Zion Williamson’s Response to CJ McCollum and JJ Redick’s Criticism Shakes the NBA

Zion Williamson’s Uncertain Future with the Pelicans

If there’s one thing that can be said about Zion Williamson’s time with the New Orleans Pelicans, it’s that it has been filled with uncertainty and speculation. From his ongoing foot injury to his recent behavior, questions surrounding his future with the team have been mounting. So, what does the future hold for the young basketball prodigy?

Setback and Potential Surgery

Zion suffered a fractured foot during offseason workouts, which led to a setback in his rehabilitation process. The Pelicans confirmed that he might require a second surgery to fix his foot, further delaying his return to the court. With this uncertainty, it’s highly unlikely that Zion will be able to play for the Pelicans this season.

Concerns about Behavior and Professionalism

While recovering from his injury, Zion has chosen to live in Portland, distancing himself from the team and the city of New Orleans. This decision, combined with recent comments made by teammate CJ McCollum and ex-teammate JJ Redick, raises concerns about his commitment and behavior.

Redick, who played with Zion at Duke and later with the Pelicans, expressed his worries about Zion’s pattern of behavior. Despite acknowledging Zion’s incredible talent on the court, Redick emphasized the importance of being a fully invested teammate and individual in New Orleans. It appears that Zion’s recent actions have alienated himself from the Pelicans organization, fans, and the city itself.

A Disappointing Start?

As Zion continues to miss games due to injuries, doubts arise about whether he was the right choice for the Pelicans as the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. While injuries can certainly hamper a player’s progress, the pressure on a top draft pick to deliver is immense.

Despite his limited appearances on the court, when healthy, Zion has shown glimpses of his immense talent. However, his injury woes have prevented him from consistently showcasing his abilities. In three seasons, he has played in just 85 games, including zero games this season. By the 2022 All-Star break, he will have missed 117 games, twice the number of games he has played.

With Zion’s absence, fans in New Orleans may begin to question whether selecting Ja Morant, who was chosen second overall by the Memphis Grizzlies, would have been a better choice. Morant has emerged as one of the most exciting players in the NBA, leaving Pelicans fans wondering if they made the wrong decision.

The Impact of CJ McCollum and JJ Redick’s Comments

McCollum’s Curiosity and Intent

Since CJ McCollum’s arrival in New Orleans after being traded from the Portland Trail Blazers, he has yet to meet Zion in person or even have a conversation with him. Expressing his curiosity and concern, McCollum is determined to sit down with Zion to understand the situation better.

Although McCollum’s comments may not be indicative of a deteriorating relationship between him and Zion, they highlight the lack of communication between the two. This lack of connection can sow seeds of uncertainty and hinder team chemistry.

Redick’s Accusation of Detachment

During his time as Zion’s teammate, JJ Redick experienced firsthand what he describes as a lack of investment and detachment from Zion. Redick emphasized that reaching out and building a connection is vital, especially when a highly skilled player like him joins the team. Redick’s comments point to a recurring pattern of behavior, further fueling concerns about Zion’s commitment and professionalism.

Possibility of Zion Joining the Knicks

Given the uncertainties surrounding Zion’s future with the Pelicans, rumors have begun swirling about a potential trade that could land him with the New York Knicks. While the Pelicans may not be the most successful franchise, the current generation of NBA stars often seeks new destinations, and Zion could be looking for a way out.

A Match Made in Madison Square Garden?

Zion has expressed his admiration for playing at Madison Square Garden, igniting excitement among Knicks fans who dream of seeing him donning the orange and blue. The Knicks could be eager to acquire Zion and have shown interest in trading away Julius Randle, potentially creating room for a big move.

Furthermore, the Knicks boast a talented pool of young players who could be enticing trade assets for the Pelicans. However, caution should be exercised when pursuing a trade for a player with Zion’s injury history and reputation for detachment.


Zion Williamson’s future with the New Orleans Pelicans remains uncertain. His injury woes, combined with concerns about his behavior and commitment, have raised doubts among fans and teammates alike. While a trade to the Knicks seems like a possibility, it comes with its own set of risks. Only time will tell how Zion’s journey unfolds and whether he can overcome these challenges to become the superstar everyone expects him to be.


1. How many games has Zion Williamson played for the Pelicans?

Zion has played in only 85 games for the Pelicans in three seasons, with zero appearances this season.

2. Is Zion Williamson’s injury history a cause for concern?

Yes, Zion’s recurring injuries are a significant concern for both the Pelicans and potential trade suitors. Acquiring a player with an injury-prone past comes with inherent risks.

3. Are there any other teams interested in trading for Zion Williamson?

While the Knicks have been linked to Zion in trade discussions, other teams may also show interest due to his immense talent. However, any trade involving Zion will likely require careful consideration by both parties.

4. How have Pelicans fans reacted to Zion’s absence?

Some Pelicans fans have expressed disappointment and questioned whether selecting Ja Morant instead would have been the better choice. However, others remain hopeful and continue to support Zion through his recovery.

5. What impact could Zion Williamson have on the New York Knicks?

If Zion were to join the Knicks, he would instantly become the face of the franchise and bring a level of excitement not seen in New York for years. His presence could help elevate the team’s performance and potentially attract other star players.

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