The Resilience of Sofia Goggia: Reigniting the Flames of Victory in the Women’s Downhill Odds

Sofia Goggia Overcomes Injury to Compete for Gold in Women’s Downhill

On January 23rd, Italian skier Sofia Goggia experienced a devastating crash during a World Cup super-G race at Cortina d’Ampezzo, raising concerns about her participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics. However, Goggia, displaying incredible resilience, has managed to recover from her injuries and is now set to compete in the women’s downhill event on Tuesday. As the clear favorite to win the gold medal, Goggia aims to replicate her success from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang where she claimed the top spot in the women’s downhill competition.

Overcoming Adversity: Goggia’s Determination

Despite facing the daunting challenges brought on by her crash, Goggia’s unwavering determination and unwavering spirit have propelled her forward. Her participation in the Winter Olympics alone is a testament to her remarkable recovery and perseverance. Following the incident, Goggia expressed her disappointment but remained optimistic, stating, “It’s not a break that I needed in such an important time of the season but I’m already going to start physical therapy in the coming hours, with the aim of trying to defend the Olympic title in the event that I love most.”

Although Goggia decided to forego participating in the super-G competition on Friday, she demonstrated her readiness by successfully completing a training run on the challenging downhill course the following day. This achievement further strengthened her belief in a strong performance during the women’s downhill event.

Rivals and Contenders: Shiffrin’s Debut in Olympic Downhill

While Goggia remains the frontrunner, American skier Mikaela Shiffrin will also be vying for a top position in the women’s downhill. Shiffrin, renowned for her exceptional performance in slalom and giant slalom disciplines, is making her Olympic downhill debut. Despite a disappointing start to the Games, Shiffrin’s determination and previous Olympic success make her a formidable contender.

Odds and Predictions

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, Goggia is currently listed as the favorite with +225 odds to secure another Olympic gold medal in Beijing. Close on her heels are Swiss skiers Lara Gut-Behrami (+300) and Corinne Suter (+450), both expected to provide stiff competition. German skier Kira Weidle (+700) is another strong contender, as indicated by the promising odds offered by DraftKings.

Shiffrin’s Uphill Battle and Practice Progress

Historically, downhill has been Shiffrin’s weakest event, lacking a World Championship or Olympic medal. However, after an encouraging practice run, Shiffrin believes she has a chance to make her mark on Tuesday’s race. Reflecting on her performance, she stated, “My times are pretty good. I felt confident on my skis. I feel like I know where I am on the course, and those pieces are all pretty good. It’s just important that I take any practice that I can get.”

The Role of Practice Runs

Impressively, during the final practice session, Switzerland’s Joana Hahlen (+2200) demonstrated her skills by recording the fastest training run. Although practice times can provide insights, the primary purpose for top contenders is to familiarize themselves with the course and find their rhythm rather than solely chase impressive times.


The women’s downhill event at the 2022 Winter Olympics promises to be an exhilarating and fiercely competitive spectacle. Sofia Goggia’s remarkable recovery from a devastating crash, combined with her status as the favorite, adds an element of excitement to her anticipated performance. However, Mikaela Shiffrin and other strong contenders are poised to challenge Goggia for the top spot on the podium. As fans eagerly await the outcome, it is undeniably a thrilling time for the world of downhill skiing.


1. Will Sofia Goggia’s previous Olympic experience give her an advantage in the women’s downhill event?

While experience is valuable, each competition presents unique challenges. Goggia’s past success certainly showcases her skill and mental fortitude, but ultimately, her performance on race day will determine her chances of securing another gold medal.

2. Has Mikaela Shiffrin ever won a downhill medal in a major championship?

As of now, Shiffrin has not won a downhill medal in either a World Championship or an Olympic Games. However, her prowess in other disciplines and her tenacity make her a compelling contender in the women’s downhill event.

3. Who are the underdogs to watch out for in the women’s downhill competition?

While the focus often falls on the favorites, there are always underdogs who can surprise viewers with their remarkable performances. Keep an eye on skiers like Joana Hahlen from Switzerland, who showcased her potential with an impressive training run.

4. What factors contribute to a skier’s success in downhill skiing?

Success in downhill skiing depends on a combination of factors, including technical skills, physical fitness, mental preparedness, familiarity with the course, and weather conditions. The ability to maintain speed while navigating challenging turns and terrain is crucial for securing a top position.

5. How do odds influence the predictions for the women’s downhill event?

Bookmakers determine odds based on multiple factors such as previous performances, current form, track records, and expert analysis. These odds help provide insights into the perceived likelihood of a skier winning the event but should not be considered definitive predictions.

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