UFC Fight Night 200: Hermansson vs. Strickland Middleweight Showdown

Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland: Potential Title Shot Hopes

Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland, ranked No. 6 and No. 7 respectively in the UFC’s middleweight division, may seem distant from the championship picture. However, the current state of the division allows both fighters to make a compelling case for a title shot with a significant victory at UFC Fight Night 200 on Saturday.

Strickland’s Winning Streak and Rise to Prominence

Sean Strickland, 30 years old with a record of 24-3, enters the fight on a remarkable five-fight winning streak. This impressive run has propelled him into the ranks of the middleweight contenders over the past two years, garnering a substantial fan base in the process. Strickland values his newfound freedom to express himself openly, unafraid to voice his opinions.

In a recent interview, Strickland shared, “I am getting to a point where I can say s*** and not get cut from UFC. Before, I wasn’t good, and I couldn’t say s*** because Dana White would say, ‘Hey, go f*** that white trash motherf***er. Get him out of here.’ So now, now that [I have more of a] fan base, people want to watch me fight, I can say a lot more offensive s***.”

Concerns about Strickland’s Controversial Remarks

Strickland’s opponent, Jack Hermansson, isn’t personally bothered by the fighter’s outspoken nature. However, Hermansson has expressed concerns about some of Strickland’s statements. Strickland made controversial remarks about being willing to kill someone in the Octagon, which Hermansson fears could negatively impact the sport of MMA.

Hermansson stated, “Our sport has always been controversial in the sense that we actually are fighting with as few rules as we can have and still be safe. In Norway where I live, MMA is still illegal, which means that we can’t be fighting on our home turf, and we are fighting for it to be legal. When people in this sport are saying those kinds of things, it’s not actually helping our cause.”

Potential Implications for Both Fighters

Despite Hermansson’s two losses in his last four fights against top contenders Jared Cannonier and Marvin Vettori, a significant win over Strickland could quickly catapult him into the title shot conversation.

Hermansson believes that a great victory against Strickland would put him next in line for a title shot, stating, “You have a couple of guys that are fighting, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it goes, but I feel with a great win here, I’m putting myself next in line. I do a good enough performance, and then it depends on the other contenders… we have had a lot of rematches lately. Vettori against Adesanya. Now Whittaker against Adesanya. Do we want to see Brunson against Adesanya? I’m not sure. You know, I think people want to see Jack Hermansson and Adesanya.”

Strickland shares a similar sentiment. Although he boasts an impressive winning streak, a victory over Hermansson would solidify his status as a top contender in the middleweight division. In his own words, Strickland is willing to go to great lengths to secure another triumph on Saturday, saying, “The thing about Jack, I mean, he fought Marvin Vettori five rounds with a broken orbital. I would like to put him away. But it’s one of those situations where you accept that, eh, it might not happen. I might just have to beat this man half to death in five rounds.”


The upcoming clash between Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland at UFC Fight Night 200 holds tremendous significance for their respective careers. Despite their current rankings, both fighters have a genuine opportunity to throw themselves into the middleweight title picture with a remarkable performance. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious and take a more prominent step towards fighting for the championship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland secure a title shot with a win at UFC Fight Night 200?

While the current rankings may suggest otherwise, both Hermansson and Strickland can position themselves for a title shot with an impressive victory in their upcoming fight. The state of the middleweight division allows for such opportunities.

2. How has Sean Strickland’s outspoken nature impacted his career?

Strickland’s rise in stature has given him the freedom to speak his mind without fear of repercussions. This has helped him develop a loyal fan base and establish himself as a middleweight contender.

3. What concerns does Jack Hermansson have regarding Sean Strickland’s controversial remarks?

Hermansson, while not personally affected, worries that Strickland’s comments about being willing to kill someone in the Octagon could harm the perception of MMA and hinder the ongoing efforts to legalize the sport in certain regions.

4. Can a win over Sean Strickland propel Jack Hermansson into a title shot?

A significant victory over Strickland has the potential to elevate Hermansson’s position in the division and put him in the discussion for a title shot. Despite recent losses, Hermansson believes that a compelling performance could make him the next deserving contender.

5. What is at stake for Sean Strickland in the fight against Jack Hermansson?

Strickland’s current winning streak has elevated his status as a middleweight contender. A win over Hermansson would solidify his position among the top fighters in the division and bring him closer to a title shot.

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