Warriors’ Rising Star Wiggins Leads to 3-2 Lead in NBA Finals

Warriors Thrive Despite Curry’s Off Night

If I were to inform you that Steph Curry had a dismal 0-for-9 performance from beyond the arc, breaking his impressive 233-game 3-pointer streak, you would naturally assume that the Boston Celtics emerged victorious over the Golden State Warriors on that night. However, the opposite unfolded in Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals, as the Warriors triumphed over the Celtics with a 104-94 score, thanks to an outstanding display by Andrew Wiggins.

Warriors Take the Lead in the Series

After securing a victory in Game 5, the Warriors have now taken a 3-2 lead in the series, positioning themselves just one win away from claiming the championship title.

Curry’s Scoring Takes a Backseat

In Game 4, Curry was in top form, tallying a remarkable 43 points. However, in Game 5, he experienced an off night and managed to score only 16 points. Surprisingly, the Warriors did not heavily rely on Curry’s offensive prowess to secure the win. Instead, Klay Thompson contributed 21 points, and Andrew Wiggins delivered an impressive performance with 26 points. Additionally, the bench players Gary Payton II and Jordan Poole combined for 29 points, providing valuable support in sealing the victory.

Celtics Fail to Bounce Back

Unlike their previous playoff games in 2022, where they boasted a 7-0 record after a loss, the Celtics were unable to bounce back following their defeat in Game 5. This setback became a crucial turning point in the series.

Game 6 Preview

With Game 6 scheduled to take place in Boston’s TD Garden, the Celtics initially opened as -3 favorites. However, the betting line shifted overnight, resulting in the Celtics being listed as -4 favorites. The pressure is on them to prevail in their home court and force a decisive Game 7.

Championship Odds

As the series reaches its climax, the Warriors currently stand as strong favorites to win the 2022 NBA Championship with -360 odds. They only need one more victory in the remaining two games to secure the title. On the other hand, the Celtics face an uphill battle as underdogs with +290 odds, requiring a win in Game 6 and a subsequent triumph on the road in San Francisco to secure the championship.

The Impact of Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins played a crucial role in the Warriors’ success during Game 5. Recognizing the team’s need for a strong presence under the basket, Wiggins embraced his role as a rebounding force throughout the postseason. His efforts have earned him the distinction of being the top rebounder in the NBA Finals, averaging an impressive 9.4 rebounds per game. Despite his struggles from beyond the arc in Game 5, going 0-for-6, Wiggins displayed efficiency with his inside shooting, making 12 of his 17 attempts. Head coach Steve Kerr praised Wiggins for his athleticism, defensive skills, and versatility, expressing surprise at the magnitude of his contributions. Wiggins, once labeled a bust during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, has found a perfect fit with the Warriors, thriving in their winning culture and benefiting from the support of his teammates.

The Celtics’ Struggles

While the Celtics managed to perform well in the third quarter of Game 5, outscoring the Warriors, they faced significant challenges in finding points throughout the rest of the game. In particular, their performance in the fourth quarter proved detrimental, as they struggled to execute their plays effectively. Additionally, turnovers plagued the Celtics, with 18 committed throughout the game, including 15 from their starting five. The Warriors capitalized on these mistakes, converting them into 22 points, 12 of which came from fastbreak opportunities. Al Horford expressed disappointment in their inability to sustain their momentum, acknowledging missed opportunities and a return to earlier game patterns. The Celtics’ success in the postseason has been closely tied to their ability to limit turnovers, as they hold a 13-2 record when committing 15 or fewer. However, when they exceed this threshold, the Celtics have suffered, going 0-7 in such games, including Game 5. Jayson Tatum continued to excel from beyond the arc, contributing 27 points, while Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown added 20 and 18 points, respectively. However, their collective struggles from downtown, combined with a lackluster performance from the bench, contributed to their defeat.


The Golden State Warriors showcased their resiliency in Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals, defying expectations despite Steph Curry’s off night. Andrew Wiggins rose to the occasion, providing a stellar performance that propelled the Warriors to victory. On the other hand, the Celtics faced difficulties capitalizing on their moments of success and were hampered by turnovers. As the series shifts to Game 6, the pressure is on the Celtics to rebound and secure a home win to force a decisive Game 7. Meanwhile, the Warriors are on the brink of claiming the championship, needing just one more victory to cement their place in NBA history.


1. Can the Celtics turn the tide and win the championship?

It is undoubtedly a challenging task for the Celtics at this stage. They must secure a victory in Game 6 and then overcome the odds by defeating the Warriors on their home court in Game 7. While it is not impossible, it will require an exceptional display of skill and determination from the Celtics.

2. How has Andrew Wiggins’ performance impacted the Warriors?

Andrew Wiggins has played a pivotal role in the Warriors’ success. His rebounding skills, defensive contributions, and versatility have provided a much-needed boost to the team. Wiggins’ ability to step up and deliver strong performances, even on nights when Curry struggles, has been instrumental in the Warriors’ journey to the cusp of the championship.

3. What are the betting odds for the remaining games?

The Warriors currently enjoy favoritism with -360 odds to win the 2022 NBA Championship. They only need one more victory to claim the title. On the other hand, the Celtics face an uphill battle as underdogs with +290 odds, requiring two consecutive wins to secure the championship.

4. How have turnovers affected the Celtics’ performance?

The Celtics’ struggles with turnovers have proven detrimental to their success. In games where they commit 15 or fewer turnovers, they boast an impressive record, but their fortunes take a turn for the worse when turnovers exceed this threshold. Game 5 highlighted the consequences of their 18 turnovers, as the Warriors capitalized on these mistakes and converted them into valuable points.

5. What has made the Warriors such a formidable team?

The Warriors’ winning culture, combined with the right mix of players, has contributed to their formidable status. Alongside the brilliance of star players like Steph Curry, the team benefits from a system that puts players in positions to succeed. The Warriors’ ability to draw out the best in their players has made them a dominant force within the NBA.

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