Unlocking the Future of Collectibles: Sorare MLB Unveils Thrilling NFT Card Auctions

Sorare MLB: An NFT-Based Fantasy Game for Baseball Enthusiasts

Sorare, a renowned platform for NFT-based fantasy games, has made its much-anticipated entrance into Major League Baseball (MLB). On Tuesday, Sorare MLB was officially launched, sending waves of excitement throughout the baseball community. This groundbreaking game allows users to collect unique digital player cards, known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in thrilling fantasy contests featuring their favorite MLB stars.

Collecting the First Free Player Cards

Players who sign up for a Sorare MLB account will be pleasantly surprised with the gift of their first free player cards. These initial cards, which belong to the unlimited common tier, can be utilized in the first fantasy contest of the season, set to begin on Friday. This contest spans from July 22-25 and requires users to assemble a lineup consisting of two pitchers, four hitters, and one flex position.

Earning Points and Expanding Your Card Collection

Similar to traditional fantasy games, points in Sorare MLB are earned based on the performance of real players in their respective MLB games. Every participant in the first contest will receive an additional common card as a reward for their participation. The top 750 users will have the opportunity to add random limited cards to their collection, which belong to a higher tier. This limited tier is where Sorare generates revenue by auctioning additional copies of players from across the league.

The Multi-tiered Card System

Sorare MLB features a multi-tiered card system, starting with the limited tier that consists of 5,000 copies of each player. Notably, the platform commenced auctions by offering the highly sought-after No. 1 serial of each player, starting with names in alphabetical order. Although precise sales figures are undisclosed, it is worth noting that select limited cards, such as those for renowned players like Mike Trout and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., fetched prices exceeding $2,000 at auction.

Expanding beyond limited cards, Sorare offers 1,000 copies of each player at the rare tier and 100 copies at the super rare level. Additionally, the platform has introduced “Unique” NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind cards with only a single copy available. The unique cards kick off with legendary players Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera.

Strategic Gameplay and Card Training

Sorare MLB places emphasis on strategic gameplay, where cards from higher tiers earn more points compared to their common counterparts. Cards from the current MLB season also receive a small bonus, adding to their value. Furthermore, players have the ability to “train” their cards by including them in their lineups, enabling them to accrue even more points over time.

A Thriving Secondary Marketplace

While Sorare continues to focus on enhancing the gameplay experience, the collectability factor remains a vital aspect, contributing to the growth of a robust secondary marketplace. Although the current tournaments do not offer cash rewards, the inherent value of NFTs that aid in achieving victory remains significant. As evidenced by the enthusiastic response from baseball fans, auctions for individual cards are occurring every few seconds, with prices remaining consistently high throughout the day. Even limited cards featuring lesser-known players are fetching prices in excess of $10, while cards of star players command hundreds of dollars.

Sorare: Revolutionizing Fantasy Games with NFTs

Sorare has already made a name for itself in the world of NFT-based fantasy games with its successful soccer (or football) counterpart. With licenses from over 250 soccer clubs worldwide, Sorare has transformed the fantasy gaming landscape and captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts globally. Now, with the much-anticipated launch of Sorare MLB, baseball fans have the opportunity to experience the excitement and competitiveness of fantasy sports in an entirely new way.


Sorare MLB introduces a groundbreaking fusion of fantasy games and NFTs, offering baseball fans an exhilarating experience like never before. Through the platform’s multi-tiered card system and strategic gameplay, users can embrace their passion for the sport while collecting unique digital assets. With a thriving secondary marketplace driven by collectability, Sorare MLB is poised to enhance the way fans engage with their favorite players and teams.


1. Can I participate in Sorare MLB if I am new to fantasy games?

Absolutely! Sorare MLB is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy sports enthusiast or just starting out, you can dive right into the action and enjoy the thrill of competing with others using your favorite MLB players’ NFTs.

2. How can I acquire additional cards to enhance my Sorare MLB collection?

Aside from the free cards received upon signing up, additional cards can be obtained through various means. Participating in weekly tournaments and achieving commendable performances can earn you more cards as rewards. Additionally, Sorare regularly auctions off copies of players from different tiers, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to expand their collections.

3. Can Sorare MLB cards be traded or sold in the future?

Yes, Sorare MLB cards can be traded or sold in the future. As NFTs, these player cards exist on the blockchain, enabling secure ownership and transfer. Whether you wish to trade with other players or sell your cards on the secondary marketplace, you have the flexibility to engage in transactions that suit your preferences.

4. What other sports are covered by Sorare?

While Sorare MLB marks an exciting addition to the platform’s offerings, Sorare initially gained recognition for its soccer (or football) NFT game. With licenses from over 250 soccer clubs worldwide, Sorare provides a comprehensive fantasy gaming experience for football enthusiasts. Stay tuned for potential expansions into additional sports in the future.

5. Are there any special rewards or benefits for top-performing players in Sorare MLB?

Yes, Sorare rewards top-performing players in its weekly tournaments with unique benefits. Apart from the satisfaction of achieving victory, winners can earn additional limited cards for their collections. This incentive encourages players to strategize and compete intensely to secure their place as one of the top performers in each contest.

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