Trade Talks: Is Kirk Cousins on the Move to the Carolina Panthers?

Carolina Panthers Consider Trade for Kirk Cousins

The Carolina Panthers have reportedly reached out to the Minnesota Vikings to explore the possibility of acquiring quarterback Kirk Cousins through a trade. However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high as the Vikings have made it clear that they have no intentions of parting ways with Cousins, especially not to the Panthers.

Vikings’ Reluctance to Trade Cousins

While the Vikings might consider a trade if the Panthers present an enticing package, the reality is that the market for Cousins is fairly limited. One of the main reasons for this is his hefty contract, with Cousins set to earn a guaranteed $35 million in 2022. Even if the Vikings were to cut him, they would still be on the hook for this significant financial obligation.

Despite the skepticism surrounding Cousins, the Vikings have recently hired Kevin O’Connell as their new head coach, a move they hope will help Cousins thrive. O’Connell previously served as the quarterbacks coach for the Washington Football Team, and he and Cousins share history. O’Connell’s faith in Cousins is still intact, ideally leading to improved performance on the field.

Cousins’ Performance and Perception

While many fans may hold negative opinions about Cousins, on paper, he was one of the top nine quarterbacks in the league. In 16 games, Cousins boasted a respectable 66.3% completion rate, throwing for 4,221 yards and 33 touchdowns. Notably, he also threw only seven interceptions, tying for the third-lowest number in the entire NFL.

Carolina Panthers: Searching for Stability

The Carolina Panthers are facing a crucial season under the leadership of head coach Matt Rhule. After two seasons with a disappointing 10-23 record, Rhule’s future with the team hangs in the balance. If he fails to turn the Panthers into a playoff-contending team, he may find himself back in the collegiate ranks. Unfortunately, the team’s outlook isn’t optimistic, as they are currently listed among the bottom seven on the NFL futures board with +5000 odds to win Super Bowl 57.

Following their unsuccessful experiment with Sam Darnold, whom they acquired in a trade with the New York Jets, the Panthers struggled in the 2021 season, finishing with a 5-12 record. Initially, Darnold showed promise, winning his first two games and positioning himself as a strong contender for the Comeback Player of the Year award. However, injuries and inconsistent performances quickly derailed his progress, resulting in a lackluster year for Darnold and the Panthers.

With the team’s quarterback situation uncertain, there were even rumors of bringing back former Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to provide stability. However, the ultimate goal remains finding a long-term solution at the position to lead the team to success.

The Potential Combination of Cousins and McCaffrey

Rumors have emerged that the Panthers are potentially looking to trade their star running back, Christian McCaffrey. Known for his versatility, McCaffrey is highly regarded as one of the most talented players in the NFL when healthy. However, injuries have plagued him in recent seasons, casting doubt on his long-term effectiveness.

While some view this as a sign of McCaffrey’s decline, others maintain optimism that he can overcome his injury woes and have a breakout season. Pairing Cousins at quarterback with a healthy McCaffrey could provide the Panthers with a solid offensive foundation. Additionally, the NFC South appears to be wide open, especially with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing uncertainties following Tom Brady’s retirement.

Opportunities in a Weakened NFC South

The Buccaneers, who secured the division title with a 13-4 record in the previous season, are now facing the challenge of finding a new starting quarterback. With Brady’s retirement, they are actively searching for a top-notch replacement, potentially targeting players like Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson. The quarterback situation is also tumultuous in other divisional teams.

The New Orleans Saints find themselves in need of a quarterback after Jameis Winston’s rehab process following a torn ACL has fallen behind schedule. Backup QB Taysom Hill isn’t seen as a comparable replacement to the legendary Drew Brees, leaving the Saints with uncertainty at the position. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons, despite posting a 7-10 record in the previous season, are dealing with an aging Matt Ryan.

Against this backdrop, the Panthers are considering a trade for Cousins as a means to upgrade from Darnold’s performance. However, some argue that if this is considered their big solution, it may be an indication that Rhule’s time with the Panthers is nearing its end. They suggest that the team should aim higher, pursuing quarterbacks like Wilson or Watson, even though both players have trade clauses that could impede a move to the Panthers.


The Carolina Panthers have expressed interest in trading for Kirk Cousins, the talented quarterback from the Minnesota Vikings. However, the Vikings have shown reluctance to part ways with Cousins, given his contract and limited options on the trade market. The Panthers, led by head coach Matt Rhule, find themselves desperately in need of stability at the quarterback position after their unsuccessful Sam Darnold experiment. They are exploring potential trades and options, considering the combination of Cousins and star running back Christian McCaffrey to revitalize their offense. While the NFC South presents some opportunities with weakened teams, the Panthers may need to aim higher if they are to truly compete in the division.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Carolina Panthers actively pursuing a trade for Kirk Cousins?

While reports indicate that the Carolina Panthers have inquired about a potential trade for Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota Vikings have made it clear that they have no intentions of parting ways with him.

2. Why are teams hesitant to trade for Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins’ high salary is one of the main reasons why teams are hesitant to trade for him. With a guaranteed $35 million contract for the upcoming season, the financial commitment is significant, even if the player is released by the team.

3. What are the Carolina Panthers’ future prospects with Sam Darnold?

The Carolina Panthers’ future prospects with Sam Darnold remain uncertain. Darnold showed promise early in the 2021 season but struggled with injuries and inconsistent performances. The team is now considering other options, including potentially trading for Kirk Cousins.

4. Is Christian McCaffrey on the trading block?

Rumors have circulated that the Carolina Panthers are exploring the possibility of trading running back Christian McCaffrey. While nothing has been confirmed, the team may consider such a move if they believe it will benefit their long-term strategy.

5. What are the Panthers’ chances of success in the NFC South?

The NFC South presents opportunities for the Carolina Panthers due to uncertainties within the division. With Tom Brady’s retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons facing challenges at the quarterback position, the Panthers could potentially compete for the division title with the right quarterback and a healthy roster.

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