The Rise of Sports NFTs: Dapper Expands Marketplaces for UFC Strike and NFL All Day Collectibles

Sports NFT Marketplaces Expand: UFC Strike and NFL All Day Join Dapper Labs’ Arsenal

Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot, has recently introduced two new marketplaces for sports NFTs: UFC Strike and NFL All Day. These platforms offer collectors additional opportunities to buy and sell licensed collectibles in the exciting world of digital sports memorabilia. With the launch of UFC Strike and NFL All Day, Dapper Labs solidifies its position as a key player in the sports NFT landscape.

Dapper Labs Revolutionizes Sports NFTs

Although each of Dapper Labs’ NFT platforms puts a unique twist on the sports memorabilia marketplace, they all share some essential characteristics. These platforms present collectors with video “moments” of varying rarity, which can be obtained through regular pack drops. Dapper’s emphasis on video packages has allowed them to stand out in the competitive NFT market, capturing the attention and fascination of sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Ups and Downs of Marketplace Launches

While the launches of UFC Strike and NFL All Day marketplaces were highly anticipated, they were not without their challenges. Dapper Labs encountered some technical difficulties, resulting in intermittent interruptions to the listing and purchasing functionalities of these platforms. Understandably, this left collectors frustrated and bewildered, as it hindered their ability to gauge the true value of moments, capitalize on favorable deals, or gain insights into the market’s trends.

However, Dapper Labs swiftly addressed most of these issues. The UFC Strike marketplace was successfully launched on Thursday, February 17, followed by the NFL All Day marketplace on Tuesday, February 22. By the night of February 23, both platforms seemed to be operating relatively smoothly, allowing the market to establish prices for moments of all sizes and significance.

The Market Sets Prices for Moments

With the stabilization of the marketplaces, collectors now have a clearer idea of the value of their NFT moments. While more affordable UFC Strike “Contender” moments can be acquired for as little as $5, the first-ever “Champion” moments, limited to just 75 copies each, have already fetched four-figure prices. For instance, a Francis Ngannou moment sold for an impressive $9,999 on the marketplace.

Over at NFL All Day, the highest-valued Legendary moments are also garnering significant attention and commanding substantial prices. Notably, a Joe Burrow moment with a serial number of 2, one of only 59 copies in existence, recently sold for an astounding $10,000. Several other moments are approaching similar price ranges, demonstrating the demand for exclusive and scarce collectibles.

Even Common Moments Can Hold Great Value

Surprisingly, even seemingly common moments can carry considerable value. For instance, Tom Brady’s debut moment, boasting a mint count of 10,000, is currently selling for approximately $450. Moments featuring players like Burrow and Josh Allen have also surpassed the $200 mark, showcasing the enduring allure of these digital collectibles.

Expanding the Universe of Sports NFTs

With the introduction of UFC Strike and NFL All Day, a growing number of users are joining the Dapper ecosystem, further embracing the innovative potential of NFTs and the underlying Flow blockchain technology.

Mik Naayem, co-founder of Dapper Labs, expresses excitement about the increasing adoption and engagement of new users. Naayem states, “It’s really reinforcing this idea that Dapper can create products that bring new audiences into the NFT space, and then they can go down the rabbit hole. We’re really excited about that.”

Unlocking New Possibilities and Rewards

One of the elements that has greatly contributed to the success of NBA Top Shot is the inclusion of regular challenges, which allow collectors to use their existing moments to earn additional rewards. While NFL All Day has not yet implemented this feature, Dapper Labs has already announced the introduction of the first “Fandom” tier reward for UFC Strike.

Collectors who make a net spend of at least $500 (purchases minus sales) by February 28 will be rewarded with an exclusive Israel Adesanya moment. This limited edition moment will commemorate Adesanya’s momentous victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 243 in 2019, providing collectors with a unique and highly sought-after addition to their collections.


The recent launch of UFC Strike and NFL All Day marketplaces by Dapper Labs has expanded the realm of sports NFTs, offering collectors fresh and exciting opportunities to engage with their favorite sports franchises and athletes. As Dapper Labs continues to innovate within the NFT landscape, their success in attracting new users and creating a vibrant marketplace for digital collectibles is evident. With ever-increasing interest and participation in the world of sports NFTs, the future looks promising for Dapper Labs and its growing community of sports memorabilia enthusiasts.


1. Can I buy and sell NFTs on UFC Strike and NFL All Day marketplaces?

Yes, both UFC Strike and NFL All Day marketplaces allow users to buy and sell NFTs, providing collectors with a platform to engage in trading and expand their digital sports memorabilia collections.

2. What are the different tiers of moments available on these marketplaces?

Both UFC Strike and NFL All Day offer moments of various tiers, ranging from common to legendary. Higher-tier moments tend to be more exclusive and limited in quantity, making them highly sought after by collectors.

3. Will there be regular challenges on NFL All Day like NBA Top Shot?

While regular challenges have not yet been introduced on NFL All Day, Dapper Labs may consider implementing them in the future to enhance the engagement and rewards available to collectors.

4. How can I earn the first “Fandom” tier reward on UFC Strike?

To earn the first “Fandom” tier reward on UFC Strike, collectors need to make a net spend of at least $500 (purchases minus sales) by the deadline of February 28. This exclusive reward will commemorate Israel Adesanya’s memorable victory at UFC 243 in 2019.

5. What makes Dapper Labs’ NFT platforms stand out from the competition?

Dapper Labs’ NFT platforms, such as UFC Strike, NFL All Day, and NBA Top Shot, differentiate themselves by offering video “moments” of various rarities. These captivating video packages have successfully captivated collectors and sports enthusiasts, setting Dapper Labs apart in the competitive NFT market.

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