Top Rocket League Betting Platforms for Real Money: 2023’s Ultimate Guide


What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a unique and exciting game that combines rocket-powered vehicles with the thrilling sport of soccer. Developed by Psyonix, it initially gained popularity with the release of “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars” in 2008. Seven years later, Rocket League was launched as a sequel, making it available on various platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC. The game quickly became a sensation, attracting over 40 million players globally within just three years. In 2019, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, acquired Psyonix, enabling Rocket League to venture further into the world of eSports. As of 2020, Rocket League is free-to-play on all platforms, with regular competitive season releases.

Guide to Rocket League Gameplay

Understanding the Basics

Rocket League can be played in solo mode or as a team of two, three, or four players. In competitive games, each team consists of three players. The objective is simple: score more goals than your opponents within the five-minute time frame. If the game is tied at the end of five minutes, sudden death determines the winner. To score, players must use their rocket-powered vehicles to hit the giant ball into the opposing team’s net. The vehicles can perform impressive aerial maneuvers, including jumping, flipping, and even driving on walls. Additionally, temporary speed boosts called “rocket-power” can be activated to gain an extra burst of speed. Mastering these techniques is crucial for success in Rocket League.

Team Roles and Strategies

Rocket League matches are incredibly fast-paced and require seamless collaboration between teammates. Each player on a three-person team typically assumes a specific role. One player focuses on attacking and scoring goals, another focuses on defending the team’s net, and the third player occupies the midfield, seeking opportunities to support both offense and defense. While competitive eSports mainly stick to this structure, casual players can also enjoy alternative game modes:

– Snow Day: Similar to regular Rocket League, but played with a giant puck instead of a ball.
– Hoops: Goals are replaced by basketball hoops, and this mode is exclusively available on the Dunk House map.
– Rumble: The rules are the same as regular Rocket League, but every 10 seconds, each player receives a random power-up.
– Dropshot: This mode deviates significantly from traditional gameplay. The objective is to break through the floor of the opponent’s “color” and hit the ball through the resulting hole.

How Does Rocket League Betting Work?

An Introduction to Rocket League Betting

While Rocket League’s eSports popularity may not match that of games like League of Legends or CS:GO, it has a dedicated and passionate community. Betting on Rocket League is incredibly straightforward, making it accessible to beginners and avid fans alike. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with Rocket League betting online:

1. Find a reputable Rocket League betting site: Choose a platform that meets your preferences and offers a secure betting experience. Look for sites that provide competitive odds for Rocket League matches.
2. Sign up and claim welcome bonuses: Create an account on the chosen betting site and take advantage of any available welcome bonuses or promotions.
3. Make your first deposit: Add funds to your account to have a betting balance.
4. Navigate to the Rocket League betting page: Access the specific section on the betting site dedicated to Rocket League.
5. Browse the schedule and choose an event: Explore the schedule of upcoming Rocket League matches and select the event you want to bet on.
6. Research the teams and their history: Before placing your bet, examine the teams’ previous performance and head-to-head records.
7. Choose your betting market and stake: Determine the type of bet you want to place (e.g., match winner, correct score, total goals) and enter the desired amount for your bet.
8. Confirm the bet: Click the “bet now” button and patiently wait for the match to start.

Popular Rocket League Bets

While the range of betting markets for Rocket League is not as extensive as some other eSports games, there are still several exciting options available. Here are the most popular types of Rocket League bets:

– Outright: Betting on the match winner, selecting one team to defeat the other. This is a common choice for beginners.
– Correct Score: Predicting the final score of the match.
– Total Goals: Betting on whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under a set target.
– Total Saves: Similar to total goals, but focused on the total number of saves made by both teams in a game.
– Total Maps: Betting on the total number of maps played in a series, with different formats depending on the stage of the competition.
– Goal Handicap: Placing a bet with a handicap for one team (e.g., -2.5), which requires them to win by more than the given goal difference.
– Maps Handicap: Similar to goal handicap, but focused on the round score rather than individual match scores.
– Player vs Player: Betting on individual players’ performance in specific statistics such as goals, assists, and saves.
– Next Goal: A live betting market predicting which player or team will score the next goal during a match.

Rocket League Betting Tips

Maximize Your Betting Success

Rocket League’s unpredictable nature and the constantly evolving meta make it a challenging game to bet on. To increase your chances of winning real money, consider the following five tips:

1. Be selective with your bets: Start small and focus on simple markets, such as outright winners, to gain confidence. Avoid letting personal biases cloud your judgment.
2. Utilize the community: Take advantage of the wealth of content created by eSports enthusiasts and Rocket League fans. Follow social accounts of teams, visit fan forums, and engage with the community to gain valuable insights and perspectives.
3. Conduct thorough research: Whether relying on the community or conducting individual research, it is crucial to understand the teams, players, and leagues involved in Rocket League. Sound knowledge will help you make informed betting decisions rather than relying on guesswork.
4. Explore a range of events: While the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is the premier tournament, it can be beneficial to follow smaller events for potential betting opportunities, such as qualifying events with underdog teams offering higher odds for victory.
5. Understand tactical strategies: As you become more experienced in Rocket League and betting, explore the tactics used by teams. Understanding team strategies and shifting metas will enable you to make better decisions across various betting markets.

