Thrilling Upset: Matthew Cleveland’s Buzzer-Beater Shocks UVA in FSU Victory (VIDEO)

March Madness: FSU’s Buzzer Beater Upsets Virginia in Dramatic Fashion

In a thrilling college basketball matchup, Florida State (FSU) secured a stunning victory over Virginia with a last-second buzzer beater. The game, held at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, saw FSU’s freshman, Matthew Cleveland, deliver the jaw-dropping three-point shot to seal a 64-63 win for FSU.

The Heroic Shot by Matthew Cleveland

With just one second remaining on the clock, Matthew Cleveland became the center of attention as he received an inbound pass and confidently sunk a three-point shot. The crowd erupted in jubilation as Cleveland’s shot secured a remarkable victory for FSU.

Cleveland’s impressive performance did not end with the game-winning shot. He finished the game as the top scorer for FSU, tallying 20 points. Only one other player from FSU managed to enter double digits in points, highlighting Cleveland’s essential contribution to the team’s success. His shooting accuracy was noteworthy, going 8-for-14 from the floor and 1-for-2 from beyond the arc.

A Comeback for the Ages

FSU faced a significant challenge in the second half, trailing behind Virginia by as much as 11 points. However, Virginia’s shooting efficiency waned, allowing FSU to gradually narrow the gap and regain momentum. Virginia struggled greatly in the second half, shooting 9-for-32 from the floor and failing to connect on any of their eight attempts from beyond the arc.

Despite their late-game struggles, Virginia still held a 61-59 lead with just six seconds remaining. However, FSU’s Cleveland swiftly took charge, scoring seven crucial points during an 11-2 run that tied the game at 61-61. In the final seconds, Armaan Franklin from Virginia managed to hit a jump shot, giving Virginia a slight advantage of 63-61.

The Game-Winning Heroics

With one second left on the clock, FSU called a timeout to strategize and prepare for the crucial inbounds play. FSU’s plan worked to perfection as Cleveland found himself open near the opposing UVA logo past midcourt. Harrison Prieto delivered an accurate and well-timed pass to Cleveland, who took an off-balance shot. Surprisingly, the ball swished through the net, securing the victory for FSU and causing a major upset. Remarkably, FSU entered the game as a +9 underdog in this ACC Conference matchup.

If you haven’t witnessed this incredible buzzer beater yet, check out the video of Matthew Cleveland’s heroic shot below:

Matthew Cleveland: A Rising Star

Matthew Cleveland, a talented 6-foot-7 freshman guard from Atlanta, proved his worth throughout the nail-biting game against Virginia. He has been an integral part of FSU’s lineup this season, averaging 11.4 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. Cleveland’s exceptional performances have not gone unnoticed, scoring in double digits during his last seven games and maintaining an impressive average of 18 points per game in his last three ACC matchups.

March Madness Implications

With this thrilling victory over Virginia, FSU’s season record improved to 15-13. The win showcases the team’s resilience and ability to triumph in high-stakes matchups. As March Madness approaches, FSU will undoubtedly seek to build upon this momentum and continue their quest for success in the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who hit the game-winning shot for FSU against Virginia?

Matthew Cleveland, a freshman guard from FSU, made the game-winning shot with a stunning three-pointer in the final second of the match.

2. How did FSU manage to stage a comeback against Virginia?

FSU was able to stage a comeback due to Virginia’s struggles with shooting accuracy in the second half. Virginia shot only 9-for-32 from the floor and failed to convert any of their eight attempts from beyond the arc, allowing FSU to gradually narrow the deficit.

3. What is Matthew Cleveland’s performance like throughout the season?

Matthew Cleveland has been a rising star for FSU this season. He currently averages 11.4 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. In his last seven games, Cleveland has consistently scored in double digits and has particularly excelled in his last three ACC matchups, averaging 18 points per game.

4. How did FSU’s victory over Virginia impact their overall record?

Following the impressive victory over Virginia, FSU’s season record stands at 15-13. This win strengthens their position and boosts confidence heading into the highly anticipated March Madness tournament.

5. Was FSU expected to win against Virginia?

No, FSU entered the game as a +9 underdog against Virginia. The odds were seemingly against them, making their victory even more remarkable and unexpected.


In an exhilarating match that had fans on the edge of their seats until the very last second, FSU secured a remarkable victory over Virginia with Matthew Cleveland’s game-winning buzzer beater. The outcome reflects FSU’s determination and resilience, overcoming a double-digit deficit to claim a memorable win over their formidable opponent. As FSU’s season progresses and March Madness approaches, their triumph over Virginia will serve as a powerful catalyst propelling them towards further success in the tournament.

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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