The Perfect Fit: Why LeBron James Endorses Mark Jackson for the Lakers’ Head Coaching Role

The Search for a New Head Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in need of a new head coach following the recent firing of Frank Vogel. As the team looks to make a change, one name has been prominently discussed: Mark Jackson. However, not all fans are sold on the idea, pointing to his outdated offensive strategies during his time with the Golden State Warriors. It was only after the Warriors replaced Jackson with Steve Kerr that they ultimately secured an NBA championship.

Mark Jackson Emerges as a Leading Contender

The coaching rumor mill is in full swing in Hollywood, with Mark Jackson being the latest name to dominate the discussions. Previously, Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers were hot topics surrounding the Lakers’ coaching vacancy. However, at present, Jackson seems to be the front runner to take on the role.

Exploring Other Contenders

While Jackson may be leading the pack, other notable candidates are also being considered. Nick Nurse from the Toronto Raptors and Juwan Howard from the Michigan Wolverines are on the shortlist, along with assistant coach David Fizdale, who already has familiarity with the team. Fizdale nearly took over when Vogel’s position was in jeopardy in January. However, it is worth noting that if Fizdale were a strong candidate, LeBron James would likely be advocating for him in the media instead of Jackson.

LeBron James Supports Mark Jackson

It is well-known that LeBron James has a significant influence on the Lakers’ decision-making process. Back in the summer of 2019, LeBron lobbied for Ty Lue to replace Luke Walton as head coach. However, Lue’s salary demands led him to accept the Clippers’ coaching position instead. Ultimately, the Lakers hired Vogel, who went on to lead the team to a championship in his first season, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Now, LeBron has publicly expressed his support for Mark Jackson as a potential candidate for the Lakers’ head coaching position. However, as history has shown, James’s preference does not necessarily guarantee that Jackson will be chosen for the role.

A Look at Mark Jackson’s Experience

Mark Jackson had an impressive career as a point guard, playing 17 seasons in the NBA. After his playing days, he transitioned to coaching and took the helm of the Golden State Warriors from 2011 to 2014. During his tenure, he accumulated a respectable 121-109 record. However, Jackson is often considered better suited for rebuilding projects rather than leading a team to a championship. His role in rebuilding the Warriors was critical, but the team ultimately sought out a coach who could guide them to the next level, leading to the hiring of Steve Kerr, who led the team to three NBA titles.

Since his departure from the Warriors, Jackson has primarily worked as a TV analyst, taking a break from coaching for the past eight years.

Quin Snyder’s Disinterest Due to Lakers’ Treatment of Vogel

Another notable candidate, Quin Snyder, the head coach of the Utah Jazz, has distanced himself from the Lakers’ job opening. Snyder’s decision stems from how the Lakers handled the dismissal of Frank Vogel, particularly given that it came just two years after he led the team to a championship. NBA head coaches share a sense of camaraderie, and the treatment of one coach can have a ripple effect on the perception of various coaching positions.

Coaches often become scapegoats for struggling franchises or fall victim to poor decision-making by front offices. In Vogel’s case, he faced a challenging season marred by injuries and the risky acquisition of Russell Westbrook. Despite knowing that his departure was imminent, Vogel maintained professionalism and refrained from publicly criticizing players. Even when the front office and teammates wanted Westbrook to be benched, Vogel remained loyal to his point guard.

While the Lakers’ coaching position may seem desirable on the surface, Snyder understands the potential for drama and the perception of being LeBron James’s puppet coach. For now, Snyder has his sights set on the San Antonio Spurs, potentially replacing the legendary Gregg Popovich upon his retirement. Alternatively, Snyder may choose to remain in Utah, even if the Jazz undergo significant changes at the end of the season.


The search for a new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers has generated significant buzz, with Mark Jackson emerging as the leading contender. While fans and players, most notably LeBron James, have expressed support for Jackson, past history indicates that the decision ultimately rests with the Lakers’ front office.

Other contenders, including Nick Nurse, Juwan Howard, and David Fizdale, remain in the conversation. However, the Lakers’ coaching position may have lost some appeal due to concerns about the treatment of Frank Vogel and the potential for dramatic narratives surrounding LeBron James.

It remains to be seen who will take the helm of the Lakers and lead the team in their pursuit of another championship. As the decision unfolds, NBA fans and pundits eagerly await the outcome.


1. How long did Mark Jackson coach the Golden State Warriors?

Mark Jackson served as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors for almost three seasons, from 2011 to 2014.

2. Did Mark Jackson win an NBA championship as a coach?

No, Mark Jackson did not win an NBA championship as a coach. The Warriors achieved their championship success after Steve Kerr took over as head coach.

3. What other candidates are being considered for the Lakers’ coaching job?

Apart from Mark Jackson, other notable candidates include Nick Nurse, the head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Juwan Howard from the Michigan Wolverines, and assistant coach David Fizdale.

4. Why did Quin Snyder distance himself from the Lakers job?

Quin Snyder expressed disinterest in the Lakers’ coaching position due to concerns about the team’s treatment of former coach Frank Vogel and a desire to avoid potential drama associated with being perceived as LeBron James’s puppet coach.

5. What is Quin Snyder’s future coaching aspirations?

Quin Snyder has shown interest in potentially replacing Gregg Popovich as the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, either upon Popovich’s retirement or as a long-term career move. However, he may also choose to remain with the Utah Jazz, even amidst potential changes to the team’s lineup.

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