a formidable first baseman.

Second Base: Lou Whitaker – Detroit Tigers

Nicknamed “Sweet Lou,” Lou Whitaker left an indelible mark during his four consecutive trips to the MLB All-Star Game. Known for his exceptional skills as a second baseman, Whitaker’s standout moment came in 1983 when he earned the All-Star Game MVP honors with a crucial seventh-inning triple that secured a commanding victory for the American League. Whitaker’s remarkable performance during his limited appearances solidifies his inclusion on the Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

Third Base: Wade Boggs – Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees

Choosing the ultimate third baseman for our All-Star Team proved to be incredibly challenging given the plethora of exceptional players in contention. However, Wade Boggs emerges as the victor, surpassing other famed third basemen like Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt, and George Brett. With a career .321 batting average and a perfect fielding percentage over his 12 All-Star Game appearances, Boggs established himself as a formidable force at the Midsummer Classic. His stellar contributions both offensively and defensively make him a worthy addition to our team.

Shortstop: Cal Ripken Jr. – Baltimore Orioles

Cal Ripken Jr., known as baseball’s “Iron Man,” is an undisputed choice for the Ultimate MLB All-Star Team. Famously setting the record for most consecutive game appearances, Ripken’s presence in the All-Star Game was equally impressive. With a record-setting 18 appearances, including 14 starts, Ripken’s consistency and skill earned him the distinction of most ASG starts for a shortstop. He further enhanced his legacy by winning two All-Star Game MVP awards. Ripken’s durability and outstanding performances make him a vital part of our team.


Ted Williams – Boston Red Sox

Ted Williams, although robbed of three years of his career due to wartime service, made an unforgettable impact on the All-Star Game. In the 1946 Midsummer Classic, Williams captivated the crowd with an extraordinary 4-for-4 performance, including two home runs, four runs, and five RBI. Over his 14 All-Star Game appearances, Williams maintained an impressive .304 average, hitting four home runs, driving in 12 runs, and drawing 11 walks. His stellar statistics and memorable moments on baseball’s grandest stage secure his place on our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

Ichiro Suzuki – Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki not only left an indelible mark on the All-Star Game record book but also became known for his colorful pre-game speeches. In 2007, as part of a standout performance, he hit the first-ever inside-the-park home run at the Midsummer Classic, earning him the All-Star Game MVP title. However, it was Ichiro’s tradition of delivering witty and expletive-filled speeches in the AL locker room that truly set him apart. During his tenure, the American League remained undefeated. Ichiro’s memorable moments and unique personality secure his place on our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels

While Willie Mays and Hank Aaron boast an impressive 49 combined All-Star Game appearances, the only active player on our list, Mike Trout, cannot be overlooked. With seven appearances to his name, Trout ranks among the all-time leaders in ASG action with a remarkable .412 batting average. He has recorded extra-base hits in four of his seven games, including two home runs, and is one of only five players to win multiple All-Star Game MVP awards. At just 30 years of age, Trout’s future contributions and potential records make him an undeniable inclusion on our Ultimate MLB All-Star Team.

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