XFL’s Revival: New Host Cities Aim for Redemption

The XFL’s Pursuit of Vindication: Can It Succeed This Time?

Recently, the XFL, a professional football spring league, made an exciting announcement, revealing the eight cities that will host its teams for the upcoming season. Coaches have been assigned, and Ticketmaster is preparing to sell tickets for the anticipated 43-game season. However, the road to success has never been smooth for this troubled league. Despite its plans, the XFL needs to overcome significant challenges to find vindication.

The Hopeful New Ownership

In August 2020, the XFL found new owners in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Redbird Capital. This acquisition marked the third attempt to revive the league, and the new owners are determined to make it work this time. With the charismatic presence of Dwayne Johnson, they hope to bring a fresh energy and enthusiasm to the league.

Struggles in Staying Solvent

While starting a season has never been an issue for the XFL, staying financially stable throughout the season has been a daunting challenge. This has been the downfall of the league in the past. However, the current ownership is working hard to address this problem, setting their sights on long-term success.

XFL Host Cities: Focused on Texas

When the XFL announced its eight host cities, notable sports markets like New York, New Jersey, and California did not make the list. Similarly, cities with a rich sports history like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Chicago were also absent. However, Texas emerged as the frontrunner, with three of the league’s eight teams set to call the Lone Star State home.

San Antonio, Houston, and Arlington will be hosting XFL teams next season. In a strategic move, the league’s headquarters will also be established in Arlington. Additionally, since the teams have yet to secure practice fields, all preseason activities will take place in Arlington. The remaining host cities are Orlando, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas.

Potential XFL Prop Bets

As the anticipation builds for the XFL’s upcoming season, speculations about the league’s success are skyrocketing. It is only a matter of time before prop bets associated with the XFL’s performance emerge. Two potential prop bets we might see soon include:

1. Will the XFL fail before the start of the second season?
2. Will the USFL and XFL merge?

Given the troubled history of spring football leagues, it may seem unlikely that two leagues would simultaneously thrive. However, this time around, factors such as solid financial backing and reputable partnerships could make a difference for one or both these leagues.

The USFL Factor

The current iteration of the USFL, another spring football league, has significant financial support, with FOX Sports as its partner. On the other hand, the XFL has Redbird Capital, an investment firm that holds ownership in esteemed sports organizations like the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

In the past, attendance presented a challenge for the USFL, with its regular-season games confined to Birmingham. In contrast, the XFL plans to play games at all its host cities, except for Las Vegas, which is yet to finalize a home stadium. Expanding the reach of games could potentially boost in-person attendance. However, it also carries the risk of increased costs.

One advantage the USFL possesses is player contracts locked in for two years, which could make it harder for the XFL to recruit talent for its 2023 season. Additionally, sportsbooks and bettors are already familiar with the USFL, having offered betting options in 15 states during its previous season. This familiarity has proven beneficial for both television ratings and sportsbooks.

Nevertheless, the XFL had shown promise in terms of viewership ratings before being derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the league’s bankruptcy. If the league successfully plays in 2023, it is likely to rekindle the interest of sportsbooks and bettors.


As the XFL gears up for its next season, hopes of redemption and triumph are in the air. With new ownership, carefully selected host cities, and potential prop bets on the horizon, the league aims to overcome its past failures and establish itself as a strong and sustainable football organization. Only time will tell if there will be a breakthrough for spring football, but one thing is certain – the XFL is determined to leave its mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the XFL follow the same format as traditional NFL games?

No, the XFL has its own rulebook that differs from the NFL. While it maintains the essence of American football, it introduces unique elements and adjustments to provide an exciting and fast-paced viewing experience.

2. Can players from the XFL move on to the NFL?

Yes, the XFL serves as a developmental league, offering players an opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot in the NFL. Several XFL athletes have successfully transitioned to the NFL in the past.

3. How will the XFL ensure financial stability this time around?

The XFL’s new ownership, led by Dwayne Johnson, is focused on building a strong and sustainable financial model. With the support of Redbird Capital and strategic partnerships, they aim to secure long-term success by effectively managing expenses and maximizing revenue streams.

4. What improvements can we expect in the XFL’s broadcasting and media coverage?

With a multi-year broadcast contract with the Walt Disney Company and ESPN, the XFL has already taken steps to provide comprehensive coverage and access to its games. Fans can expect improved production quality, engaging commentary, and enhanced viewer experiences.

5. How are the XFL and NFL different?

While both leagues feature football, there are notable differences between the XFL and NFL. From rule variations and game formats to player contracts and salary structures, each league has its own unique characteristics. The XFL aims to offer an alternative football experience that complements, rather than competes with, the NFL.

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