The Thrilling Race to Glory: Carlsen Inches Closer to Retaining World Chess Championship Title

The Exciting Conclusion of the World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship is nearing its thrilling conclusion as Magnus Carlsen, the reigning champion, is on the brink of defending his title. If Carlsen manages to defeat challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi with the Black pieces in Game 11, the championship will be his once again. Carlsen currently holds a commanding lead of 6.5-3.5 over Nepomniachtchi after 10 intense games. After a rest day on Thursday, the players are prepared to resume their battle.

Nepomniachtchi’s Strategy to Stabilize the Match

In Game 10, Carlsen had the advantage of playing with the White pieces. Many expected him to capitalize on this advantage and put pressure on Nepomniachtchi, who had recently suffered two consecutive losses. However, the Russian challenger had a different approach in mind. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, Nepomniachtchi played a safe line in the Petroff Defense, aiming to stabilize the match.

Nepomniachtchi explained his strategy, saying, “Playing as Black, you don’t have such a big choice. If you play a sharp opening like the Sicilian, White can easily shut it down. That’s not realistic. I still have a few white pieces remaining, a few tries in the remaining four games. The outcome will depend on what I produce in the 11th game. But today, my goal was to play a normal game and avoid blunders.”

Nepomniachtchi successfully achieved his goal in Game 10. He played solidly throughout the game, and after 41 moves, both players agreed to a draw. Carlsen believed that he had a slight edge at certain points, but he chose to avoid sharp lines to prevent any surprises from his challenger.

Carlsen’s Opportunity for Victory

The odds are in Carlsen’s favor to secure the championship in Game 11. Bookmaker Unibet lists Carlsen as a +230 favorite to win the game with the Black pieces. If he succeeds, he will clinch the World Chess Championship title. While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s a realistic possibility. Nepomniachtchi, on the other hand, is determined to go all out for a win playing with the White pieces, making a draw (-155) less likely and potentially risking another loss.

The Remaining Match and Expectations

Unibet does not currently offer a market for the overall match winner, but handicap betting is still available. Carlsen, as the reigning champion, is posted as a 3.5-game favorite (-112) over Nepomniachtchi (-120). This suggests an expectation that Carlsen will secure at least one more win before reaching the required 7.5 points to claim victory in the World Chess Championship.

Nepomniachtchi faces an uphill battle to prolong the match and keep his hopes alive. When asked how he would change things if given the chance to start over, he simply replied, “I guess I would lose less and win more.” It remains to be seen whether he can turn the tide and mount a comeback against the formidable Carlsen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the current score in the World Chess Championship?

The current score in the World Chess Championship is 6.5-3.5 in favor of Magnus Carlsen, the reigning champion.

2. What does Ian Nepomniachtchi need to do to turn the match around?

To turn the match around, Nepomniachtchi needs to secure more wins in the remaining games and reduce his losses. He must score at least 3.5 points out of the remaining 4 games to keep his chances alive.

3. Can Magnus Carlsen clinch the championship in Game 11?

Yes, if Magnus Carlsen wins Game 11, he will clinch the World Chess Championship title.

4. What are the odds of Nepomniachtchi winning Game 11?

The odds of Ian Nepomniachtchi winning Game 11 are listed as +520 by bookmaker Unibet.

5. How many points are required to win the World Chess Championship?

A total of 7.5 points are needed to secure victory in the World Chess Championship.


The World Chess Championship is reaching its thrilling climax as Magnus Carlsen inches closer to defending his title. Ian Nepomniachtchi is fighting to stay in the match, but Carlsen has the advantage and the opportunity to secure victory in Game 11. The intense battle between these two exceptional chess players has captivated fans around the world. Only time will tell if Carlsen can finish off the championship or if Nepomniachtchi can mount an incredible comeback. The chess world eagerly awaits the outcome.

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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