Vegas Myths Busted: Showgirls Still Dance on the Strip

Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, is known for its vibrant nightlife. It’s a city that never sleeps, and it’s not just because of the casinos and parties but the legendary performances of the Showgirls. Showgirls have long been a staple in Las Vegas’s history of entertainment, and their sensational performances on the strip have been imprinted in our minds. However, there are several misconceptions and cliché assumptions associated with the topic of showgirls in Vegas. In this article, we will debunk the myths surrounding showgirls and provide you with a behind-the-scenes look into the showgirl industry. Join us as we explore the truth about showgirls in Las Vegas and discover the evolution of their performances.

Showgirls: Past vs. Present

When we think of showgirls, we might conjure up visions of classic performances from the 1950s and 60s, with dancers adorned in feather headdresses and extravagant costumes. While the glamour of these performances might still linger in our collective consciousness, the reality of modern-day Las Vegas showgirls is something different entirely.

The showgirl industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent decades, moving away from traditional performances and incorporating a more contemporary style. Gone are the extravagant headdresses and complicated choreography, replaced by high-energy dance routines and theatrical productions that incorporate advanced technology.

For example, the show “Jubilee!” at Bally’s, once famous for its large cast of showgirls, is now a more immersive theatrical experience that incorporates acrobatics, projection mapping, and even elements of pop music. While the evolution of the showgirl industry might seem like a dramatic departure from its origins, it is the result of changing times and audience expectations.

Ultimately, the modern showgirl is a product of her environment and the times. While the classic showgirl of yesteryear might still hold a place in our hearts, the contemporary performers of today are no less talented or impressive. The ongoing evolution of the showgirl industry is a testament to its resilience and adaptability.

The Reality of Being a Showgirl

It’s easy to assume that being a showgirl in Las Vegas is all glitz and glamour. However, the reality behind the scenes is quite different. Modern showgirls are required to be versatile performers with extensive formal training and a commitment to the craft.

To get a better understanding of what it truly takes to become a showgirl, we spoke to a few of them for an exclusive insight into their lives. We discovered that showgirl culture is a lot more than just dancing. Simply keeping up with the regimen of costumes, hair, makeup, and rehearsals is challenging, not to mention the sacrifices performers have to make every day.

But for these ladies, the payoff is worth every sacrifice. They spoke candidly about the fulfillment they derive from being a showgirl. Every aspect of it becomes an integral part of their lives, which instills a sense of pride in them.

Being a modern showgirl can be rewarding, but it is not all glitz and glam. It requires immense dedication to perfecting their art form, both on and off the stage.

The Showgirl Industry

Las Vegas is known for its extravagant and glamorous showgirl performances. Many individuals enjoy attending these shows, yet few understand the complexity of the showgirl industry. A showgirl production is far more than just a girl wearing a feathered headdress and sparkly outfit dancing on a stage. The anatomy of a showgirl production is much more intricate; there are many moving parts involved.

Costumes, hair, and makeup are all carefully planned and executed to achieve the desired effect. Showgirl productions require team spirit and hard work, with all people involved in the production having a specific role to play, from the costume designers to the makeup artists.

The truth is that the showgirl industry is constantly evolving and has come a long way since its early days. New trends continue to emerge, and technology leads to more creativity and innovation. With the rise of digital performances, it’s possible that the showgirl industry will become even more elaborate, with visual effects and themes taking the forefront.

As the industry continues to evolve, the showgirl production will no doubt continue to bring joy and excitement to audiences worldwide. The future of the showgirl industry looks bright, with young new performers and fresh ideas being incorporated into the shows. The entertainment industry will always change, but the showgirl will forever remain a staple of Las Vegas excitement.

Debunking Showgirl Myths

Las Vegas is known for its showgirl performances, which have been part of the city’s entertainment scene for decades. However, there are many myths about showgirls that are not true. These myths often affect the public’s perception of the industry, leading to negative connotations about being a showgirl. It’s time to challenge these myths and provide a better understanding of what it takes to be a showgirl in modern-day Vegas.

  • Myth: Showgirls are only hired for their looks.
  • Truth: Showgirls must have years of experience in dance or performance art and undergo grueling training regimes to qualify for a position.
  • Myth: Showgirls are just glorified strippers.
  • Truth: Showgirls are performers who are required to master dance routines and, in some cases, sing with the performance group. They are past the exotic dancing line.
  • Myth: All showgirl performances are sexualized
  • Truth: Although some showgirl performances will have sensual and erotic overtones, most performances aim to tell a story, deliver an impactful message, and showcase intricate and challenging dance routines.
  • Myth: Only attractive, younger women can be showgirls.
  • Truth: While the industry and the audiences demand beauty, experience, and dance talent are always the most vital factors in being chosen to become a showgirl.

A better understanding of the showgirl industry will help unburden the industry of its unnecessary negative connotations. Being a showgirl, like any other entertainment career, calls for dedicated professionals who devote their time and passion to create high-quality performances that make an enormous contribution to Las Vegas entertainment.


Throughout this article, we have debunked various myths about showgirls in Las Vegas. We debunked the misconception that showgirls no longer perform on the Strip, and we provided you with an inside look at the reality of being a showgirl in modern-day Vegas.

The showgirl industry has changed drastically over the years, and we have detailed some of the ways this is so. We spoke to actual showgirls to give you a firsthand look at this exciting and sometimes challenging profession.

Despite its drawbacks and controversies, the showgirl industry looks to have a bright future. With the rise of innovative technology and modern-day spectacle, the sky is truly the limit for showgirl productions on the Strip.

So, the next time you encounter such myths, we encourage you to keep an open mind about the topic. There is so much more to the showgirl industry than meets the eye!


  1. Are showgirls still a prevalent part of Las Vegas entertainment?

    Yes, showgirls continue to play a significant role in Las Vegas entertainment. Although the nature of their performances has evolved, they still remain a beloved attraction on the Strip.

  2. Do showgirls have to meet specific physical requirements?

    While there are no set physical requirements, showgirls often have to meet certain height and weight standards. This is because their costumes are often tailored to fit a specific look, and they must appear symmetrical and proportionate on stage.

  3. Are showgirls treated differently from other performers in Las Vegas?

    No, showgirls are treated just like any other performer in Las Vegas. They often receive the same pay and benefits as other cast members, and they are held to the same standards of professionalism.

  4. Is being a showgirl a financially stable career?

    It depends on the level of success the showgirl achieves. Some showgirls can make a comfortable living, while others may struggle financially. It can also depend on the stability of the show they are performing in and the overall demand for showgirls in the industry at the time.

  5. Is there a future for showgirls in Las Vegas?

    Yes, there is a future for showgirls in Las Vegas. While the industry has changed over the years, showgirls continue to be a beloved part of the city’s cultural heritage and entertainment scene. As long as there is a demand for their performances, showgirls will continue to have a place on the Strip.

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