Warriors Injury Woes Continue: Payton II and Brooks

Dillon Brooks’ Aggressive Foul Leaves Gary Payton II with Fractured Elbow

In a heated Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors, Dillon Brooks from the Grizzlies committed a forceful foul on the Warriors’ Gary Payton II, resulting in a fractured left elbow for Payton. This incident occurred as the Grizzlies had taken an early 8-0 lead in the game.

A Physical Play Interrupts A Promising Move

During a fast break, Draymond Green of the Warriors dribbled the ball up the court and spotted Payton wide open, sprinting towards the basket. Green made a precise midcourt pass, allowing Payton to catch the ball inside the paint. Payton, ready for a potential dunk, took one powerful dribble and rose up. However, just as he was about to release the ball, Brooks delivered a body blow to Payton, disrupting his shot attempt and causing him to crash to the floor.

While Payton initially appeared to injure his wrist while trying to break his fall, the impact with the hardwood resulted in a fractured left elbow.

A Flagrant Foul and Ejection for Brooks

In response to Brooks’ aggressive play, the officials called a flagrant foul on him, leading to his ejection from the game. The intensity of the situation was evident as Warriors head coach Steve Kerr vehemently expressed his dissatisfaction with the foul. His expletive-laden outburst towards Brooks was captured by on-court microphones, reflecting the frustration and anger caused by the incident.

The Impact on the Game and Teams

Despite the Grizzlies’ victory with a final score of 106-101, the absence of Payton was keenly felt by the Warriors. With Payton out, the team lacked his presence on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. The high-scoring performance of Ja Morant, who contributed 47 points for the Grizzlies, played a crucial role in their triumph.

Kerr Labels Brooks’ Foul as a Violation of the Unspoken “Code”

Following the game, Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Warriors, didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion on the foul. Kerr characterized the play as dirty and suggested that it likely violated an unspoken “code” among players. According to Kerr, this unwritten code emphasizes not endangering an opponent’s season or career by delivering aggressive and potentially injurious blows. In this case, Kerr firmly believed that Brooks had crossed the line and broken this code.

A Defender’s Defenseless Prey

Steph Curry, one of the star players of the Warriors, echoed Kerr’s sentiments, emphasizing the vulnerability of a player going up for a layup against a defensive opponent. Curry condemned the forceful nature of Brooks’ play, describing it as a huge windup that ultimately resulted in the fracture of Payton’s elbow. The impact of the foul was undeniable, as it forced Payton out of the game, disrupting not only his personal performance but also the overall strategy of the Warriors.

Game 2: A Collision of Physicality

Anticipated to be a physical matchup, Game 2 lived up to expectations, with the sparks ignited by a controversial incident involving Draymond Green in Game 1. In that game, Green forcefully pulled down Brandon Clarke of the Grizzlies and, realizing the extent of his aggression, tried to prevent Clarke from hitting the floor hard. Despite Green’s efforts, the officials called a flagrant foul and ejected him from the match.

The Acceptance of Physicality in Playoff Basketball

Coach Kerr emphasized the nature of playoff basketball, highlighting the expectation of heightened physicality and intense competition. In this emotionally charged environment, players are expected to fight for every possession and push their limits to secure victory. The incidents involving Green and Brooks serve to illustrate the fine line between acceptable physicality and foul play.

A Wounded Warrior

Adding to the drama of Game 2, Green sustained an injury early on after an accidental elbow struck him above his right eye. The impact caused a cut that required attention from the team’s medical staff. Green temporarily left the court to have the injury examined and treated. Upon his return, Green found himself at the receiving end of negative and hostile reactions from the Memphis crowd. Responding in frustration, Green made an inappropriate gesture towards the spectators, which will likely result in a fine from the league.

In defense of his actions, Green pointed out that he was simply reacting to the hostile environment created by the fans. Feeling mistreated, Green argued that his response was justified, considering the circumstances.


Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors will be remembered for the controversial and aggressive foul committed by Dillon Brooks on Gary Payton II, resulting in a fractured elbow for Payton. The incident sparked heated reactions from both sides, with Steve Kerr emphasizing the violation of an unwritten code and the importance of player safety. The physicality on display throughout the game, including Green’s injury and subsequent response, added further intensity to the matchup.


1. How long is Gary Payton II expected to be sidelined due to his fractured elbow?

While the exact timeline for his recovery has not been disclosed, a fracture of the elbow can typically require several weeks to heal. Payton will undergo medical evaluation and treatment to determine the appropriate course of action.

2. Will Dillon Brooks face any disciplinary action for his aggressive foul?

As per NBA rules, the league will review the incident and determine if any further disciplinary action, such as a suspension or fine, is warranted. The severity and intent of the foul will likely influence the league’s decision.

3. How did Ja Morant’s exceptional performance impact the outcome of Game 2?

Ja Morant’s incredible scoring display of 47 points played a pivotal role in the Memphis Grizzlies’ victory. His offensive prowess significantly contributed to the team’s overall point total and created a gap that the Warriors struggled to overcome.

4. Is there a chance for reconciliation between the teams after these heated incidents?

While tensions may remain high, professional athletes often find a way to move past such incidents and focus on the game. As the series progresses, the teams might channel their energy into strategic gameplay and put the events of Game 2 behind them.

5. How will the absence of Gary Payton II impact the Warriors’ rotation?

With Payton’s absence, the Warriors will need to adapt their lineup and rotation to compensate for the gap in their roster. Coach Kerr may call upon other players to step up and take on increased responsibilities to fill the void left by Payton’s injury.

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