United Nations Leverages French Support: Champion Defends Title

Defending Champion Tribhuvan Ready to Defend United Nations Title

When it comes to showcasing his talent as a front-runner, Tribhuvan, the favorite and defending champion of the United Nations Stakes, never fails to amaze. The 6-year-old French-bred gelding, sired by Toronado, once again proved his prowess on Belmont Stakes day last month. Despite his odds of 19/1, Tribhuvan asserted his dominance by leading the pack from start to finish, securing a convincing 3 1/2-length victory. This impressive performance reminded everyone of his exceptional abilities.

Ups and Downs in Tribhuvan’s Career

Although Tribhuvan demonstrated his brilliance in the United Nations last year, his subsequent races where he was given the lead did not yield successful results. Notably, in the Grade 1 Sword Dancer, the Breeders’ Cup Turf, and the Turf Classic, Tribhuvan failed to make an impact and failed to reach the winner’s circle. In fact, he did not even manage to place in any of the aforementioned races, finishing fifth in the Sword Dancer, Turf Classic, and a disappointing 12th in the Breeders’ Cup Turf.

Seeking a Repeat Victory in the United Nations

This year, Tribhuvan enters the Grade 1 United Nations at Monmouth Park as the unequivocal front-runner. Looking back at his triumph in last year’s edition of the United Nations, Tribhuvan led the race from start to finish, holding a lead of up to five lengths after a half mile. Even as the favorite with odds of 8/5, he proved his unbeatable speed and stamina. It is no wonder that spectators and odds-makers alike recognize Tribhuvan as the horse to beat in Saturday’s race.

Factors Favoring Tribhuvan’s Success

This year, it is unlikely that Tribhuvan’s odds will reach the staggering 19/1 mark he had in the Manhattan Stakes. Firstly, the presence of trainer Chad Brown will have a notable impact on the betting odds. Brown, who has achieved four victories in the United Nations in the past nine years, is known for his ability to train top-tier horses. Secondly, Monmouth Park’s race track, being faster than Belmont Park, provides Tribhuvan with an advantage. Furthermore, with only nine competitors challenging him in the 1 3/8-mile turf test, there is limited pressure from other front-runners.

The few horses that possess front-end speed in this race, such as Carpenters Call and Epic Bromance, do not possess the same raw speed and tactical abilities as Tribhuvan. Epic Bromance, who finished third last year at long odds of 61/1, may offer some competition, but it is doubtful that he will pose a significant threat to Tribhuvan’s dominance. Trained by Kent Sweezey, Epic Bromance recently finished third in the Grade 3 Monmouth Stakes, a preparatory race for the United Nations, but still carried relatively high odds of 58/1.

Gufo’s Debut at Monmouth Park

Another contender in the race is Gufo, a fan-favorite and millionaire who has consistently performed at a high level. Gufo has finished on the board in 16 out of 17 races, demonstrating incredible consistency and talent. However, there is one exception in his record, where he finished a disappointing 10th by a margin of 10 lengths in the Breeders’ Cup Turf last year, with odds of 8/1. Although Gufo has not faced odds higher than 5/2 in his last seven races, the question remains whether his stalking and rallying style will be as effective in a three-turn race.

Chad Brown’s Dual Threat

Trainer Chad Brown is not relying solely on Tribhuvan to secure victory in the United Nations. His second entry, Adhamo, finished second to Tribhuvan in the Manhattan Stakes. The 4-year-old Irish-bred colt has demonstrated consistency in his recent races, finishing within the top three in each of his last three graded stakes races. While Adhamo possesses the class necessary to compete in this elite field, it remains to be seen whether he has the required speed to challenge for first place.


The Grade 1 United Nations at Monmouth Park promises an intriguing showdown between top turf horses. Tribhuvan, the defending champion and front-runner, is determined to defend his title and add another prestigious victory to his resume. With Chad Brown’s expertise and the absence of significant competition in terms of front-end speed, Tribhuvan appears to be in a favorable position to triumph once again. However, Gufo, with his consistent performances, and Adhamo, looking to prove his worth, should not be underestimated.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Tribhuvan replicate his frontrunning performance from last year’s United Nations?

While Tribhuvan certainly has the ability to replicate his frontrunning performance, it is important to remember that horse racing can be unpredictable. The presence of other talented contenders and potential changes in race dynamics could influence the outcome. However, Tribhuvan has certainly proven himself as a formidable front-runner in the past, increasing the possibility of a similar performance.

2. How does the involvement of trainer Chad Brown impact the race?

Trainer Chad Brown’s presence in the United Nations adds an interesting dynamic to the race. Brown has a strong track record of success, particularly in graded stakes races. His expertise and ability to prepare horses for top-level competition make him a formidable force in any race he enters. With Tribhuvan and Adhamo representing his stable, Brown’s influence is likely to play a significant role in shaping the outcome of the United Nations.

3. What are the chances of Gufo making an impact in his debut at Monmouth Park?

While Gufo has been consistently successful in his career so far, making an impact in his Monmouth Park debut may pose a challenge. The unique characteristics of each racecourse can influence a horse’s performance, and it remains to be seen whether Gufo can adapt effectively to Monmouth Park. However, Gufo’s previous achievements and track record suggest that he is capable of putting up a strong fight and contending against the field.

4. Will the faster track at Monmouth Park benefit Tribhuvan?

A faster track at Monmouth Park could potentially work in Tribhuvan’s favor. Tribhuvan has demonstrated exceptional speed and stamina in previous races, and the faster track may allow him to showcase his abilities even more prominently. Additionally, the absence of significant front-end pace pressure from other contenders could provide Tribhuvan with a favorable setting to unleash his sprinting prowess.

5. Are there any other notable contenders in the United Nations?

In addition to Tribhuvan and Gufo, other notable contenders in the United Nations include Epic Bromance and Adhamo. Epic Bromance, despite carrying long odds, has shown the ability to hang around the lead and secure a place on the board. Adhamo, finishing second to Tribhuvan in the Manhattan Stakes, possesses the class to compete at a high level. While the focus may primarily be on Tribhuvan and Gufo, it wouldn’t be wise to overlook the potential impact of these competitors.

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