UFC 270 Heavyweight Clash: A Battle for the Title – Analyzing the Odds Favoring Ngannou or Gane

Ciryl Gane vs. Francis Ngannou: Clash of Heavyweight Champions

Ciryl Gane, an undefeated heavyweight fighter, is set to take on Francis Ngannou for the heavyweight championship at UFC 270. With only 10 professional MMA fights under his belt, Gane has already earned a shot at the title. The much-anticipated fight is scheduled to take place in California, and both fighters will bring their respective titles into the Octagon.

A Rising Star: Ciryl Gane

Gane secured the interim UFC heavyweight title in August after defeating Derrick Lewis in the third round at UFC 265. With a record of 10-0, Gane has won seven fights in the UFC employing a versatile array of skills, including knockouts, submissions, and decision victories. His well-rounded game has made him a formidable opponent in the division.

The Reigning Champion: Francis Ngannou

Ngannou claimed the main heavyweight championship with a second-round knockout of the legendary Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. This victory marked his fifth consecutive win, all of which came by stoppage. Ngannou has established a reputation for his explosive knockouts, with his previous four opponents lasting less than 71 seconds combined. However, a contract dispute looms over him, adding an element of uncertainty to his future in the UFC.

A Battle for Supremacy

Despite being the reigning champion, Ngannou enters the fight as an underdog, with oddsmakers favoring Gane. DraftKings, for instance, places Gane as a -145 favorite, while Ngannou sits at +125. Nevertheless, Gane recognizes that he can only truly claim the title of favorite if he defeats Ngannou inside the Octagon. The stage is set for a clash between two elite heavyweights.

“I’m the interim champion,” Gane stated. “I’m not the baddest guy in the world. Today, it’s Francis. If I want to be this guy, I must beat Francis.”

A Striker vs. Striker Encounter

The fight between Ngannou and Gane presents a compelling clash of styles. Ngannou is known for his ability to physically dominate opponents, consistently delivering swift knockouts. On the other hand, Gane showcases a more technical approach inside the cage. While Gane’s technique may give him an edge, Ngannou’s raw power cannot be underestimated.

“This is striker vs. striker, raw power vs. technique,” explained UFC president Dana White.

Spar, Sparring; Who’s Telling the Truth?

Adding fuel to the rivalry, Ngannou and Gane both trained together at the MMA Factory in Paris, France, and engaged in sparring sessions. However, there is a disagreement regarding the outcome of a particular incident. Ngannou claims to have knocked out Gane, albeit unintentionally.

“I knocked him out,” Ngannou admitted. “It was an accident… I didn’t go there to knock him out. Personally, it’s not something that I feel proud of.”

Gane, on the other hand, acknowledges the hard kick from Ngannou but emphasizes that he was not knocked down. This incident has heightened the animosity between the two fighters.

Ngannou vs. Gane Odds (via DraftKings Sportsbook)

Francis Ngannou Ciryl Gane
+125 -145

Method of Victory

Ngannou by KO/TKO Gane by KO/TKO
+150 +225
Ngannou by Submission Gane by Submission
+2200 +800
Ngannou by Decision Gane by Decision
+1200 +250

Hype and Reality

The sparring incident between Ngannou and Gane has added an extra layer of intrigue to their upcoming fight. While this story may help generate interest, UFC president Dana White believes that, in the end, it is the actual fight that truly matters. Regardless of who hit who, the showdown between these two heavyweight titans will answer all the burning questions surrounding their rivalry.

“This whole story is a great story,” said White. “But the most important thing is no matter who hit who, who did what, who doesn’t like who, on Saturday night, the two biggest, baddest heavyweights in the world are going to fight, and all the questions will be answered. That’s all that matters.”


The stage is set for an epic clash between Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou at UFC 270. Gane’s undefeated record and well-rounded skill set face off against Ngannou’s raw power and knockout prowess. The lingering animosity between the two fighters adds an extra layer of intensity to the matchup. Regardless of the pre-fight narratives, the true answers will be revealed when these two heavyweight champions step into the Octagon on Saturday.


1. When and where will the Gane vs. Ngannou fight take place?

The fight will happen at UFC 270, which is scheduled to take place in California on a Saturday night.

2. How many fights has Ciryl Gane won in the UFC?

Gane has won seven fights in the UFC, showcasing his versatile skills with victories by knockout, submission, and decision.

3. What makes Ngannou a dangerous opponent for Gane?

Ngannou possesses incredible knockout power and has dispatched his last four opponents in the first round. His raw strength and imposing physicality make him a formidable challenge for any opponent.

4. Are there any contract issues that could affect Ngannou’s future in the UFC?

Yes, there is a contract dispute hanging over Ngannou, which could potentially impact his future in the UFC. This fight may be his final bout with the organization.

5. Will the outcome of the fight determine the true heavyweight champion?

Yes, the winner of the fight between Gane and Ngannou will be crowned the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion.

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