The Surprising Shake-Up: Miami Dolphins Part Ways with Head Coach Brian Flores Despite a Successful Season

Shocking Decision: Miami Dolphins Fire Brian Flores Despite Winning Seasons

A Surprising Development on Black Monday

In a surprising turn of events, the Miami Dolphins have decided to part ways with their head coach, Brian Flores, after three seasons. This decision came as a shock, especially considering the team’s back-to-back winning seasons. Flores was just one of three head coaches to be fired on Black Monday, which is the first day after the regular season ends and teams start planning for the next season. The unexpected nature of this move has left fans and analysts perplexed and wondering about the motives behind this decision.

Owner Stephen Ross Explains the Decision

The decision to fire Flores was made by team owner Stephen Ross, who announced it on Monday morning. Ross cited the evaluation of the organization’s current state and the need for improvement as the primary reasons for this drastic step. Despite an impressive young roster and a winning record, Ross felt that certain dynamics within the football organization were not functioning at the level he desired. Consequently, he believed that parting ways with Flores was in the best interest of the Miami Dolphins as they aim for a stronger performance in the upcoming 2022 season.

Flores’ Record and the Team’s Recent Progress

During his tenure with the Dolphins, Brian Flores accumulated a respectable record of 24 wins and 25 losses. Notably, the team achieved a 10-6 record last season and narrowly missed out on a playoff spot. This season, the Dolphins posted a commendable 9-8 record despite facing several challenges along the way. However, even with another winning season under his belt, Flores was still let go by Ross. It is worth mentioning that Ross decided to retain general manager Chris Grier, signaling a different line of decision-making within the organization.

A History of Coaching Carousel

The Miami Dolphins have developed a reputation for constantly rotating their head coaches over the past two decades. Since their last playoff victory in the year 2000, they have seen numerous head coaches come and go. Brian Flores joins the ranks of notable figures such as Nick Saban, Tony Sparano, Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin, Dan Campbell, and Adam Gase, who have all experienced the demanding and uncertain nature of coaching the Dolphins. This coaching carousel has undoubtedly contributed to the team’s struggle to find stability and long-term success.

Jim Harbaugh’s Potential NFL Return

A Familiar Face Considered for the Dolphins Head Coach Position

With Brian Flores’ departure, speculation has emerged surrounding potential candidates to fill the vacant head coach position. One name that has been floating around is Jim Harbaugh, the current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Harbaugh has reportedly mentioned to his players that he would contemplate returning to the NFL next season, and rumors have already linked him to the Chicago Bears’ head coach position. However, team owner Stephen Ross, a devoted graduate of the University of Michigan, has made it clear that he will not be the one to lure Harbaugh away from his alma mater.

Potential Candidates for the Dolphins Head Coach Position

While Jim Harbaugh may not be in the cards for the Miami Dolphins, there are several other experienced coaches under consideration. Among them are Jim Caldwell, Jay Gruden, Bill O’Brien, and Jason Garrett, all of whom have previous head coaching experience in the NFL. Additionally, the team intends to explore potential candidates from offensive coordinator roles, including Eric Bienemy from the Kansas City Chiefs, Byron Leftwich from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kellen Moore from the Dallas Cowboys. The Dolphins are leaving no stone unturned in their search for the ideal leader to guide the team going forward.

Affected Coaches on the Market

The firing of Vic Fangio as head coach of the Denver Broncos has added another intriguing name to the pool of available coaching talent. Fangio, a defensive-minded coach, is now seeking a new opportunity in the NFL after his departure from Denver. His experience and expertise could make him an attractive option for teams, including the Miami Dolphins, looking to bolster their coaching staff.

Deshaun Watson’s Potential Move to Miami

Rumors of a Trade for Deshaun Watson Persist

One of the most talked-about topics involving the Miami Dolphins is the possibility of securing the services of star quarterback Deshaun Watson through a trade with the Houston Texans. Watson, a proven All-Pro quarterback, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Texans and even sat out the entire season. Despite the Dolphins reportedly presenting an enticing offer, the Texans chose not to part ways with Watson during the regular season. However, legal issues related to allegations against Watson for inappropriate behavior with masseuses still loom over his future, adding an additional layer of complexity to any potential trade.

Impact on the New Head Coach

Should the Dolphins successfully acquire Deshaun Watson, their new head coach would inherit a highly talented quarterback. Watson’s presence would undoubtedly shape the offensive strategy and require the new coach to build around his exceptional skills. On the other hand, if the trade does not materialize, the head coach will face the challenge of maximizing the potential of current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and leading an offense that revolves around his skill set. Whether it’s Watson or Tagovailoa, the Dolphins’ new head coach will have a critical role in developing and optimizing the team’s offensive capabilities.


In a surprising move, the Miami Dolphins have decided to part ways with head coach Brian Flores, despite his back-to-back winning seasons. Team owner Stephen Ross expressed the need for improvement within the organization as the primary reason for this decision. The Dolphins now find themselves in search of a new head coach who can lead the team to further success. Various experienced candidates, including former head coaches and current offensive coordinators, are under consideration. Additionally, the potential acquisition of Deshaun Watson through a trade with the Houston Texans adds an intriguing storyline to the Dolphins’ offseason. As the team navigates these significant changes, the future of the Miami Dolphins hangs in the balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did the Miami Dolphins fire Brian Flores despite winning seasons?

The decision to part ways with Brian Flores was driven by team owner Stephen Ross’s evaluation of the organization’s dynamics and the desire for improvement. Despite Flores’ success, Ross felt that certain elements within the team were not functioning at the desired level.

2. Who are some potential candidates for the Dolphins’ head coach position?

Jim Caldwell, Jay Gruden, Bill O’Brien, and Jason Garrett are among the experienced coaches being considered for the head coach position. The team is also exploring offensive coordinators from successful NFL teams, including Eric Bienemy, Byron Leftwich, and Kellen Moore.

3. Is Jim Harbaugh a candidate for the Dolphins’ head coach position?

Although rumors have linked Jim Harbaugh to potential NFL head coaching vacancies, team owner Stephen Ross, a devoted University of Michigan graduate, has made it clear that he will not be the one to lure Harbaugh away from the Wolverines.

4. What impact does Deshaun Watson’s potential trade have on the Dolphins?

If the Dolphins successfully acquire Deshaun Watson, their new head coach would have a highly talented quarterback at their disposal, influencing the team’s offensive strategy. However, if the trade does not happen, the coach will need to work with current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and build an offense around his unique skill set.

5. How many head coaches have the Dolphins had since their last playoff victory?

The Miami Dolphins have had ten head coaches since their last playoff victory in 2000. The constant turnover in coaching positions has contributed to the team’s struggle to find stability and long-term success.

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