The Unfortunate Twist: Curtis Blaydes Secures Victory as Aspinall Succumbs to Early Injury

Curtis Blaydes Defeats Tom Aspinall Despite Injury


In the main event of UFC Fight Night 208, Curtis Blaydes emerged victorious over Tom Aspinall. However, his win was overshadowed by an injury that occurred just seconds into the fight. Blaydes expressed his frustration despite securing the win and discussed his plans for the future.

Aspinall’s Early Injury

Tom Aspinall suffered a right knee injury just 15 seconds into the fight, abruptly ending what was expected to be an exciting match. Unfortunately for Aspinall, his perfect 5-0 record in the UFC came to an unfortunate halt.

Blaydes Wins via Injury TKO

Curtis Blaydes was declared the winner by injury TKO, marking the second consecutive UFC main event to end due to injury. Brian Ortega’s shoulder dislocation in a previous fight with Yair Rodriguez had also forced an early conclusion.

Blaydes’ Frustration and Reflection

Although Blaydes secured the victory, he expressed frustration and disappointment in the nature of the win. He acknowledged the benefits that come with a win, such as maintaining his ranking and earning money. However, without a highlight-reel performance, he pondered whether the win held as much significance.

The Plan Moving Forward

Despite the unsatisfying win, Blaydes remains focused on his future in the UFC. He has no intentions of granting a rematch to Aspinall, as it could potentially jeopardize his ranking. Blaydes had envisioned facing the winner of the Tai Tuivasa and Ciryl Gane matchup, and he doesn’t want to miss out on that opportunity by waiting for Aspinall to recover.

Henry Cejudo’s Return and Featherweight Ambitions

Cejudo’s Comeback and Ambitious Goal

Henry Cejudo, a former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion, has announced his comeback from retirement with a remarkable goal in mind. He aims to become the first fighter in UFC history to claim a third title by challenging Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight crown.

The Uncertain Path Ahead

While Cejudo’s ambition may be admirable, it remains uncertain whether the UFC will grant him an immediate shot at Volkanovski. Cejudo’s last fight was in May 2020, when he announced his retirement after defeating Dominick Cruz. His prolonged absence from the octagon may complicate his quest for a title opportunity.

Cejudo Willing to Drop Weight Class for a Chance

Although Cejudo is willing to fight in the bantamweight division, he is primarily interested in doing so if it brings him closer to his ultimate goal of challenging Volkanovski. He firmly believes that the current contenders in the featherweight division are not on his level and sees a drop in weight as a strategic move to secure another title shot.

Dana White’s Contender Series Makes a Return

The Excitement of Dana White’s Contender Series

Tuesday marked the beginning of the sixth season of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS). This popular event showcases aspiring fighters as they aim to impress Dana White and secure contracts with the UFC. With ten episodes in this season, the stakes are high for these prospective fighters.

Unfortunate Cancellation

The first card of the season was originally scheduled to feature five bouts. However, one bantamweight fight between Farid Basharat and Willian Souza was canceled due to Souza’s failure to make weight. Souza weighed in at 146 pounds, which exceeded the maximum limit of 136 pounds for non-title fights.

An Evening with Four Bouts

As a result of the fight cancellation, the show proceeded with only four bouts for the evening. Among them, the middleweight contest between Ozzy Diaz and Joe Pyfar garnered significant attention and had closely competitive odds.


In conclusion, Curtis Blaydes secured an important victory over Tom Aspinall despite the disappointing circumstances surrounding the fight’s premature ending. Henry Cejudo’s return from retirement and his ambition to win a third UFC title added excitement to the competitive landscape. Lastly, Dana White’s Contender Series returned for its sixth season, providing a platform for aspiring fighters to showcase their talents and earn UFC contracts.


1. Will Tom Aspinall receive a rematch with Curtis Blaydes?

No, Curtis Blaydes has chosen not to grant Tom Aspinall a rematch to protect his ranking and pursue other opportunities in the division.

2. How long has Henry Cejudo been retired?

Henry Cejudo retired in May 2020 after his victory over Dominick Cruz at UFC 249, making his absence from the octagon over a year long.

3. Can Henry Cejudo drop down to bantamweight again?

Yes, Henry Cejudo is willing to fight at bantamweight if it brings him closer to his desired matchup against Alexander Volkanovski.

4. Are there any age restrictions for fighters in Dana White’s Contender Series?

While there are no specific age restrictions, the focus of the series is on showcasing the skills and potential of up-and-coming fighters. Age is less crucial compared to their aptitude in the octagon.

5. How do fighters secure contracts through Dana White’s Contender Series?

Fighters participating in Dana White’s Contender Series must impress Dana White and UFC officials with their performances. If they stand out and display promising skills, they are awarded contracts to compete in the UFC.

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