Unstoppable England: Women’s Euro Triumph as Record-breaking 8-0 Victory Propels Them into Quarterfinals

The Lionesses’ Record-Breaking Victory at Euro 2022

England made history at the European Championships by recording the biggest victory ever seen in the tournament. In their Group A clash against Norway, the Lionesses secured an outstanding 8-0 win, propelling them into the quarterfinals after just two group matches. This remarkable triumph not only showcased their dominance on the field but also highlighted their potential to go all the way in the competition.

A Dominating Performance

From the outset, England exhibited their superiority on the pitch, scoring an impressive nine goals while conceding none in their opening two games at Euro 2022. The resilience and attacking prowess demonstrated by the Lionesses have established them as a real threat to other teams vying for the coveted championship title.

Beth Mead played a starring role in England’s victory, delivering an inspiring hat-trick that showcased her exceptional skills. The crowd of 28,847 spectators in Brighton erupted with cheers and applause as Mead’s remarkable goals left Norway’s defense scrambling.

The Lionesses’ Unstoppable Momentum

England’s triumph against Norway solidified their position as group leaders. Even before their final group match against Northern Ireland, the Lionesses were guaranteed to finish at the top, signaling their unyielding momentum and superior form. Under the guidance of coach Sarina Wiegman, England has enjoyed an impressive 16-game unbeaten streak, winning 14 matches and drawing two.

Beth Mead, who played a pivotal role in the victory, expressed her joy and admiration for the team. She emphasized her love for the sport and the incredible feeling of being part of a remarkable squad. Mead’s enthusiasm and dedication mirror the spirit within the entire team, as they continue to excel and relish every minute on the pitch.

Quarterfinal Hopes and Potential Rivals

The Lionesses’ triumph has secured their place in the quarterfinals of Euro 2022. As they await the conclusion of the match between Austria and Norway, England prepares to face the second-place team from Group A. Both Austria and Norway are tied at three points each, setting the stage for an intense battle to determine who will move forward in the tournament.

England’s Rising Odds for Victory

Prior to the start of the championships, England had solid odds of +400 to win the Euros, placing them alongside France and just behind Spain at +300. However, unforeseen circumstances have altered the landscape of the competition. Spain’s Alexia Putellas suffered a last-minute injury, impacting their chances and subsequently shifting the odds. The Spanish national team, originally considered one of the frontrunners, now stands as a third-favorite at +350.

Surprisingly, the bookmakers have taken notice of England’s outstanding performance, leading to a decrease in their odds. The Lionesses are now regarded as one of the top contenders with odds of +300, closely behind France at +275. This adjustment accurately reflects the team’s strength and their potential to hoist the trophy at Wembley on July 31.

Beth Mead: The Unexpected Frontrunner

Beth Mead’s exceptional performance has not only contributed to England’s victory but has also made her a standout candidate for the Golden Boot of the Euros. Despite not being initially considered among the top contenders, Mead has risen to the forefront with odds of +125, making her the favorite for the prestigious accolade. She is closely followed by Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Grace Geyoro at +500, while Ellen White, the initial favorite at +400, now finds herself in fourth position with odds of +550.


England’s record-breaking victory against Norway serves as a testament to the Lionesses’ extraordinary prowess and potential at Euro 2022. Their dominant display on the field, coupled with the impressive form they have exhibited throughout the tournament, places them firmly among the top contenders vying for the championship title. With their sights now set on the quarterfinals and beyond, the Lionesses are poised to carve their place in history.


1. How many goals did England score in their opening two games at Euro 2022?

England scored a total of nine goals in their first two matches at Euro 2022.

2. Who scored a hat-trick in England’s victory against Norway?

Beth Mead delivered an inspiring hat-trick, contributing significantly to England’s resounding victory against Norway.

3. What is England’s current unbeaten run under coach Sarina Wiegman?

England has enjoyed a remarkable 16-game unbeaten streak under the tutelage of coach Sarina Wiegman, winning 14 matches and drawing two.

4. Who will England face in the quarterfinals of Euro 2022?

The opponent of England’s quarterfinal match will be determined by the fixture between Austria and Norway, the second-place teams from Group A.

5. Who are the frontrunners for the Golden Boot of the Euros?

Beth Mead has emerged as the favorite for the Golden Boot, followed by Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Grace Geyoro. Ellen White, the initial favorite, currently stands in fourth position.

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