Top PayPal™ Online Casinos & Gambling Sites that Accept Paypal™

What is PayPal?

PayPal operates differently from traditional banking options. It serves as an electronic wallet, allowing consumers to spend, transfer, and store money online worldwide. Businesses can utilize PayPal to process online payments, irrespective of the payment’s origin.

Benefits of Using PayPal

Bettors can use personal PayPal accounts

One of the top benefits of using PayPal for online gambling is that bettors can utilize their existing personal PayPal accounts, eliminating the need for a separate account.

Payments are fast

PayPal enables swift withdrawals directly from a user’s bank account, resulting in no delays in depositing funds to a holding account. Similarly, bettors can withdraw their winnings from an online casino and have them transferred to their PayPal account in a matter of moments.

It is trustworthy

As a widely recognized and reputable brand, PayPal ensures the utmost trust and security. It carefully vets businesses it collaborates with to ensure compliance with relevant regulations in the jurisdictions they operate.

It is cheaper

Unlike some other payment methods, PayPal does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals from gambling sites. However, PayPal itself charges a small percentage fee for payments, calculated based on the total sum.

It has higher limits

Compared to alternative banking systems, PayPal offers higher limits for transactions, typically in the four-to-five figure range. The specific limits vary based on the currency used and the verification status of the PayPal account.

Disadvantages of PayPal

Few Casinos Offer PayPal

Due to the stringent vetting process, several sportsbooks and online casinos avoid undergoing the necessary procedures to accept PayPal as a payment method.

It is Still a Middleman

While PayPal simplifies the process of moving funds, it acts as an intermediary between bettors and gambling sites. Any payment-related issues may result in delays in resolving disputes, leaving bettors waiting for days for a resolution.

Tendency to Freeze Accounts

If PayPal suspects any suspicious activity in an account, it has the authority to freeze the account’s funds. Resolving such issues can take weeks or even months, causing inconvenience to bettors in urgent need of their funds.

Even when a casino or sportsbook accepts PayPal, it is essential for bettors to conduct their own research. The vetting process primarily focuses on ensuring compliance with local legislation and may not verify other crucial factors, such as the house edge or game randomness.

Finding an Online Casino That Accepts PayPal

Locating online casinos that accept PayPal is a straightforward process. Simply visit your preferred gambling site and scroll to the footer of the page. If the site accepts PayPal, you will find the PayPal logo displayed there. Many gambling sites prominently showcase this information on their homepage as they are aware of its popularity among bettors. Alternatively, you can find a list of PayPal casinos at the top of this page.

The majority of gambling sites that accept PayPal are well-established platforms offering complete sportsbooks, casinos, and poker packages to bettors.

PayPal and Online Casino Transactions

As an American company, PayPal strictly adheres to government legislation concerning online gambling. It permits gambling operators to use its services only in jurisdictions where gambling activities are legal.

PayPal explicitly prohibits transactions related to gambling activities by merchants and account holders in the US and any jurisdiction where gambling is illegal. Additionally, merchants providing services accessible to account holders in the US must demonstrate to PayPal their ability to block betting activity.

How to Deposit & Withdraw Using PayPal on Casinos

Depositing and withdrawing funds using PayPal on casinos is a simple process. To make a deposit, log in to the gambling site and access the ‘bank’ or ‘cashier’ section. Select the ‘PayPal’ option and specify the deposit amount before submitting the request. The website will redirect you to the PayPal confirmation page, where you will need to provide your details and confirm the deposit. The deposited funds should be available in your account shortly afterward.

For withdrawals, navigate to the ‘withdraw’ section of the gambling site and follow the same steps as depositing funds.

Using PayPal for Mobile Gambling

PayPal’s features make it well-suited for mobile gambling. The PayPal mobile app provides the same functionalities and is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Numerous betting apps accept PayPal, particularly popular online gambling platforms that offer various casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker. Bettors can use PayPal for mobile gambling by following the same steps as they would on a web browser.

Alternative E-wallets Similar to PayPal

While PayPal remains the most dominant and widely accepted online e-wallet, other options have emerged in recent years. Skrill and NETELLER are the second-most popular alternatives after PayPal and are accepted by gambling sites. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, in online gambling has also boosted the usage of e-wallets like NETELLER.


How does PayPal work?

PayPal acts as a secure intermediary for payments, eliminating the need to share your banking details with online gambling sites. After setting up a PayPal account, simply choose the PayPal option on the gambling site and proceed with the payment. PayPal will automatically transfer funds from your bank account to the online gambling site.

How quick are PayPal payments?

When depositing funds using PayPal on an online gambling site, the transfer is usually instantaneous. Withdrawals, however, may take slightly longer, typically around two working days, as the gambling site needs to authorize the withdrawal request. Transferring money from your PayPal account to your bank account is usually instant.

How does PayPal compare with other payment options?

PayPal, like other major payment options at online gambling sites, is highly trustworthy and ensures the security of your details. The platform also offers exceptionally fast payment processing. While its fees are competitive, it may be slightly more expensive compared to credit or debit cards. However, PayPal’s acceptance is not as widespread as some other payment methods.

Do I have to pay fees?

Yes, there are fees associated with using PayPal. However, these fees are generally lower than those of many other payment options. Depositing funds into online gambling sites using a PayPal account is typically free, but receiving money from gambling sites incurs a 3.9% charge (plus a small flat fee). For larger transactions, the fee percentage is lower.

Is PayPal safe to use?

PayPal is highly secure and invests significant resources in maintaining the safety of its platform. When using PayPal, your banking details are never shared with online gambling sites. To ensure a safe gambling experience, only play at online gambling sites recommended by trusted sources.

By following this guide, bettors can make informed decisions about using PayPal for online gambling, taking advantage of its benefits while being aware of its limitations. Take your time to assess different options and find a gambling site that not only accepts PayPal but also aligns with your preferences and offers a satisfactory gambling experience.

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