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World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner Faces Federal Charges

Cory Zeidman, a renowned World Series of Poker bracelet winner, has found himself in legal trouble. He is facing federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering. These charges are related to a sports betting operation that allegedly scammed victims out of more than $25 million. On Wednesday, Zeidman was arrested by the police.

Santi Mina Sentenced to Jail for Sexual Assault

Santi Mina, a player for Celta Vigo, has received a four-year jail sentence after being found guilty of sexual assault. The verdict was announced by the Provincial Court of Almeria. Mina has the option to appeal the sentence at the Spanish Supreme Court. In response to the verdict, Celta has suspended Mina from the team.

Bob Baffert’s Legal Hail Mary Denied

Trainer Bob Baffert, who has been embroiled in controversy, had his latest legal attempt denied by the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Baffert sought an emergency stay of his 90-day suspension by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, but the court dismissed his motion. This news comes as a blow to Baffert’s hopes to continue training without interruption.

Baffert Moves Derby Prospects to Other Trainers

With the Kentucky Derby just over six weeks away, suspended trainer Bob Baffert has made a move to secure the eligibility of his Derby prospects. He has transferred four horses to other trainers, with the intention of ensuring they accumulate enough points in their final Derby preps. This strategic decision aims to keep the horses in the running for the prestigious race on May 7.

Legal Setback for Bob Baffert

Bob Baffert, a Hall of Fame trainer, faced another setback in his attempt to keep his training stable operational. A Kentucky judge denied his request for a stay of his 90-day suspension. In addition to the suspension, Baffert was also fined $7,500 and required to forfeit Kentucky Derby winnings. The suspension and penalties were imposed due to doping offenses related to his horse, Medina Spirit.

Professional Athletes and Sports Betting

The presence of regulated sports betting has made it almost inevitable that professional athletes in the United States would become entangled in gambling controversies. Recently, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended by the NFL, sparking hyperbolic reactions. Ridley will be absent from future games due to his involvement in gambling activities.

Medina Spirit’s Derby Win Controversy

In the aftermath of the Kentucky Derby, there has been a concrete decision regarding the winner. Churchill Downs officials wasted no time in replacing Medina Spirit’s nameplate with the name of the now-official 2021 Kentucky Derby champion, Mandaloun. This change was made following the disqualification of Medina Spirit due to a failed drug test for betamethasone.

Medina Spirit Disqualified from Kentucky Derby

After nine months of investigations, legal challenges, and deliberations, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission stewards finally reached a decision to disqualify Medina Spirit as the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby. The disqualification stemmed from a positive drug test for the banned substance betamethasone. Along with the ruling, further penalties were imposed on those involved in the horse’s campaign.

Crown Resorts Accepts Buyout Bid Amid Losses

Crown Resorts, an Australian casino company, accepted a buyout bid of $6.4 billion from Blackstone, a private equity firm. However, the company reported a significant loss of $141 billion for the last six months of 2021. This financial downturn adds to the challenges faced by the casino industry. In related news, Las Vegas Sands’ debt rating was downgraded by a credit agency, and Wynn also experienced difficulties.

Manchester United Player Arrested on Rape and Assault Charges

Mason Greenwood, an attacker for Manchester United, has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. Police have been granted additional time to question him, and Greenwood remains detained. This incident follows a social media post by his girlfriend denouncing his actions. Greater Manchester police have stated that further questioning will be conducted.

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Hearing on Medina Spirit

During a hearing on Bob Baffert’s eligibility to run at New York Racing Association tracks, it was revealed that the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has scheduled a hearing on February 7 regarding Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit. Baffert testified for three hours during the hearing, providing insights into the ongoing controversy surrounding the horse’s positive drug test.

Suspicious Betting Patterns in Premier League

Football Association officials are investigating suspicious betting patterns related to a yellow card received by an Arsenal player during a Premier League match. A bookmaker alerted the FA about a significant amount of money placed on the player’s booking, raising concerns of potential match-fixing or foul play.

Jorge Navarro Sentenced to Prison for Doping

Jorge Navarro, a former trainer involved in a federal investigation into alleged doping in Thoroughbred racing, has been sentenced to the maximum term of five years in prison. Additionally, he has been ordered to pay over $26.8 million in restitution, reflecting his earnings from the doping activities.

Assault on Footballer Nicolas Otamendi

Nicolas Otamendi, a defender for Argentina and Benfica, and his family were victims of a shocking assault in their home in Portugal. A gang of thugs wearing gloves and balaclavas attacked the player, stealing watches, jewelry, and approximately $330,000 in cash. This incident highlights the security risks faced by high-profile athletes.

Macau Casino Stocks Plunge After Operator Arrests

The arrest of 11 junket operators has sent Macau casino stocks plummeting. Alvin Chau, CEO of Suncity Group Holdings, was among those detained. The casino industry in the region was already struggling due to concerns over new virus-related restrictions, and the additional regulatory crackdowns following the arrests further impacted stock prices.

Italian Authorities Raid Juventus Offices

Italian finance authorities conducted raids on the offices of Juventus, one of Italy’s most successful football clubs. The raids were part of an investigation into player transfers from 2019 to 2021. Juventus is listed on Milan’s stock exchange, and the largest shareholder is Exor. The raids aim to uncover potential irregularities or financial misconduct within the club.

Owner of Beitar Jerusalem Arrested for Cryptocurrency Fraud

Moshe Hogeg, the owner of Beitar Jerusalem in the Israeli Premier League, has been arrested along with seven others on charges of cryptocurrency fraud. The Israeli Police estimate that the fraudulent activities amount to hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Hogeg was taken into custody, marking a significant development in this ongoing investigation.

Assault Incident Involving Paris Saint-Germain Player

Aminata Diallo, a midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain Women’s team, is in police custody after an assault on one of her teammates. The incident took place last Thursday, leading to Diallo’s arrest on Wednesday by the Versailles Police. This highlights the occurrence of internal conflicts within teams and the necessary legal actions taken to address such incidents.

Breeders’ Cup Imposes Security Measures on Bob Baffert

The Breeders’ Cup has joined the scrutiny surrounding trainer Bob Baffert and implemented stringent security measures. In order for Baffert’s horses to participate in future races, he must adhere to these measures, as outlined by the organization. This move aims to ensure the integrity of the sport and prevent any potential doping controversies.

Bob Baffert Permitted to Enter Breeders’ Cup with Conditions

Following a review process, Breeders’ Cup officials have granted permission for Bob Baffert to enter horses in the upcoming event at Del Mar. However, several conditions have been imposed on Baffert, including additional testing of his entries, which he will be responsible for funding. This decision reflects the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Baffert and his commitment to meeting the organization’s requirements.


In summary, prominent figures in the world of poker, sports, horse racing, and other industries are facing legal troubles and controversies. The cases discussed here highlight the importance of integrity and fair play in various sporting and entertainment domains. The actions taken against those involved in fraudulent activities, doping, assault, or financial misconduct demonstrate the commitment to maintaining fairness and transparency in these sectors. It is crucial for individuals and organizations to be held accountable for any wrongdoing, ensuring the continued trust and enjoyment of fans and participants alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the charges against Cory Zeidman?

Cory Zeidman faces federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering in relation to a sports betting operation.

2. What is the verdict in Santi Mina’s case?

Santi Mina has been sentenced to four years in jail after being found guilty of sexual

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