The NBA 2K League prepares for its groundbreaking inaugural draft

The NBA 2K League: Paving the Way for Esports in Professional Basketball

The Inaugural NBA 2K League Draft

The highly anticipated NBA 2K League, an esports competition affiliated with NBA franchises, is set to make its mark on Wednesday with its first significant event – the player draft. Taking place at the iconic Madison Square Garden, this draft will fill the league’s rosters with 102 skilled players. The 17 NBA teams that decided to participate in this groundbreaking esports league were announced in May of last year. Through a rigorous selection process that began with a staggering 72,000 applicants, the league has finally identified the top 250 finalists who will compete for the chance to become part of the inaugural NBA 2K League.

The Rising Star: Artreyo Boyd, AKA “Dimez”

The much-anticipated draft will showcase the talents of top players, including Artreyo Boyd, famously known as “Dimez” within the NBA 2K community. Representing MavsGG, the esports organization of the Dallas Mavericks, Boyd is overwhelmingly favored to be the first overall pick in the draft. Often hailed as the LeBron James of NBA 2K, the 23-year-old virtual point guard from Cleveland has dominated the esports scene, leading his team to victory in an impressive four out of six finals this year alone. Dimez’s remarkable skill and undeniable talent make him a highly sought-after prospect for the NBA 2K League teams.

Pioneering the Path to Virtual Stardom

While Dimez enjoys widespread recognition within the NBA 2K community, many other players, such as “oFab,” “WorthingColt,” and “Mootyy,” may not be as well-known. However, if the NBA 2K League proves successful, the hope is that these rising stars will eventually gain the same level of visibility as their real-world basketball counterparts. With the backing of NBA franchises and the exponential growth of esports, these players have the potential to make a name for themselves in the virtual sports world.

Different Approaches, Common Goals

Each participating NBA franchise has its own unique approach to building a winning team in the NBA 2K League. For instance, Celtics Crossover Gaming (CLTX Gaming), the esports organization of the Boston Celtics, aims to emulate its parent club’s strategy. Jim Ferris, the managing director of CLTX Gaming, explains that they are actively consulting with their basketball operations team to ensure they select players who align with the values and principles of the Celtics organization. This strategic approach ensures synergy between the virtual and real-world counterparts.

Star Power Behind the Teams

To generate excitement and anticipation ahead of the league’s launch, several teams have enlisted the support of celebrity talent within their front offices. Actor Jerry Ferrara, known for his role in the hit TV series “Entourage,” takes on the role of head of Knicks Gaming. Additionally, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal assumes the role of general manager for Kings Guard Gaming, the esports organization associated with the Sacramento Kings. Shaq not only boasts an impressive NBA legacy but also has credibility in the esports world as one of the owners of NRG eSports. The involvement of such high-profile individuals adds a layer of intrigue to the NBA 2K League and further solidifies its place in the realms of professional sports and gaming.

The Future of the NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League is poised to revolutionize the way professional sports and esports merge. With the inaugural season scheduled to kick off in May, fans and players alike are eagerly awaiting the start of this groundbreaking league. The 102 players drafted during this event will sign contracts providing a six-month salary of $35,000 for first-round picks and $32,000 for other players. As a testament to the NBA’s commitment to its players’ well-being, housing, medical insurance, and expenses will be covered, ensuring their comfort and enabling them to focus on their professional gaming careers. Additionally, the NBA 2K League will offer players the opportunity to earn additional income from a $1 million prize pool throughout the season.


1. How many NBA teams are participating in the NBA 2K League?

Seventeen NBA teams decided to be part of the NBA 2K League, paving the way for an exciting blend of professional sports and gaming.

2. Who is expected to be the first pick in the draft?

Artreyo Boyd, known as “Dimez,” from MavsGG, is widely anticipated to be the first overall pick in the NBA 2K League draft.

3. What benefits do the players receive?

Players drafted in the first round will sign six-month contracts with a salary of $35,000, with other players earning $32,000. Housing, medical insurance, and expenses are also provided to players, ensuring their well-being and focus.

4. What role do celebrities play in the NBA 2K League?

Celebrities such as actor Jerry Ferrara and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal hold positions within the front offices of Knicks Gaming and Kings Guard Gaming, respectively, adding star power and generating extra excitement for the league.

5. When does the first season of the NBA 2K League begin?

The inaugural season of the NBA 2K League is set to begin in May and will conclude in August, promising months of exhilarating competition and showcasing the blending of sports and gaming on a grand scale.

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