Rocket League Tournaments

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)

For several years, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) served as the primary tournament in Rocket League eSports. It spanned eight seasons from April 2016 to April 2020. The RLCS featured four regional leagues: Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. Each league included regular season matches followed by post-season playoffs. League matches were initially best of five games, later changing to best of seven games during the playoffs. Unfortunately, the 2020 RLCS was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the discontinuation of the RLCS and its associated Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). However, a new tournament structure was introduced in late 2020.

Previous RLCS Winners:

Season | Dates | Champions
— | — | —
1 | April – August 2016 | iBUYPOWER Cosmic
2 | October – December 2016 | Flipside Tactics
3 | April – June 2017 | Northern Gaming
4 | September – November 2017 | Gale Force eSports
5 | March – June 2018 | Dignitas
6 | September – November 2018 | Cloud9
7 | April – June 2019 | Renault Vitality
8 | October – December 2019 | NRG Esports
9 | February – April 2020 | Canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Rocket League Championship Series X (RLCSX)

The Rocket League Championship Series X (RLCSX) represents a significant evolution in Rocket League eSports. Structured as a year-long tournament, RLCSX consists of three splits, each featuring league events and majors. The format differs for each split, and the number of teams varies: 32 teams in the Fall Split, 24 teams in the Winter Split, and 20 teams in the Spring Split. Points earned throughout the season determine qualification for majors and end-of-season finals. The RLCSX features 18 regional events, three majors, and a World Championship. With over $4.5 million in prize money, the RLCSX promises exciting competition and substantial rewards for participating teams.

The Grid

Introduced in 2020, The Grid provides an online circuit to maintain the participation of teams that qualified for the RLCS and RLRS in that year. It features weekly events during each split, with $10,000 in prize money for each event. At the end of each split, the top ten teams keep their place in The Grid, while the bottom six teams must requalify against other challengers. While The Grid influences regional event seeding, it does not contribute to World Championship qualification. However, the team that finishes first in The Grid at the end of each split receives an invitation to the corresponding major.

Best Rocket League Players

Turbopolsa (Pierre Silfver) – Team Envy

As the first player to make a notable move from Europe to North America, Turbopolsa has cemented his place in Rocket League history. With four World Championships, including a 2019 victory alongside jstn for NRG, Turbopolsa’s impact on the game cannot be ignored. Now a member of Team Envy, Turbopolsa continues to astound the world with his remarkable skills, surely earning a spot in any conversation about the greatest of all time.

jstn (Justin Morales) – NRG Esports

Regarded as one of the best attackers in Rocket League, jstn’s proficiency, particularly in dribbling, is unparalleled. His technical ability and knack for delivering in high-pressure situations have earned him a spot among the game’s elite. In the 2018 RLSC final, jstn scored the iconic zero-second goal, securing NRG’s undefeated World Championship victory against Renault Vitality.

Kaydop (Alexandre Courant) – Renault Vitality

Kaydop’s rise to stardom began in the solo player scene, but his mastery truly shone when he joined the RLCS. With three World Championships under his belt, winning consecutive titles in seasons 4 and 5, Kaydop’s success coincided with Renault Vitality’s dominance. He has become one of the most decorated players in Rocket League eSports, earning multiple MVP and Golden Striker awards over his six seasons in the game.

GarrettG (Garrett Gordon) – NRG Esports

GarrettG’s versatility and all-around skills make him a valuable asset to any team. With the record for the highest scorer in RLCS history, his ability to find scoring opportunities is unparalleled. In the eighth season, GarrettG finally claimed a World Championship title with NRG, solidifying his rightful place among the game’s best.

M0nkey M00n (Evan Rogez) – Team BDS

M0nkey M00n’s emergence as a top player has been swift. In 2019, he was rarely mentioned in top 10 lists, but in 2020, he led Team BDS to European dominance. With remarkable plays and incredible skill, M0nkey M00n, only 18 years old, is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest Rocket League players. His potential seems limitless, and his highlight reel continues to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the Rocket League season end?

The first RLCS X season is expected to conclude in the summer of 2021 after the final Spring Split.

Who is the best Rocket League player?

Choosing the absolute best player in Rocket League is subjective, but many consider jstn to be one of the game’s top talents. His consistent performances, skillset, and continuous improvement place him among the elite.

How do I get started with Rocket League gambling?

Starting with Rocket League gambling is simple. Follow our step-by-step guide, which includes choosing a reputable sportsbook, signing up, and placing your first bet within minutes.

Can I win real money by betting on Rocket League?

Yes, you can win real money by betting on Rocket League. However, it’s important to approach betting responsibly, conduct thorough research, and make informed decisions.

Which online gambling sites offer the best odds on Rocket League?

Choosing the best gambling site with favorable odds for Rocket League can be challenging. We recommend visiting our page on the best Rocket League betting sites, where we review platforms offering competitive odds on the RLCS X and other Rocket League matches.

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