Unleashing Gronkowski’s Wild Side: Unraveling the Mystery of the White Tiger on ‘The Masked Singer’

The White Tiger: Is Rob Gronkowski the Masked Singer?

Since the third season of “The Masked Singer” debuted on FOX after the Super Bowl, fans have been eagerly speculating if Rob Gronkowski, the former tight end from the New England Patriots, is the person behind the White Tiger costume. Having retired after winning Super Bowl LIII, Gronk’s appearance on the popular reality show has sparked intrigue among viewers.

The Celebrity Karaoke Phenomenon

“The Masked Singer” became an instant hit on FOX two years ago with its unique concept of celebrity karaoke in elaborate costumes. From renowned singers to unexpected athletes, the show features a diverse range of celebrities who compete against each other. Each episode, the performers provide clues and hints about their identity, leaving both the panel of celebrity judges and the audience guessing until the big reveal.

The judging panel includes well-known figures such as Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. Additionally, a different guest judge makes an appearance on each episode, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the guessing game. At the end of every show, the weakest singer is eliminated and unmasked amidst the crowd’s enthusiastic chants of “Take it off! Take it off!”

White Tiger’s Strong Contenders

In the previous seasons, the show crowned T-Pain (the Monster) as the winner of Season 1, who narrowly edged out Donny Osmond (Peacock). In Season 2, Wayne Brady (Fox) emerged victorious by defeating “American Idol” champion Chris Daughtry (Rottweiler). The presence of notable contenders like NBA All-Star Victor Oladipo, who amazed audiences as the Thingamajig, adds to the excitement and anticipation for the current season.

Episode 1: White Tiger Steps Into the Spotlight

The third season of The Masked Singer, with Group A in the spotlight, began with a notable performance by the White Tiger. From the outset, many viewers were quick to suspect that the masked singer behind the towering White Tiger costume was none other than Rob Gronkowski. The White Tiger’s towering height compared to other Group A contestants served as a notable clue.

Furthermore, numerous hints and clues further pointed towards Gronkowski’s involvement. In one instance, a clue showcased an image of a cow on skis, subtly referencing Gronkowski’s surname. Clues also made veiled references to the Super Bowl, a stage on which Gronk left a lasting mark, including a dent in the coveted trophy.

The White Tiger’s rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice drew an enthusiastic response, with the masked singer expressing the power and confidence felt during the performance. However, speculation around the White Tiger’s identity extended beyond Gronkowski, as judges Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger floated other possibilities, including wrestler Jon Cena and actor Joseph Momoa.

Notably, the guest judge Jamie Foxx passionately championed the idea that the White Tiger was indeed Gronkowski, drawing connections to the New England Patriots. Foxx’s insights resonated with many fans, suggesting that the White Tiger was likely to be the former football player.

Ultimately, the White Tiger survived the first elimination, while another contestant — the Robot — was unveiled as Lil Wayne.

Episode 2: Gronk Vibrations

In the second episode, actor Jason Biggs (“American Pie”) joined the panel as a guest judge. The White Tiger took the stage once again, this time showcasing their rendition of “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The song choice itself held a clue, as Marky Mark was the stage name for Mark Wahlberg, known as the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block.

Judge Robin Thicke reminded the panel of a clue from the first episode that referenced Abraham Lincoln’s famous phrase “four score and seven years ago.” Thicke interpreted this clue as a nod to Gronkowski, who had been a part of four Super Bowl victories in seven appearances while playing for the New England Patriots. The clue further solidified the growing belief that the White Tiger was indeed Rob Gronkowski.

Guest judge Biggs speculated that wrestling legend Hulk Hogan might be hiding behind the White Tiger mask, while Jeong continued to stick with his wrestling-themed theory. Despite the various guesses, the White Tiger prevailed once again, securing their spot in the next round. Meanwhile, the Llama was unmasked, revealing Drew Carey as the contestant behind the costume.

Upcoming Episodes: The Unmasking Continues

“The Masked Singer” continues to captivate audiences with its captivating performances and thrilling reveals. The show airs on FOX on Wednesday nights, with each episode bringing us closer to uncovering the identities behind the intriguing costumes. As fans eagerly await future installments, the burning question remains: Is Rob Gronkowski truly behind the White Tiger mask? Only time will tell as the exhilarating journey of “The Masked Singer” unfolds.


The mystery surrounding the White Tiger on “The Masked Singer” has sparked a frenzy of speculation, with many viewers convinced that the former New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is the person behind the mask. Clues, performances, and expert opinions all seem to point towards Gronk’s involvement in the show. As the episodes progress, audiences eagerly await the thrilling moment when the White Tiger’s true identity is revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is “The Masked Singer” a live show?

No, “The Masked Singer” is not a live show. The performances are pre-recorded, but the identities of the contestants are kept secret until each episode airs.

2. How do the celebrity judges guess the identities of the masked singers?

The celebrity judges on “The Masked Singer” rely on the clues provided by the performers, their vocal performances, and their overall stage presence to make their guesses. They use their knowledge of pop culture, personal connections, and deductive reasoning to try and uncover who is behind each mask.

3. Are the celebrity judges given any information or hints behind the scenes?

No, the celebrity judges are not given any information or hints about the contestants’ identities behind the scenes. They are in the same boat as the audience and can only rely on the clues and performances presented during the show.

4. How are the eliminated contestants kept secret until their unmasking?

Stringent measures are taken to ensure that the eliminated contestants’ identities remain a secret until their unmasking. They are often accompanied by a team of security personnel and are not allowed to reveal their participation in the show until the episode airs.

5. Is there a prize for the winner of “The Masked Singer”?

While “The Masked Singer” is a thrilling competition, the focus is more on the entertainment value and the speculation surrounding the masked singers’ identities. There is no monetary prize for the winner, but the honor of being crowned the champion is highly esteemed.

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