The Ultimate Clash: Battle Between Chess Titans Carlsen and Caruana in Chessable Masters Quarterfinals

Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri Lead the Chessable Masters Quarterfinals

The Chessable Masters, part of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, has reached an exciting stage as the quarterfinals approach. This online chess tournament, organized by the World Champion Magnus Carlsen, has attracted top-tier grandmasters from around the world. After intense double round-robin play in two groups, the top four players from each group have advanced to the next stage. Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri emerged as group leaders, displaying exceptional skills and tactical prowess.

Group Stage Results

In Group A, Magnus Carlsen fought back from a slow start to secure first place alongside Vladislav Artemiev. Both players ended with six points from their ten games, but Carlsen’s superior tiebreakers earned him the top seed. The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge winner, Daniil Dubov, unfortunately did not make it to the quarterfinals. Hikaru Nakamura and Alexander Grischuk clinched the remaining spots on tiebreakers, leaving Dubov and Pentala Harikrishna behind.

Group B saw Anish Giri dominate with six points, narrowly edging out Ding Liren and Ian Nepomniachtchi, who finished with 5.5 points each. Fabiano Caruana secured the final spot with five points, just half a point ahead of Teimour Radjabov. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave finished at the bottom of the group with 3.5 points.

These results have set the stage for thrilling quarterfinal matchups, including a highly-anticipated rematch between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. The two recently faced off in the Clutch Chess International, where Carlsen emerged victorious once again. Additionally, fans can look forward to a showdown between Hikaru Nakamura and Ding Liren, two favorites in the Chessable Masters tournament. The bottom half of the bracket guarantees a first-time finalist in the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour.

Outlook and Odds

Despite the strong competition, Magnus Carlsen remains the clear favorite to win the Chessable Masters. Online bookmaker Bwin lists him with overwhelming -112 odds to claim the championship. However, Nakamura, Nepomniachtchi, and Artemiev are not far behind, with odds ranging from +600 to +800. Ding Liren, Caruana, Grischuk, and Giri also have their eyes on the title, making it a truly open and unpredictable tournament.

Knockout Rounds: A Battle for the Final Four

The Chessable Masters now moves into the knockout rounds, introducing an exciting best-of-three match format. Similar to a tennis match with three sets, players will compete in a series of four games, followed by an Armageddon tiebreaker if necessary. The first player to win two matches will progress to the next round, adding intensity and drama to the games.

This format offers stronger players ample opportunity to showcase their skills and outperform their opponents. However, the nature of knockout games means that surprises and upsets are still possible, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. One of the closest quarterfinal matchups is expected to be between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Vladislav Artemiev. While Nepomniachtchi is ranked higher in classical chess, their rapid play performances are evenly matched, making the outcome uncertain.

Quarterfinal Matchups and Odds

The quarterfinal matchups promise thrilling battles between elite chess players, each vying for a spot in the semifinals. Here are the matchups and their respective odds according to Bwin:

– Magnus Carlsen (-500) vs. Fabiano Caruana (+320)
– Vladislav Artemiev (+100) vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi (-134)
– Hikaru Nakamura (-182) vs. Ding Liren (+135)
– Alexander Grischuk (-200) vs. Anish Giri (+145)

Fans can expect intense clashes as these players bring their strategic prowess to the forefront.

The Road to the Championship

The Chessable Masters is scheduled to conclude by July 5, with the final taking place on July 3. A total of $150,000 in prize money is up for grabs, with the winner walking away with a significant $45,000. As the tournament progresses, chess enthusiasts eagerly follow every move and tactical decision made by these world-class players.


The Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour’s Chessable Masters has reached an exciting stage with the quarterfinals. Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri displayed their exceptional skills to lead their respective groups, setting the stage for captivating battles. As the knockout rounds commence, the intensity will rise as players compete in a best-of-three match format. With Magnus Carlsen as the favorite, the tournament remains wide open, offering thrilling encounters and potential upsets. Chess enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy the battles and strategic maneuvers as the road to the championship unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Magnus Carlsen?

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster and the reigning World Chess Champion. He is known for his exceptional understanding of the game and his remarkable strategic skills.

2. How does the knockout format work in the Chessable Masters?

In the knockout rounds, players compete in a best-of-three match format. Each match consists of four games, and if necessary, an Armageddon tiebreaker. The first player to win two matches advances to the next round.

3. What are the odds for the Chessable Masters?

According to Bwin, Magnus Carlsen is the overwhelming favorite, with odds of -112 to win the tournament. However, players like Hikaru Nakamura, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and Vladislav Artemiev are also strong contenders, with odds ranging from +600 to +800.

4. When will the Chessable Masters conclude?

The Chessable Masters is set to conclude on July 5, with the final taking place on July 3. The tournament has attracted top-tier grandmasters competing for a total prize pool of $150,000.

5. What is the format of the quarterfinals in the Chessable Masters?

The quarterfinals of the Chessable Masters feature intense matchups between the top players. The matches are played in a best-of-three format, with each match consisting of four games. In case of a tie, an Armageddon tiebreaker will determine the winner and advancement to the next round.

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