Toronto Raptors Injury Update: OG Anunoby Sidelined with Fractured Finger

OG Anunoby’s Injury Delays Toronto Raptors’ Progress

Missing Key Player Impacts Raptors’ Performance

OG Anunoby, the starting small forward for the Toronto Raptors, finds himself sidelined due to a finger injury on his shooting hand. This unfortunate setback has left the team uncertain of his return and has raised concerns about their performance without his valuable contributions. Anunoby has been an integral part of the team’s success, averaging a career-high 17.2 points, along with 5.5 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game. Having started in all the 42 games he appeared in this season, Anunoby’s absence leaves a significant void in the Raptors’ lineup.

Previous Injury Challenges

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Anunoby has faced injury setbacks throughout his basketball career. At the start of this season in November, he already missed 13 games due to a hip pointer. In the previous season, he was forced to sit out a total of 25 games, with a calf strain injury accounting for 18 of those absences. Despite these challenges, Anunoby has consistently showcased resilience and determination, returning to the court to contribute to his team’s success.

Impact on Raptors’ Playoff Aspirations

Anunoby’s absence was acutely felt in the Raptors’ recent game against the Charlotte Hornets. Without their key player, the team suffered a devastating 32-point loss. Currently holding the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors are aiming to secure their spot in the playoffs without resorting to the play-in tournament. However, their position is precarious, trailing the sixth-seeded Boston Celtics by 1.5 games and closely followed by the Brooklyn Nets who sit in the eighth seed. The Charlotte Hornets, currently in the ninth seed, are also within striking distance, just 3.5 games behind the Raptors.

Anunoby’s Injury History

A Lingering Finger Issue

Anunoby’s finger injury has been a persistent problem leading up to the All-Star Break. An x-ray revealed that he had suffered a fractured ring finger on his shooting hand. Though the fracture was undisplaced, there is no clear timetable for his return. The team is seeking a second opinion to determine whether Anunoby can continue playing through the regular season with the injury or if rest is necessary.

Anunoby’s Shooting Slump

Prior to the All-Star Break, Anunoby was already struggling with his shooting due to the lingering finger injury. Playing through the pain, he experienced a significant downturn in his shooting percentages. His field goal percentage dropped to a dismal 28%, including a concerning 16% from beyond the arc. However, in the ten games preceding the injury, Anunoby had been on fire, averaging an impressive 50% from the field and an astounding 43% from three-point range. This stark contrast only emphasizes the impact of his injury on his performance.

Adjustments in the Lineup

Relying on Rookie Talent and Veteran Experience

Head coach Nick Nurse now faces the challenge of compensating for Anunoby’s absence and finding ways to maintain the team’s competitive edge. He will primarily look to rookie Scottie Barnes and veteran Thaddeus Young to fill the scoring void. In a recent game against the Hornets, Barnes demonstrated his potential by leading the Raptors with an impressive 28 points. Throughout his first season with the team, Barnes has shown promise, averaging 14.7 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game. Additionally, the Raptors acquired Thaddeus Young from the San Antonio Spurs before the trade deadline. Young brings experience and versatility to the team, contributing 6.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game this season.


OG Anunoby’s finger injury poses a significant challenge to the Toronto Raptors as they navigate the final stretch of the regular season. With their playoff aspirations at stake, the team must adapt their strategies and rally together in the absence of their key player. The impact of Anunoby’s absence is evident in their recent loss to the Charlotte Hornets, reminding the Raptors of the importance of his contributions. However, with the emergence of talented rookies like Scottie Barnes and the addition of experienced players like Thaddeus Young, the team has the potential to weather this challenge and secure their position in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will OG Anunoby return to the Raptors’ lineup?

As of now, there is no specific timetable for Anunoby’s return. His finger injury requires a second opinion to determine whether he can continue playing with it or if rest is necessary to ensure a full recovery.

2. How has OG Anunoby’s absence affected the Raptors’ performance?

The Raptors’ recent loss to the Charlotte Hornets without Anunoby highlights the impact of his absence. His scoring ability and defensive contributions have been sorely missed, forcing the team to adjust their strategies and rely on other players to fill the void.

3. Who are the emerging players stepping up in OG Anunoby’s absence?

Rookie Scottie Barnes has shown great potential as he led the team in scoring in a recent game against the Hornets, demonstrating his ability to contribute as a primary offensive threat. Additionally, Thaddeus Young, who was acquired before the trade deadline, brings valuable experience and versatility to the Raptors’ lineup.

4. What is at stake for the Toronto Raptors in terms of playoff positioning?

The Raptors are currently in the seventh seed of the Eastern Conference. Their goal is to secure a playoff spot without participating in the play-in tournament. However, they face tough competition from teams like the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, and Charlotte Hornets, making their position in the standings precarious.

5. How has OG Anunoby’s injury impacted his shooting performance?

Prior to the injury, Anunoby had been on a hot streak, shooting at an impressive percentage. However, playing through the pain of his finger injury significantly affected his shooting percentages, resulting in a downturn in his overall performance.

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