UFC Fight Night 202 Main Event Betting Odds and Predictions

The Unexpected Matchup: Islam Makhachev vs. Bobby Green at UFC Fight Night 202

In a surprising turn of events, Islam Makhachev finds himself facing unranked Bobby Green in the highly-anticipated main event of UFC Fight Night 202. Originally set to face Beneil Dariush, Makhachev had to quickly adjust his plans when Dariush withdrew due to a sparring injury. Despite the last-minute change, Makhachev remains determined to continue his impressive winning streak and make a name for himself in the lightweight division.

Makhachev’s Struggle to Find an Opponent

Ranked at number four in the division, Makhachev faced a challenge in securing a suitable opponent on short notice. He revealed that none of the fighters in the UFC’s top ten were willing to step up and face him, highlighting the reluctance of his peers to take such a high-stakes fight on short notice. Makhachev expressed his frustration, stating, “All these guys from the top 10, they talk too much, and that’s it. We have many good fighters without rankings, but it’s very hard to jump to the top 15.”

Bobby Green, who accepted the fight just days before the event, echoed Makhachev’s sentiments about fighters being selective with their matchups. Green criticized those who waited for better opportunities and preferred to fight opponents ranked above them, referring to it as a “weird game” played by the top-ten contenders.

The Rise of Bobby Green

Bobby Green has been a consistent presence in the UFC since 2013, never quite reaching contender status but remaining a relevant name in the lightweight division. At the age of 35, Green is now experiencing a surge in popularity, attributing it to his authenticity and positive attitude. He embraces the support from fans and appreciates their gravitation towards his genuine personality.

The Anticipated Fight: Makhachev vs. Green

While the circumstances leading up to the fight have dominated discussions, it’s crucial not to overlook the actual matchup between Makhachev and Green. Makhachev enters the Octagon as a dominant force, with odds heavily in his favor. According to FanDuel Sportsbook, Makhachev is an overwhelming -900 favorite, whereas Green stands at +610.

Makhachev’s skill level and recent performances set him apart from his opponents. Green’s lack of preparation further tilts the odds in Makhachev’s favor. However, Makhachev understands the importance of not underestimating his opponent, recognizing that a victory over Green would mark his tenth consecutive win and potentially lead to a title shot.

Looking Towards the Future

Makhachev has his eyes set on the lightweight title and believes a win over Green will solidify his contention. He predicts Charles Oliveira’s victory over Justin Gaethje and envisions a future showdown between himself and Oliveira. With an impressive eleven-win streak against Oliveira’s ten-win streak, Makhachev anticipates this potential matchup to attract the attention of all MMA fans.


The unexpected match between Islam Makhachev and Bobby Green at UFC Fight Night 202 has created significant buzz among MMA enthusiasts. While Makhachev faces the challenge of adjusting to a new opponent, his determination to continue his winning streak remains unwavering. Bobby Green, seizing the opportunity, looks to further solidify his place in the division and capitalize on his newfound popularity. As the fight approaches, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the outcome of this intriguing clash in the lightweight division.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Islam Makhachev end up fighting Bobby Green at UFC Fight Night 202?

Islam Makhachev was originally scheduled to face Beneil Dariush, but Dariush withdrew due to an injury sustained during sparring. Bobby Green stepped up on short notice to take Dariush’s place, resulting in an unexpected matchup.

2. Why were top-ranked fighters reluctant to fight Islam Makhachev on short notice?

Top-ranked fighters often prefer to carefully select their matchups and timing. Fighting a rising star like Makhachev, who poses significant threats, on short notice can be seen as a high-risk proposition for their career trajectory.

3. What has contributed to the recent popularity of Bobby Green?

Bobby Green believes that his authenticity and positive attitude have resonated with fans, leading to an increase in popularity. His genuine personality and candid interviews have attracted a substantial following.

4. What are the odds for the Makhachev vs. Green fight?

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, Islam Makhachev enters the fight as an overwhelming favorite with odds of -900, while Bobby Green stands at +610.

5. How does a win over Bobby Green put Islam Makhachev closer to a title shot?

A victory over Bobby Green would extend Islam Makhachev’s winning streak to ten fights. This impressive record would position him as a strong contender in the lightweight division and potentially earn him a title shot in the future.

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