Unlocking the Winning Potential: Canterbury Park’s Irresistible Low Takeout Pick 4

Canterbury Park Introduces Lowest Takeout Wager in North American Racing

In an exciting development, Canterbury Park, located in Minnesota, has announced the introduction of the “Post Time Pick 4” wager with an incredibly low takeout of just 10%. This makes it the lowest takeout among all North American racetracks. The average takeout on multi-race wagers is typically 22%, highlighting the significant advantage Canterbury Park is offering to its bettors.

A Game-Changing Wager for Horseplayers

The Post Time Pick 4 will be available starting from May 18, coinciding with the opening of Canterbury Park’s 65-day meet. With a minimum wager requirement of just 50 cents, this exciting betting option will be accessible from the first race of the day. By offering such a low takeout, Canterbury Park aims to revolutionize the wagering experience for horseplayers, ensuring they receive maximum payouts on their winning bets.

Unprecedented Low Takeout Pick 5

In addition to the groundbreaking Post Time Pick 4, Canterbury Park is also bringing back the 50-cent Pick 5 with an incredibly low takeout of just 10%. This makes it the wager with the lowest takeout among similar bets in the entire country. The success of the Pick 5 in the past two seasons has drawn significant attention to Canterbury Park’s racing product, resulting in increased interest and additional play outside of the Pick 5 pool.

Record Handle and Forward-Thinking Approach

Canterbury Park’s strategic focus on enhancing the wagering experience becomes evident when examining its recent achievements. The racetrack experienced an impressive 8.4% increase in average daily handle in the previous year, building upon a remarkable 110% growth during the COVID-shortened 2020 season. These outstanding results contributed to Canterbury Park’s record-breaking $90.9 million handle in 2021.

Understanding the Importance of Takeout

The introduction of the Post Time Pick 4 reflects Canterbury Park’s forward-thinking approach and its commitment to addressing the concerns of horseplayers. Takeout, the portion of the wager that goes to the track before payout, has long been a source of frustration for bettors. With the Post Time Pick 4’s remarkably low takeout, this wager not only appeals to the betting public but also highlights Canterbury Park’s start time, which falls within a more competitive time slot according to the 2022 calendar.

Replacing Disappointing Pick 6 with a More User-Friendly Wager

The decision to replace the track’s 10% takeout $1 Pick Six wager with the Post Time Pick 4 is a strategic move by Canterbury Park. Despite high expectations, the Pick Six only accounted for a mere 0.6% of the total handle, failing to generate substantial interest among bettors. In contrast, the Post Time Pick 4 is designed to be more user-friendly and financially accessible, making it an ideal choice for horseplayers.


Canterbury Park’s introduction of the Post Time Pick 4, featuring a remarkably low takeout of 10%, is a game-changer in the world of North American racing. By offering the lowest takeout wager among all tracks, Canterbury Park is revolutionizing the betting experience for horseplayers, ensuring they have the opportunity to maximize their payouts. This forward-thinking approach, coupled with the track’s commendable record handle growth, solidifies Canterbury Park’s position as a leader in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of Canterbury Park’s low takeout wager?

Canterbury Park’s low takeout wager, such as the Post Time Pick 4 and Pick 5, is noteworthy as it offers horseplayers the opportunity to receive higher payouts on their winning bets. This low takeout strategy sets the racetrack apart from others, attracting bettors looking for maximum returns.

2. How does the Post Time Pick 4 differ from the Pick Six wager?

The Post Time Pick 4 replaces the underperforming Pick Six wager at Canterbury Park. Unlike the Pick Six, which accounted for only 0.6% of the total handle, the Post Time Pick 4 is designed to be more user-friendly and financially accessible. This change aims to provide a more enticing betting option for horseplayers.

3. What impact did the Pick 5 have on Canterbury Park’s racing product?

The Pick 5 has been a tremendous success at Canterbury Park, drawing attention to the racetrack’s racing product and generating additional play outside of the Pick 5 pool. Its availability with a 10% takeout, the lowest in the country, has significantly contributed to the track’s growing handle.

4. How does Canterbury Park’s approach to takeout benefit horseplayers?

By offering extraordinarily low takeout percentages on their wagers, Canterbury Park demonstrates its commitment to horseplayers. This approach provides bettors with the opportunity to increase their potential winnings, making the wagering experience more appealing and rewarding.

5. Will Canterbury Park’s new wager options attract more bettors?

Canterbury Park’s introduction of the Post Time Pick 4 and the continuation of the Pick 5 with low takeouts are expected to attract a significant number of new bettors. The appeal of higher payouts and the user-friendly nature of these wagers are likely to increase participation and further enhance Canterbury Park’s status in North American racing.

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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