Updated Injury Report for Super Bowl 56: CJ Uzomah and Tyler Higbee Sidelined with MCL Sprains

The Impact of Tight End Injuries on the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals


The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals are facing a critical challenge as they prepare for the Super Bowl. Both teams have been hit with injuries to their starting tight ends. Tyler Higbee of the Rams and CJ Uzomah of the Bengals both suffered knee injuries during Sunday’s games. As they aim to recover in time for the Super Bowl, let’s explore the details of these injuries and their potential impact on the teams’ performances.

Tyler Higbee’s Injury and Road to Recovery

In the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, Tyler Higbee, the tight end for the Los Angeles Rams, endured an MCL sprain. This injury forced him to leave the game prematurely, leaving Rams fans concerned about his availability for the upcoming Super Bowl. Higbee has been an integral part of the Rams’ offense, with 61 receptions for 560 yards and five touchdowns during the regular season. As Matthew Stafford’s second favorite target, his absence would undoubtedly be felt on the field.

Head coach Sean McVay expressed optimism regarding Higbee’s return, highlighting his toughness and the team’s commitment to helping him recover. If Higbee’s injury allows him to play in the Super Bowl, it would be a significant boost to the Rams’ offensive strategy.

In Higbee’s absence during the NFC Championship Game, Kendall Blanton stepped up as the next man in line. Blanton showcased his expertise with five catches for 57 yards and even made a pivotal 20-yard reception on a well-executed flea-flicker play. Although Blanton may not have received as many reps as Higbee before the game, his mental preparation and execution demonstrated his value as a reliable backup. Blanton previously made an impact in the Rams’ upset victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the divisional round, where he secured his first postseason touchdown.

CJ Uzomah’s Injury and Potential Return

The AFC Championship Game brought unfortunate news for the Cincinnati Bengals when CJ Uzomah, their starting tight end, suffered a distressing injury. Uzomah left the game in the first quarter, visibly hampered by a knee ailment. He required assistance from a cart to leave the field and was subsequently ruled out for the remainder of the game. Despite his absence, the Bengals achieved a remarkable overtime victory, further fueling their hopes of reaching the Super Bowl.

Uzomah, who played a crucial role in the Bengals’ postseason run, accumulating 13 catches for 135 yards and a touchdown before his injury, expressed confidence in his potential return. An MRI revealed an MCL sprain, which mirrored Higbee’s injury. With his knowledge of the team’s capable training staff, Uzomah remained optimistic and determined to contribute to the Bengals’ pursuit of a Super Bowl appearance.

In Uzomah’s absence during the AFC Championship Game, Drew Sample was called upon to fill the void. Although Sample’s contributions were limited during the regular season, with just 11 receptions for 81 yards and no touchdowns, he stepped up to provide support. Despite catching only one pass for four yards against the Chiefs, Sample’s role in the Bengals’ offense cannot be overlooked.

The Impact on Super Bowl Odds

The injuries to Higbee and Uzomah have undoubtedly impacted the Super Bowl odds for their respective teams. With the Rams considered favorites in the matchup against the Bengals, the injury to Higbee may raise concerns among fans and bettors alike. However, the Rams’ advantage of playing on their home field at SoFi Stadium could potentially offset this uncertainty.

It is essential to note that the initial line for the Super Bowl favored the Rams with a +4 point spread. However, following the news of Higbee’s injury, the line shifted slightly to +4.5. This adjustment suggests that bookmakers have taken Higbee’s potential absence into account when determining the point spread.

On the other side, the Bengals, who opened as underdogs, will need to adapt to Uzomah’s potential absence. However, their remarkable postseason run, coupled with the team’s ability to overcome adversity, has undoubtedly earned them respect and enhanced their chances to compete in the Super Bowl.


The injuries suffered by Tyler Higbee of the Los Angeles Rams and CJ Uzomah of the Cincinnati Bengals have presented challenging obstacles for both teams as they prepare for the Super Bowl. The potential absence of these starting tight ends could significantly impact their respective offenses. However, the resilience and depth of their backup options, Kendall Blanton for the Rams and Drew Sample for the Bengals, cannot be overlooked.

While the teams’ Super Bowl odds may have fluctuated due to these injuries, the determination and talent exhibited by both the Rams and Bengals throughout the postseason provide hope for their continued success. The countdown to Super Bowl Sunday is filled with uncertainty, but fans eagerly await witnessing the resilience and adaptability of these teams in pursuit of the ultimate victory.


1. Will Tyler Higbee be able to play in the Super Bowl?

While Higbee suffered an MCL sprain during the NFC Championship Game, his toughness and determination, alongside the dedicated efforts of the Rams’ medical staff, make his return a possibility. Rams fans remain hopeful that Higbee will be able to suit up for the Super Bowl.

2. How did Kendall Blanton perform in Tyler Higbee’s absence?

As the next man up for the Rams, Kendall Blanton showcased his skills and reliability during Higbee’s absence in the NFC Championship Game. Blanton’s five receptions for 57 yards, including a pivotal 20-yard reception on a trick play, demonstrated his ability to contribute to the team’s offensive strategies.

3. Can CJ Uzomah recover in time for the Super Bowl?

Uzomah’s MRI revealed an MCL sprain, similar to Higbee’s injury. However, Uzomah’s familiarity with the Bengals’ training staff, combined with his determination, raises hopes for his potential return to aid the team in their pursuit of a Super Bowl appearance.

4. Who will fill CJ Uzomah’s role in the Bengals’ offense?

To compensate for Uzomah’s potential absence, backup tight end Drew Sample is expected to step up and contribute to the Bengals’ offensive game plan. Sample’s limited regular-season statistics do not fully reflect his ability to make an impact when given the opportunity.

5. How have the injuries affected the Super Bowl odds for both teams?

The injuries to Higbee and Uzomah have influenced the Super Bowl odds for their respective teams. Bookmakers have slightly adjusted the point spread, reflecting the uncertainty surrounding the potential absence of these starting tight ends. However, the resilient performances of both the Rams and Bengals throughout the postseason have kept the game’s outcome unpredictable.

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