Whale Watch: Mattress Mack’s Million-Dollar Gamble on Bengals

Mattress Mack’s Million-Dollar Bet on Cincinnati Bengals

Mattress Mack, also known as Jim McIngvale, a Houston-based furniture store salesman, has once again made headlines with his seven-figure bet, but this time on the NFL playoffs. He placed a whopping $1.1 million wager on the Cincinnati Bengals to win $1 million in their AFC Divisional round game against the Tennessee Titans.

The Bengals as Underdogs

Mattress Mack went against the odds and backed the Cincinnati Bengals as underdogs with a +3.5 point spread. He made this daring bet at Caesars Sportsbook in Colorado, hoping for a favorable outcome in the NFL playoffs.

The Bengals, seeded fourth, faced the top-seeded Titans in Nashville on Saturday. It was the first of the four games scheduled for the weekend’s NFL Divisional matchups. While the Titans enjoyed a well-deserved rest after a bye week, the Bengals showed their strength by defeating the Las Vegas Raiders in the AFC Wild Card round.

Despite recent losses, Mattress Mack’s love for taking risks is evident. In early January, he made headlines when he lost $4.7 million betting on Alabama in the College Football National Championship game. However, this loss was part of a hedging and marketing strategy. Mattress Mack had offered customers a chance to win free furniture if Alabama won, a promotion that ultimately paid off in increased sales.

Mattress Mack’s Previous Bets and Adventures

Mattress Mack is no stranger to making big wagers. In 2019, he famously placed six-figure moneyline bets and million-dollar wagers on his beloved Houston Astros to win the World Series. Although he lost $13 million overall, he managed to recoup his losses through increased furniture sales during the promotion.

The NFL playoffs have also seen Mattress Mack in action. In a previous year, he lost $1 million on the Tennessee Titans and placed another substantial bet against Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl 54. However, his luck turned around at Super Bowl 55 when he successfully wagered on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Outside of football and baseball, Mattress Mack has also ventured into other sports. During the 2021 March Madness men’s college basketball tournament, he placed a $1 million bet on the Houston Cougars to win the championship, only to miss out on $9 million as Gonzaga emerged as the victors. Additionally, Mattress Mack has shown his love for horse racing, placing a $10,000 futures bet on Smile Happy in the Kentucky Derby and a hefty $2.4 million bet on Essential Quality to win the race.


Mattress Mack’s latest million-dollar bet on the Cincinnati Bengals demonstrates his unwavering passion for sports and willingness to take risks. While recent bets may not have gone his way, his previous triumphs have proved that his unparalleled spirit and love for action are unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Mattress Mack?

Mattress Mack, whose real name is Jim McIngvale, is a Houston-based furniture store salesman known for his extravagant sports bets and marketing promotions.

2. How did Mattress Mack’s bet on the Cincinnati Bengals turn out?

The outcome of Mattress Mack’s bet on the Cincinnati Bengals is yet to be determined. As an underdog, the Bengals face a tough challenge against the top-seeded Tennessee Titans.

3. Has Mattress Mack made successful bets in the past?

Yes, Mattress Mack has had both wins and losses in his betting adventures. Notably, he correctly wagered on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55 and supported the Houston Astros during their World Series run.

4. What other sports has Mattress Mack bet on?

Aside from football and baseball, Mattress Mack has also placed bets on college basketball, horse racing, and other sporting events.

5. How does Mattress Mack fund his extravagant bets?

Mattress Mack’s ability to place large bets stems from his successful furniture business. Promotional campaigns, such as “Win It All,” have also helped him offset potential losses and generate substantial sales.

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