Tony Finau Emerges as Top Contender in 3M Open Odds, Notable Absences Post Scottish Swing

Heading 1: Tony Finau Leads the Field at 3M Open

Two-time PGA Tour winner Tony Finau is set to compete in the 3M Open at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota. As the tournament approaches, Finau emerges as the clear favorite, poised to showcase his skills and drive for another victory. Despite facing a field comprising veterans, rookies, and even a former tennis pro, Finau stands out as the golfer to watch in the upcoming event.

Heading 2: Finau Topped the Odds

Amidst the anticipation, sports betting platform DraftKings Sportsbook has listed Finau as the +1100 favorite to win the 3M Open. Notably, no other golfer in the field has odds shorter than +1600, solidifying Finau’s status as the frontrunner. This recognition reflects Finau’s exceptional talent and past successes, giving him a distinct advantage in the eyes of both fans and bettors.

Heading 3: Resting Stars Create an Opportunity for Finau

A significant factor in Finau’s favor is the relatively weak field in this year’s 3M Open. Many of the world’s top golfers are taking a well-deserved break after participating in the Genesis Scottish Open and the Open Championship in the UK for two consecutive weeks. Following the year’s final major, only a limited number of notable names have chosen to make the trip back across the Atlantic to compete in Minnesota.

Finau himself joined the ranks at the Open Championship, finishing in a tie for 28th place. However, this marked a disappointing performance for the 32-year-old, who failed to secure a top-25 finish throughout the year’s major tournaments. It was the first time since 2017 that Finau did not achieve at least two top-10 finishes at majors. Despite this setback, Finau remains a formidable contender.

Heading 4: The Hunt for Alternatives

Although Finau’s frontrunner status appears solid, some bettors have been tempted to explore other options in search of potential surprises. One such alternative is Hideki Matsuyama, currently ranked No. 14 in the world. With odds set at +1600, Matsuyama’s fourth-place finish at this year’s US Open and his victory at the 2021 Masters have caught the attention of those seeking variety in their wagers.

Meanwhile, two rookies on the tour, Davis Riley (+1800) and Sahith Theegala (+2200), have piqued the interest of bettors. PointsBet Sportsbook reports that Riley and Theegala have attracted the most bets and money among all participants, making them significant liabilities for the bookmakers over the course of the weekend. This influx of attention toward the newcomers demonstrates the unpredictable nature of golf tournaments and the eagerness of fans to explore potential underdogs.

Heading 5: Mardy Fish’s Debut Appearance

Adding an intriguing twist to the 3M Open is the debut participation of former professional tennis player Mardy Fish. Known for his achievements on the tennis court, Fish is now ready to test his golfing skills on the PGA Tour. Despite his impressive plus-2.8 handicap and even receiving high praise from Jack Nicklaus himself, who considered him the best non-professional he has played with, Fish is aware that his chances of winning the event are slim.

When interviewed by Golfweek, Fish expressed his goal of making the cut for the tournament, stating that while winning may be a long shot, advancing beyond the initial rounds is a more attainable objective. With a decorated tennis career that includes winning the silver medal at the 2004 Olympics in men’s singles and securing six ATP titles, Fish brings a level of athleticism and competitiveness to the golf course that is sure to captivate audiences.


As the 3M Open approaches, Tony Finau emerges as the frontrunner, poised to capitalize on a weak field and showcase his golfing prowess. However, the tournament remains an unpredictable stage where new talent can surface and veterans can surprise. The inclusion of former tennis pro Mardy Fish in the lineup adds an extra layer of excitement and curiosity to the event. Golf enthusiasts and bettors alike eagerly await the unfolding of the 3M Open, prepared to witness captivating performances, transcendent skills, and perhaps even an unexpected triumph.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is listed as the favorite to win the 3M Open?

Tony Finau is listed as the favorite to win the 3M Open on DraftKings Sportsbook, with odds set at +1100.

2. Which major tournaments did Tony Finau participate in this year?

Tony Finau competed in the Genesis Scottish Open and the Open Championship, marking the final major tournaments of the year.

3. Are there any notable golfers taking part in the 3M Open?

Due to the schedule and recent tournaments, many of the world’s top golfers have chosen to rest and will not be participating in the 3M Open. However, there are still several accomplished veterans and talented rookies in the field.

4. Who are the top contenders other than Tony Finau?

Hideki Matsuyama, ranked 14th in the world, is one of the top contenders with odds set at +1600. Additionally, rookies Davis Riley and Sahith Theegala have attracted significant attention from bettors.

5. What is Mardy Fish’s background and is he expected to perform well?

Mardy Fish is a former professional tennis player who has achieved notable success in the sport. While he is making his debut on the PGA Tour, his golfing skills are commendable. Although his chances of winning are slim, his goal is to make the cut and leave a lasting impression in his first appearance.

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