The Ultimate Flyweight Showdown: Analyzing Moreno Figueiredo’s Chances in the UFC 270 Trilogy Bout

The Highly Anticipated Rematch: Moreno vs. Figueiredo at UFC 270

Brandon Moreno emerged victorious in his thrilling encounter with Deiveson Figueiredo, as he secured a submission victory in the third round during their remarkable clash at UFC 263 in June 2021. This triumph earned him the esteemed UFC flyweight championship. However, Moreno’s journey doesn’t end there, as he will now put his hard-earned crown on the line in an eagerly awaited rematch against former champion Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 270. The outcome of this bout will determine whether Moreno can successfully defend his title.

The Clash of Resilience: Figueiredo’s Chance at Redemption

Deiveson Figueiredo, with an impressive professional record of 20 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, finds himself facing Moreno once again, making this their third encounter inside the Octagon. Their initial clash took place at UFC 256 in December 2020 when Moreno initially challenged Figueiredo for the flyweight championship. Despite Figueiredo losing a point in the third round due to a groin strike, the bout concluded as a majority draw, resulting in a demand for a rematch.

The highly anticipated rematch occurred in June 2021. While Figueiredo demonstrated control during their first battle, Moreno dominated the second encounter, eventually achieving victory through a third-round submission. Figueiredo, the 2020 Fighter of the Year, enters this trilogy bout with a newfound determination, vowing to bring significant changes to his approach.

Figueiredo expressed his transformation, stating, “I’m going to be completely different… It will be like there is a different guy in this body. We worked a lot on wrestling, and you’ll see that. I’m stronger, more explosive. I’m just different.” The former champion recognizes the need to adapt his strategy and unleash a transformed version of himself to reclaim his status as the flyweight division’s premier fighter.

Moreno’s Steadfastness: The Confidence to Embrace Familiarity

Brandon Moreno, on the other hand, possesses a sense of certainty that he does not need to make significant alterations to secure another victory over Figueiredo. During an interview with Yahoo’s Kevin Iole, Moreno explained, “With those kinds of fights, it’s hard to try to find something new to fix… So my focus on my mindset for this training camp was like hey, man, so you need to be ready again. So I put that double effort into my strength and conditioning.”

Moreno recognizes the importance of maintaining his mental and physical preparation for this high-stakes encounter. His belief in consistency and dedication to honing his skills allows him to approach this rematch with confidence and a sense of familiarity, aiming to recreate his previous success.

The Odds and Expectations

Oddsmakers have assigned Moreno as the clear favorite following his dominant performance in their last fight. The odds provided by DraftKings Sportsbook portray Moreno as the -180 pick to emerge triumphant on Saturday night, with Figueiredo described as the +155 underdog.

However, Figueiredo cannot be underestimated. As a live underdog, the former champion has previously showcased his superiority in both striking and grappling against numerous opponents. Nonetheless, Moreno’s exceptional performance in their previous encounter, where he had little trouble overpowering Figueiredo, suggests that history may repeat itself unless significant changes occur.

Method of Victory Odds

  • Moreno by KO/TKO: +450
  • Figueiredo by KO/TKO: +550
  • Moreno by Submission: +275
  • Figueiredo by Submission: +900
  • Moreno by Decision: +215
  • Figueiredo by Decision: +350
  • Draw: +5000

These odds reflect the various potential outcomes for this fiercely contested fight. Moreno is inclined to secure a decisive victory once again, enabling him to shift his focus toward facing other worthy contenders in future title defenses. In a resolute fashion, Moreno shared his aspirations, stating, “I’m really prepared for another war if it’s necessary. But the goal is to finish this guy and don’t see his face again because I’m sick of this guy… I just want to finish this guy again and turn the page to the other contender.”

In Conclusion

The rematch between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 270 is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated events in recent UFC history. Moreno’s previous win has thrust him into the spotlight as the reigning flyweight champion, while Figueiredo aims to reclaim his former glory. Both fighters bring unique strengths and strategies to the Octagon, resulting in a clash that promises excitement, skill, and relentless determination.


1. How Many Times Have Moreno and Figueiredo Fought Before?

Moreno and Figueiredo have fought twice before their upcoming rematch at UFC 270. Their initial bout ended in a majority draw at UFC 256, while their second encounter saw Moreno emerge victorious with a third-round submission at UFC 263.

2. Will This Be the Final Fight Between Moreno and Figueiredo?

While their trilogy bout at UFC 270 will mark the third time these fighters meet inside the Octagon, the outcome of the fight will determine the future of their rivalry. Depending on the result, there may be the potential for further rematches or the opportunity for both fighters to pursue new challenges within the flyweight division.

3. How Has Figueiredo Prepared Differently for the Third Fight?

Figueiredo has expressed his commitment to change his approach for the third fight against Moreno. He emphasized that he has focused on wrestling and has undergone considerable strength and conditioning training to enhance his explosiveness and overall performance.

4. What Are the Odds of Moreno Winning by KO/TKO?

The odds of Moreno winning by KO/TKO are listed at +450. This suggests a significant potential for Moreno to secure a victory through knockout or technical knockout if he can effectively capitalize on his striking abilities.

5. What’s at Stake for Moreno if He Wins?

If Moreno emerges triumphant at UFC 270, he will solidify his position as the flyweight champion and successfully defend his title. This accomplishment would enable him to move forward and face other contenders, further solidifying his reputation as one of the division’s most formidable fighters.

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